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  1. I just finished merging over 1800 duplicate people in my tmg database. I would like to see an improvement added to this function in the "Merge Two People - Split Display" screen. A checkbox should be added to make sure the two persons on the screen are excluded from showing up again in future duplicate people sorts. It is cumbersome to use the Merge Candidates box for this purpose.
  2. I am have the same problem importing from FTM 2005. All the sex flags came across as "?". Jim Byram. Can you please send me the patch with instructions on how to install it in TMG 7.04? I'm also having a problem with importing a gedcom from FTM 2005 into TMG 7.04. I have converted the file to ANSI but still get the UFT-8 error when I try the import. Mike mrupp@q.com
  3. I am unable to find any info in vc help that gives instructions on how to add a background to your chart. I see that one of the sample reports of a chart has a background of Ulysses Grant. How to you add a background of a single image that covers the whole chart? I colored my boxes red, white and blue and now I want to add a US flag for a background. Thanks in advance. Mike Rupprecht
  4. I want to be able to create a report which gives me the source number of each source that has an unknown value inserted by tmg in any of the full footnote, the short footnote, the bibliography. Is this possible? If it is, how is this accomplished? Thanks jmrupp
  5. I created a journal report of all the people in my database. I did this twice just in cast. When I try to open the file in ms word, a box comes up with invalid doc name or invalid path. Check file permissions, located doc folder. The doc folder and file are in the correct folder. What about file permissions. I've never run into this before.