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Bob Velke

Wholly Genes Newsletter, 15 January 2008, Issue 2008-1

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Wholly Genes Newsletter

15 January 2008

Issue 2008, Number 1


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In this issue:


o TMG v7 and Companion Products

o TMG v7 cheat sheet

o Upgrade shipments

o Travel Options for the 2008 Genealogy Conference and Cruise

o Give the Gift of TMG v7 at 50% OFF - Expires Jan 31st!

o New CD Products from the U.S.

o New CD Products from Ireland

o TMG Companion Products

o Wholly Genes online chat

o How to reach us



=== TMG v7 and Companion Products ==================


TMG v7.0 is a hit! With so many new and exciting features like the sentence preview, Associates window, customizable Pop-up Reminders, exhibit highlighting, relationship calculations through spouses, beginner buttons, Check for Duplicates while adding new people, new narrative construction tools, new reporting options and much more ... you'll have trouble picking your favorite!


Most of the TMG companion products were already compatible or recently released updates to work with TMG v7, including:


o Second Site v2.1, (data sharing and web construction tools), recently released and compatible with TMG v7. Upgrade info: http://www.johncardinal.com/ss/


o On This Day v2.1 (anniversary and calendar program), recently released and compatible with TMG v7. Upgrade info: http://www.johncardinal.com/otd/


o Mocakebi (free read-only browser), included with On This Day, compatible with TMG v7. Upgrade info: http://www.johncardinal.com/otd/


o TMG Utility (database utility), an update is expected soon to work with TMG v7.


o GedStar Pro v3.2 (PalmOS companion for TMG), compatible with TMG v7.


o GenSmarts v2.1.1.30 (research advisor), compatible with TMG v7 but see this link to fix a problem with the icons when GenSmarts is accessed from inside TMG:



o Map My Family Tree 1.4.11 (place mapping), recently released and compatible with TMG v7. See http://progeny.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2087


o Pocket Genealogist v3.11 (TMG companion for "Windows Powered" devices) works with TMG v7 through its GenBridge import but an update is expected soon with direct reading of TMG v7.



To purchase these companion products or (in most cases) to download a demo, please see the "TMG Companion Products" section below.



=== TMG v7 Cheat Sheet ============================


For years, TMG user DeAnna Burghart has distributed her own "cheat sheet" which itemizes many of TMG's navigation shortcuts, narrative codes, and function keys. That handy reference sheet has proved very popular.


Now DeAnna has updated her "cheat sheet" for TMG v7. It is downloadable for free from:



Thanks, DeAnna!



=== Upgrade Shipments =============================


An early set of TMG v7 CDs were found to have a problem with the menu system which is used to select the various installers that are on that CD. The problem is not with the TMG installer (which is the same as the one which is downloadable from http://www.WhollyGenes.com/files/tmg7setup.exe) but with the CD-ROM menu system. In fact, you can browse that CD and select tmg7setup.exe to successfully install the program.


In light of the problem, however, we are _automatically_ shipping replacement CDs to those users who were affected. If you receive a CD and are unable to run the TMG installer from the menu, then please browse the CD and run tmg7setup.exe (or tmg7uksetup.exe for the UK Edition) directly. Then sit tight for a replacement CD in the mail. We know who you are and it isn't necessary to contact tech support for a replacement. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Meanwhile, all users who purchased or upgraded to TMG v6 after August 17th have now been notified by email of their free serial number for TMG v7. CD shipments are underway and we appreciate your patience.



=== Travel Options for the 2008 Genealogy Conference and Cruise ===


The holidays are over and its time to sign up for the 2008 Genealogy Conference and Cruise before this popular event sells out! This year's event is October 26 to November 2 from New York to San Juan, Puerto Rico with stops in three other tropical ports.


Most airlines have now published their flight schedules for October/November and you may be surprised at how reasonable the prices are if you register early. You can get a tickets from most American hub cities for about $200 in each direction. The international airport in San Juan is served by more than 30 airlines, including American, US Air, Continental, Continental, Delta, and United, as well as budget airlines like AirTran, JetBlue, and Spirit Airlines, among many others. While discount ticketing sites like Travelocity.com, Priceline.com, and Hotwire.com offer great deals, remember that they don't include all airlines! To review all of your options, you may need to go directly to the airline web sites.


It seems everyone is offering a genealogy cruise these days and they offer one, two, or a handful of genealogical speakers. But none competes with our event which typically has at least three times as many attendees because of its unparalleled speaker list. This year you'll find all of these experts in one place:


o Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, longtime editor of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly.

o Barbara Vines Little, CG, former president of the National Genealogical Society and Virginia Genealogical Society.

o John Grenham, Ireland's foremost genealogist.

o John Titford, LHG FSG, prominent British genealogist and popular author.

o Craig Scott, MA, CG, certified genealogist and military record expert.

o Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak, professional genealogist and popular author.

o Cyndi Howells of Cyndislist.com, an expert at online resources.

o Tony Burroughs, FUGA, popular genealogical author, teacher, and lecturer.

o Robert Charles Anderson, FASG, Director of the Great Migration Study Project for NEHGS.

o Sandra Hewlett, CG, professional researcher and councilor for the New England Historic Genealogical Society.

o Dick Eastman, technology expert and editor of Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.


Genealogical presentations will be about methodology and tools but unrelated to any particular software -- so they will be of interest to ANY family researcher. New lecture topics will also interest veterans of our earlier cruises. There will be social events where you can rub elbows with the expert and you'll even have opportunities for private consultations to help solve your brick walls.


PLUS ... users of TMG and its companion programs will also have access to a variety of additional lectures on those topics, as well one-on-ones with experts like Bob Velke, Jim Byram, Lee Hoffman, John Cardinal, and the Wholly Genes technical support staff. You're sure to learn a few tips and hints about the new features in TMG v7 too!


To learn from all of these experts while enjoying seven days and nights in the Caribbean, prices start at just $844 per person, including food, conference attendence, and shipboard entertainment. That's less than you'd pay to stay in a budget hotel for a genealogy conference -- and much more fun for you and family members!


For all of the details, please visit:




=== New CD Products from the U.S. ===================


The following new digitized products from our sister company, Archive CD Books USA, are among the thousands of helpful data CDs on WhollyGenes.com:



$14.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=US0365

Did you know there were 25 Washington counties in the U.S. in 1881? The father of our country came out on top, but he was closely followed by Jefferson and Franklin, each with 23. Even if we know the name of the place our ancestors came from, finding it can sometimes be difficult. Extinct place names and multiple copies of the same name can both cause problems. This post office directory contains an alphabetical list of every post office (with its county) in existence in the U.S. in 1881. Do you immediately think New York when you hear Albany? What about the other 18 Albanys scattered throughout the U.S.? (more..)



$29.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=US0509

This collection contains these three rare atlases:

o Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Wayne, Michigan (1876)

o Detailed Official Atlas of Wayne, County, Michigan (1893)

o McAlpine's Farm Atlas of Wayne County (1925)

This collection of three old land-ownership atlases of Wayne County, Michigan offers researchers valuable records of Detroit and the nearby areas starting in the 1870's and extending nearly 50 years. (more...)



=== New CD Products from Ireland ====================


The following new titles from Archive CD Books Ireland are now available from WhollyGenes.com:



$11.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=IE0027

The Royal Commission on Labour commissioned the reports into the conditions of the Agricultural Labourer in the Poor Law Unions of Ireland, which were carried out primarily in the 1890s. The reports mirrored a survey that was carried out in England previous to the Irish reports. The results, particularly for many of the Poor Law Unions in the West of Ireland were shocking. They painted a picture that had changed little since the famine for the agricultural labourer. The report covered the issues of Supply of Labour, the Conditions of Engagement, Wages and Earning, Cottage Accommodation, Gardens, Benefit Societies, Trade Unions, General Relations and General Conditions. (more...)



$17.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=IE0032

Published during the height of the Irish cultural revival presaging the Easter Rising of 1916, Alice Stopford Green's The Making of Ireland and its Undoing: 1200-1600, was published in London in 1908. The Making of Ireland & its Undoing concerns itself with the period spanning the two centuries after the Norman conquest of Ireland and end of the Tudor dynasty and posits the theory that some two-hundred years after the Norman invasion more than accommodation had been made with the invaders; indeed, by the onset of the Tudor dynasty and Henry VIII's ruinous Irish designs Gaelic Ireland, the Anglo-Normans and the later Anglo-Irish had coalesced to form a new confident and vibrant Ireland. (more...)



$29.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...S&p=IET0087

The Irish Statistical Survey was carried out under the direction of the Royal Dublin Society. Each county was surveyed with the aim of determining the 'actual state, capabilities and defects of agriculture, manufactures and rural economy'. In practice the surveys contained a vast quantity of local information on almost every aspect of the county surveyed. Because these studies were carried out under central direction the quality of the information provided is good, and given their early date, they remain an invaluable source for the study of each county. They record many details about conditions in pre-Famine Ireland, including social and economic conditions, the growth of population and poverty, education, religion, history, the Irish language and local customs. (more...)



$23.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...S&p=IET0088

First published in 1888, Thomas Gimlette's The History of the Huguenot Settlers in Ireland and other Literary Remains offers a fascinating insight into the persecution, flight and ultimate survival of one of Europe's minority Protestant faiths. Made infamous by the Edict of Nantes, its Revocation and the subsequent events of the Reformation, the history of Europe's Huguenots preceded these events by some four centuries when small communities of worshipers could be found all over Europe and especially in Province, southern France, worshipping simply and in their own language, which put them at odds with the established faith. (more...)



$29.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...S&p=IET0089

The unabridged title of this publication provides the extent and scope of the work republished here on CD-Rom: The Land Owners of Ireland: An Alphabetical List of Estates of 500 Acres of £500 Valuation and upwards, in Ireland, with the Acreage and Valuation in each County. And also Containing A Brief Notice of the Education and Official Appointments of Each Person, to which are added his Town and Country Addresses and Clubs. Compiled by U. H. Hussey de Burgh, a land agent, and published in Dublin in 1881, de Burgh's stated aims for his publication are interesting and to some extent put his work at odds with later publications treating on the landowners of Great Britain and

Ireland. (more...)



$48.49 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...S&p=IET0090

Deputy Keeper of Ireland, Index to the Act or Grant Books, and to Original Wills, of the Diocese of Dublin 1634-1858, 26th, 30th and 31st Reports, 1894, 1899. Previous to the establishment of the Irish Public Records Office (PRO), by an 1867 statute (30 & 31 Vict., c. 70), Ireland's public records were located in a variety of repositories throughout the country. Many of the records were perilously stored in unsuitable conditions, and on the opening of the PRO, records were progressively transferred to the new repository, for safe keeping. Each year, between 1869 and 1920 (and less frequently thereafter), the Office published an annual report, known as the Deputy Keeper's Report, which detailed the records received, and the work undertaken, during the previous twelve months. Though little known, these reports can contain useful source material for the historical researcher. (more...)



=== Give the Gift of TMG v7 at 50% OFF - Expires Jan 31st! ===


January 31st is the last chance for TMG users to share the joy of Version 7 with other researchers and family members at HALF OFF the regular retail price! At just $39.97, the price of TMG Gold Edition, including printed Users Guide and CD-ROM, has never been lower.


To take advantage of this offer, simply run a registered copy of TMG (v6 or v7) and access the "Message Manager" from the Help menu. You'll find a message there with your private coupon code and simple instructions to use it. (Click on the "Display previous messages" box to see messages that have been sent to you previously). Contact technical support at support@whollygenes.com if you are unable to retrieve your coupon code for any reason.


Here's your chance to give TMG v7 to your friends and relatives at a greatly-discounted price! Your private coupon code can only be used _once_ (a single invoice for up to 10 copies of TMG Gold) and this offer expires 31 Jan 2008. An internet connection is required to receive your coupon.



=== TMG Companion Products ======================


The following companion products which were developed for TMG users like you:


"Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist"

The popular book compiled by Lee Hoffman - now available in electronic form.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gettingthemost.htm


Video training for TMG on DVD

Getting Started, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/videotapes.htm


Second Site

Web site construction tools for your TMG data.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/secondsite.htm

Latest version=2.1 Build 1


Pocket Genealogist

The TMG companion program for Pocket PCs and other Windows Powered devices.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/pocketgen.htm

Latest version=3.11


GedStar PRO

The TMG companion program for PalmOS users.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gedstarpro.htm

Latest version=3.2



The research advisor that reads your TMG data directly.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gensmarts.htm

Latest version=


Map My Family Tree

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/mapmyfamilytree.htm

Latest version=1.4.11


Chartform Delivery

An inexpensive chart printing service

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/wallcharts.htm


For the full list of companion products, please visit the Wholly Genes Community forum (http://www.WhollyGenes.com/forums.htm) and click on "Companion Products."



=== Wholly Genes online chat =======================


The next online chat with Wholly Genes will be Saturday, 1 March 2008, at 2pm EST and again at 11pm Eastern Time. Don't miss this opportunity to "talk" online with Wholly Genes representatives, as well as with other TMG users around the world.


Remember that the Wholly Genes chat room is available to you at any time. Just go to http://www.WhollyGenes.com and click on Public Chat in the Support menu. When you see the security warning, click on or . Then be patient because it could take 30 seconds or more (especially on a dial-up connection) to load the necessary chat tools. When prompted, simply enter a chat nickname and then click on Connect. That's all there is to it. We hope to see you there!



=== How to reach us ==============================


For tech support, please access the Wholly Genes Community message board at:


or write to:



Please be sure to note what version of the program you are using.


You can also reach us at:


Wholly Genes Software

9110 Red Branch Road, STE O

Columbia, Maryland 21045


410-730-9734 (fax)


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