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Wishlist: Primary data entry controls in all dialogs

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IMO, all dialogs that expects input from the user should offer primary controls visible at all times. As it is now, some dialogs depends on the user to right-click with the mouse to get a menu for entering data or command. Context menus like this is fine, but should be secondary to other controls.


The problem with only right-click menus is that they don't show until the user actually right-click. It's perfectly Ok for a user who knows how to do this, but first-time users have a hard time finding these functions (without reading the manual or ask other users).


For instance, in the Exhibition dialog there is no "New" button. Why not?


Another example: to add place field texts in the Edit Name Style dialog, the user must right-click to be able to modify labels. A "Modify" or "Edit" button would be nice here.


Please add buttons like "New" and "Edit" where appropriate.

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