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  1. Tabular research report

    Thanks, Virginia. I had looked at Teresa's site and somehow missed this. Judith I can see where that would be confusing if you had not been following the thread on the TMG mailing list. I would refer you to that thread, but the tmg-l archives are down at the moment. Teresa uses a custom language in TMG to present data in a tabular form, in this case a Task report (research-type log). There are instructions on her web site for a similar report for census data:
  2. Jim: In which VA city were you for this state library? You say "local", meaning a large city or county? I had a rather amusing experience at my local county library. I booted up my ancient Dell laptop (which I seldom use), and horrors of horrors it played the brief Windows boot-up theme -- at the lowest volume but faintly audible. Every head in the room turned to my carrel (I could see some people looking over the partitions to see who the offender was). Someone left the room, and returned shortly with a librarian in tow, who firmly explained to me, with the strained patience one reserves for a young child, that no audio was allowed in the study room. I supressed a smart aleck crack and just nodded. Spent the next 5 minutes trying to find the button that turned off the audio. I can only assume that if I didn't find it and the Shut Down theme played, I'd risk a stoning. I think the frame you referred to is called a copy frame or copy stand if it has attachment arms for lights. Judith
  3. My new favorite layout

    Virginia et al: To continue our discussion of the every-moving custom toolbar, this is a screenshot showing my lazy custom toolbar. It stays in one place. I am familiar with floating and docked toolbars from other applications. I don't remember seeing anything in TMG that indicates we have a choice. Judith