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  1. Problems getting v905 Installer to complete

    One more thing if I may. In your earlier response you mentioned a new "Legacy" version. What is that please? Thomas Cox
  2. Problems getting v905 Installer to complete

    Jim, Thank you for responding so quickly and offering advice. Thankfully your information did return the TMG9 to active status...I can use the program again. However, I cannot print reports. Have you any suggestions on how I might fix this problem? Thank you again. Thomas Cox
  3. Problems getting v905 Installer to complete

    Good morning! I realize that today is "Thanksgiving Day eve" and most folks are focusing on celebrating this great holiday. However, I am having what I deem to be a most serious and distressing problem with my TMG9 program and am desperate for help. I recently discovered that for some unknown reason the program just stopped printing reports (I am using Windows 10 by the way). I tried a couple of procedures to work with the installed printers such as was suggested elsewhere on this forum to remove the "Wholly Genes PDF Writer V4" and then reinstall the program (I have the program CD). This didn't solve the problem. It appears from what I have also read on the forum that the problem may lie with the installer.exe file. I downloaded the installer file (my version of the file happens to be the UK version even though I live on Cape Cod) and again attempted to re-install the program. NOW two problems have surfaced; one says that I have a newer version of the program already installed and the second is an error message that says "The program can't start because MSVCR71.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." How do I proceed? Do I uninstall the program and start over with a fresh install? My concern of course is that I have just about 20 years of data and even though I have this data backed up on a external drive you can see that if any of that information was lost or otherwise irretrievable I have a disaster on my hands. By the way, even though the program won't start I can open "On this Day" and "see" the information it takes from my data files so that at least tells me that for the moment at least the data files are accessible. I sure could use some help please!! Thomas Cox
  4. Printer Problem

    I have run through all the printers shown on my computer to include what you describe as the default printer and have still not been able to print a report. Tom Cox
  5. Printer Problem

    Hello. I have V9 of the program and have had it for some time now. Until recently however I have not had a need to print any reports. Now a fellow family researcher is asking for some printed reports but the program cannot "find" my installed printer. My printer is a: "HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z (Network)" I have gone throuigh the printer setup procedures but have had no success. Does anyone have any advice on how to overcome this problem? Thank you in advance. Thomas Cox