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Prune - Trim and an exhibits question

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Hi All:

Been a long time since I have been on here - you all know how life gets in the way of things that you actually want to do !!!

1: Prune and Trim (not sure that is a good description, but here goes!!)

I have a long lost cousin who has some info that I want to import and then add to my file and export back to her.

She has no use for my wife's extended family or other extended families, so I want to do a specific "focus group" that includes spouses and children and grandchildren.

I tried the focus group, but it only picked out 32 entries, and there are about/ around 100 in that branch.

I have read through the help file a couple of times, but got lost and so I am asking here.

I think that there may be a simple set of items to ask for, but I am unsure where to go.

Also I would like to make up a couple of different files from the 1 file that I have now.

Need to split my wife's family and my family into 2 files for easier use and maintance.

Currently I have over 8000 entries between the 2 families and things are getting ugly.

Pointers on how I can split things up would be appreciated.

It also makes it easier to share info with her family or mine, since the other side although courious about in-laws does not need the extra data.

2: 2nd item Exhibts:

I went through my exibit pictures the other day and after 8 hours of sorting them into "family group" sub directories, today when I did a reindex it threw all of them back into the original "Exhibts" directory.

I find it is so much easier to keep the exhibit pictures sorted if I do subs for - my grandparents and decendants - my wife's family - inlaws on either side.

All lumped together in a single directory gets to be a bit much to say the least when you are looking for a specific picture or file.

Any idea how I can fix this and get back to how it was sorted (the directories I created are still there) and make it so it does not happen again?

If I should ask these questions in 2 topics - let me know.

Just looking for experienced advice from the forums.

Thank you

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Regarding exhibits...


1) Moving exhibit files has no effect on the exhibit records in the exhibits table. In other words, moving the files is only the first step.


2) If the files still exist in the original location, the paths are correct and the program has no need to update the exhibit paths.


So how do you do it?


1) Move the exhibits to the new locations in the exhibit tree.


2) Run Files / Maintenance / Validate File Integrity.


Select the 'Search for missing external exhibits' checkbox.


Click [specify the folders to search...]


Make sure that the path points to the base folder of the exhibit tree.


Click [search in subfolders]


Click [save].


Now complete running Validate File Integrity.


VFI will run and update the exhibit paths to their current locations.


VFI will only update the paths if the exhibits are no longer found in their original locations. It won't update paths that are still valid.




From your description, t sounds like you copied the files to the new folders but left the originals in the base folder. You need to delete the copies left in the base folder before running VFI.

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Regarding project management...


TMG has many tools to specify subsets of your data.


Flags and the Focus Group can be used to specify a subset.


The Focus Group has its own tools to set up a list of names.

Custom flags can be created using the Flag Manager. The List of People report can be used to set the flag settings for people with the filters and the secondary output options.


The List of People report can be used to create a new project based on a Focus Group or on a specific flag setting.


It's hard to remove people from a project but very easy to create new projects with subsets of the original project using the tools mentioned above.


Lasttly... whether to have one project or multiple projects. That's up to you. You will get people arguing that you should keep everyone in one project. Personally, I use multiple projects and prefer that approach.


You don't need to create multiple projects since it is so easy to manage subsets using the tools above. Anytime that you need to create a subset project or create a subset GEDCOM, you can do so by using the tools above.


You should ask more specific questions once you look over the tools that I mentioned.

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