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  1. I just changed to Ubuntu 9.10(64bit) using Wine(stable) and TMG seems to works great, follow the recommendations to get TMG going on the Wine website. The main issue is you cannot open more than 1 project at a time, but I never do that. Help does not work from TMG, but you can open the help file using a Linux program. Also overcomes the issue of some report output not working on a 64bit operating system, as Wine uses 32bit libraries. You get all the advantages of Linux and TMG.
  2. Large PDF File Size

    I have always found TMG's PDF files to be very large, they were often 10x larger than another PDF program I use. As you say there now seems to be a bigger problem. I just did a test with a small individual narrative of about 10 lines, using TMG's PDF function the file was 640k, using my other PDF printer (PDF Creator www.pdfforge.org) the file was only 7k.
  3. Bug with split L2

    I have just been playing with a split L2 field, and notice that while the sentence output in the narrative report is correct, the sentence preview within the tag is showing the whole L2 field including the double bars for [L2], [LD] and [LD1]. I am using TMG 7.04 Regards, Adam Brown Camden, Australia