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  1. Will not start

    Exactly, TMG just vanishes - no error message, no frozen screen.
  2. Will not start

    OK, for anyone interested. I think the Comcast Constant Guard was the problem. I uninstalled it and now TMG is working properly. There must have been something in an update during the night that messed things up. Long story, but I found a topic online about that program not working with the keyboard that clued me in. I could use the mouse to navigate around in TMG, but couldn't enter any data. KayS
  3. Will not start

    I guess I spoke too soon. Was entering a census tag and TMG vanished without warning. I'll try going back to Basic startup mode for a while. This is so frustrating! KayS
  4. Will not start

    After my computer required a restart this morning, I had the same problem with TMG8 refusing to open. Nothing happened when I clicked the icon or used the Start menu. I ran the Microsoft FixIt program and checked the registry for the values shown at the Microsoft website. TMG would open once after each restart, but as soon as I did some typing/editing, TMG would just disappear. I also tried turning off Norton SONAR and setting TMG to open with the welcome window. Each time, TMG would start once after the restart and suddenly close after I typed a few things. My computer was set up to open in Normal mode - which Chappy's wasn't. So I changed to Basic mode, and voila, TMG seemed to be working OK. I decided to change back to Normal startup mode and restart my computer again. TMG opened and allowed me to edit a tag. I haven't done much yet, but I think it's still working. Seems like a strange thing to happen - TMG has always worked flawlessly for me before. Does anyone know what's going on? KayS
  5. Unwanted line break

    Using TMG v8.4 on Windows 7. Just a small problem thought I'd mention. The screen preview of the Individual Narrative is inserting unwanted line breaks. This appears in my Will tag for a witness as shown below (the date is on a line by itself, and a period by itself on the line below). The report is fine when generated to a Word file. ...will of her father Samuel Falconbridge dated 25 Nov 1858 . I've checked the tag sentences which appear to be OK. KayS
  6. Moving to V8 on new computer

    Thanks, Virginia. That worked. I've downloaded both v7 and v8, brought in my main project, and everything seems OK in both versions. Had errors the first time I tried to restore in v7, but think the problem was either with file locations or some of the configuration details. The second time worked. All relatively painless. Yay! KayS
  7. Moving to V8 on new computer

    Jim, The link you sent was for TMG 6, would you please post the link for v7.04? Thanks, KayS
  8. Moving to V8 on new computer

    Thanks Jim and Dave. Hopefully all will go smoothly and I won't have to post again or call support. KayS
  9. After reading through numerous posts here and on the TMG-L Archives, I think it might be easier to ask my specific questions. Here's my situation: * I am using v7.4 on my old computer and still have some v6 projects that have not been upgraded. * I would like to install v8.2 on my new computer and have a gift certificate with a Dec 31 2011 expiration date (I was told it would still apply when I went to v8). Should I reinstall v7.4 on the new machine? And if so, how? Should I download the 30-trial or buy the regular version V8.2? What is the procedure for getting projects from the earlier versions into v8? Feeling overwhelmed. Thanks for your help. KayS
  10. Ind Nar report not working

    Thanks, Virginia. I thought I had tried everything, but that did the trick! ... Kay Schmidt
  11. I have just reinstalled v6 on a new computer (Windows XP) and restored my projects with all customizations. In the process I reorganized the file structure to be more like that used by TMG7. In My Documents, I now have a TMG Projects folder with a subfolder for each project, a TMG Backup folder for backups, and a TMG Reports folder for report output. I did not change anything in the C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist folder. I can run the Individual Narrative report from the Reports menu just fine, but the Ind Nar Preview report on the Reports Toolbar doesn't work. I get an error message that says: "The folder C:\Documents and Settings\Kay Schmidt\My Documents\Kay\Genealogy\Reports does not exist." That was the old location for report output. Anyway, TMG freezes and I have to Check for Update to exit. I get the same error again asking if I want to create a new folder (I don't). If I say no, it takes clicking Abort twice to kill TMG. Any ideas on how to get the button on the Report Toolbar to work would be much appreciated. ... Kay Schmidt Oregon
  12. Ind Nar Preview report locks up TMG

    Virginia, Thanks for your reply. The main menu bar isn't visible when TMG locks up with these reports. It's not hidden behind anything--the menu options are just not there in the toolbar area. I have the sample project and tried the problem reports with it. Everything seems to work fine with that project. I also selected my specific printer in the report options as you suggested. Then I went back to my own project, and now the reports seem to working OK. Since I changed a couple of things, I'm not sure what actually resolved the problem. Thanks again ... Kay
  13. Bugs in ver. 6.07.0000!

    Something similar has happened to me with v6.07. It seems to occur after working quite a while, adding lots of people, or merging two people. Then when I add a tag to the current person and click OK, the tag is there but was added to a different person. Or when I choose a person from the list on the View menu, TMG won't go to that person. The Maintenance routines don't fix the problem, but everything works OK again if I exit from TMG and start afresh. I have never lost data (that I know of). Don't know if this is the same issue, but it is annoying. Kay in Oregon
  14. Ind Nar Preview report locks up TMG

    Restoring the default configurations didn't solve the problem. And you can't choose either of those menu options if TMG is locked. How does one obtain the Sample project. Either I never loaded it or deleted it at some point. The only CD I have of TMG is back at version 4. Thanks ... Kay
  15. Just recently I tried printing the Individual Narrative Preview report (both with and without sources). The Progress Window comes up, but the report never appears. I have to do a Ctrl-Alt-Del to shut down TMG. I have also had the Journal Report lock up when I select Unique Endnotes. Any suggestions?