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  1. Trial Version for 9.04

    This is 9.3.I need 9.4 Thanks
  2. Hard copy

    Is it possible to get a hard copy, or download a file of 9.04? When I buy a new computer I am going to want to install TMG again. Thanks.
  3. errors when restoring, or opening project

    No, I was installing on my father's computer (I usually update his file one a year, he acts as another backup for me. He doesn't actually use the software, but occasionally likes to look at the tree view) so it is not a major issue, but I would like to get the program working on my next trip north. Maybe start another thread since I am 1000 mile away and can't work on fixing this, maybe you can get yours fixed.
  4. errors when restoring, or opening project

    Jim, I went through all the steps in your tips post including checking the printer properties to be sure NULL was selected.
  5. errors when restoring, or opening project

    Hi Jim, Apparently I cannot. as soon as I selected a report I got the following OLE error code 0x80040154:class not registered. 123 REPORTOBJ,MRUNRPT
  6. errors when restoring, or opening project

    Did you check the correct path? On your system, the path should be: "C:WindowsSysWOW64cdintf400.dll" yes, I double checked to make sure this computer was a 64 bit, then went looking as you said...but I didn't find it...though I just looked again now and did find it, so I deleted it, installed the pdf printer again and tried to restore...it did the same thing. I restarted the computer and I am still getting the same error. Sorry to be a pain
  7. errors when restoring, or opening project

    There is an unregistered DLL used by the PDF driver. Please try this fix... http://www.whollygen...indpost&p=57483 That is a non-issue. If the operating system virtualizes the registration data, then it can only be removed manually. I tried the steps outlined, 1) the printer did not exist, so I couldn't delete it. 2) cdintf400.dll did not exist, so I couldn't delete it. 3) I installed the pdf printer 4) I am already using 8.01 The problem still exists, but thanks for your prompt reply.
  8. I have just installed TMG 8 .01 on my desktop computer. Previously had installed it on my laptop with no problems. When I try to do a restore with a .sqz file from my laptop I am getting the following errors: Ole error code:0x80040154, class not registered, 72 getfilex, I ignore that and get Object Loform is not found 73 Getfilex, followed by 74-77 Getfilex, then 120 getfilex, and 127 getfilex, when I ignore all these errors, I am back where I started. I have even tried transferring my whole project file from one computer to the other, but I don't even get to the point where I can pick a sqz file or a project file before I get these errors. I called and spoke to someone in Tech support. she told me to uninstall TMG, delete all the files and reinstall after turning off the firewall. I tried that and I am getting the same errors. I also notice that when I reinstalled the serial number I had previously entered when I first activated, is still present. So I am thinking I am not getting a clean uninstall. Both computers have v 8.01 installed, the desktop is win7, the laptop vista. Please help Thanks Dawn
  9. Use the custom toolbar

    I add people by keystroke, no mouse at all. Alt+A opens the add a person, then B is brother, T is sister, M for mother etc.
  10. Use the custom toolbar

    Great Idea!!! I was changing the tags in the add a person screen, but this is a much better idea. Thanks a bunch.