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Problem restoring v6 database into v7

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Whenever I try to restore my database from v.6 into v.7 I get the following message "You're trying to restore a backup over your existing data! Are you sure you want to continue?" with the options of yes or no. When I click on yes, I click on next to use the defaults and then on finish. But when I click on finish I get the message "Someone else is using the current database" in the upper right corner and then a Message saying "No project restored" with an ok option. Why can't I convert this into v.7?


I think I figured it out. When I first installed v.7 I copied the file from v.6 and put it into the Project folder of The Master Genealogist v7. I then found out that I needed to do use a backup file from v.6 to restore into v.7. To fix it I deleted everything but the sample folder from the Projects folder. And I also deleted everything from the Backups folder. That seems to have done the trick.

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Trying to anticipate V7 by moving the V6 database over there just confused the issue, probably.


I did have a problem with "project reuse" since I had started a new project. The solution was to get out and restart again. IMMEDIATELY RESTORE the project. I told it where my V6 backup was, and V7 did the conversion and put it where it wanted in Microsoft directory hell. Some of that can be changed in advanced preferences, but I'll leave it there for now. I have a problem with a missing memo file in another thread, so that's more important.

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