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  1. Thanks a lot - this worked like a treat! I made the following changes to the report settings: - 'All' selected for Tag Types - 'By Section' not restricted Subject, Spouse, and Children to BMDB group events - Events -selected for 'All events and witnessed events' - On the General tab, the Surety ticked for both 'No Threshold' and 'Include blank surety' - On the report Options / Memos tab / select Embedded Thanks again - this is a fantastic forum - keep it alive! Regards, Christian from Ireland
  2. Hi All, I'd like to share some details gathered so far by printing family group sheets. However, I have captured important anecdotes and facts under 'Notes' that I also want to share alongside with birth, marriage and death dates and places for each person. I can't seem to get them included in the 'Family Group Sheet' report. I've tried all options in the report settings but no luck. Can anyone help please? Any alternative ways to print person/family data including notes? Thanks a mil! Regards, Christian from Ireland
  3. Hi Virginia, Thanks for sharing - this is very helpful indeed. Taking a closer look at the two charts leads me to the assumption that they are created using 'Charting Companion for Family Tree Maker'. If so, do you work with TMG as your master data source and data entry tool and then load an exported GEDCOM file into FTM to satisfy all your reporting needs? The more I study the reporting features in TMG, the more I think it is nowhere near what e.g. FTM in conjunction with the 'charting companion' offers. Do you agree? My goal is to find a long-term solution for comprehensive family tree reporting, reaching from basic ancestor and descendant charts incl colouring and thumbnail portraits to more advanced timeline reports (Genelines) as well as mapping my family tree (Map My Family Tree). What is your view? Regards, Christian
  4. Thanks to all for your replies so far. Good to get different perspectives on this. Before using another software in conjunction with TMG just to facilitate this, I'd like to try out the alternative suggested by Virginia. Can you please point me in the right direction re a step-by-step instruction for creating the all-in-one chart via VCF. If it is a simple enough workaround, I'd be happy to try it out. The GEDCOM export sounds a bit more complicated and as I'm actually very happy with TMG, I don't want to start using another piece of software yet. However, I find it rather strange that such a basic requirement cannot be facilitated within TMG - renowned as the world's leading geneology software. Jim's comment below sounds like a typical answer from IT ... it basically cannot be done because of the way the system (TMG) is built. Well, maybe TMG has to change if this turns out to be a rather common customer requirement. Views? Rgds, Christian
  5. Hi All, I'm pretty sure that you have all been in a similar situation when working on your family tree - often you find yourself talking to relatives of relatives that are not blood related but who can provide or at least have access to a wealth of information relevant to your own family tree. However, there seems to be no feature in TMG 7 to create a box plot that also inlcudes non blood related individuals and their relatives. I was advised by TMG support that creating an 'all in one' box plot can be accomplished but not in one step. As you can imagine, creating separate box plots for all non blood related people and their relatives would be highly manual and time consuming. Leave alone the fact that the 'snapshot' taken will be out of date as soon as the data in TMG are updated. In short, I would like to create a box plot for an entire focus group (or even the entire family tree). I am very hopeful that other TMG users have this requirement, too. Please don't hesitate to post your answer, even if it's just 'AGREE' or 'DISAGREE' so I can provide some feedback to TMG Support based on your comments. Best regards, Christian K
  6. Thank you very much for your advise. It worked like a treat. My family group sheets are now laid-out exactly as I need them for a comprehensive review. Much obliged, Christian
  7. Hi Roy_Delos_Reyes, Thanks again for your invaluable hint outlining how to plot an 'All-in-one' Chart in TMG6. Just to summarise steps I've taken to prepare a comprehensive end-to-end walk through the 'all-in-one' chart: - Create an unrelated set of dummy parents (1 Dummy Father, 2 Dummy Mother) - Add all your end-of-line ancestors as children of this set of dummy parents - Create a descendant chart for the Dummy Father as the focus person - Edit the resulting chart to remove the Dummy parents - Draw bold lines (in the chart tool) to segregate one 'family stream' from another i.e. "Child - Mother - Grandmother and ancestors father's side" vs "... and ancestors mother's side" - Consolidate/merge any unnecessary stand-alone trees to reduce the span (My family tree contains approx 350 people and even after this step the chart is still 17 A3 pages wide!) - Label every 'stream' with the person(s) you want to discuss it with so you can see at a glance whom to talk to about which part of this massive chart - Stitch pages together using adhesive tape - Put the chart up on a wall using Blu Tack I think this chart serves the purpose of going through end-to-end perfectly. But I have to admit, the chart is huge and it'll take hours to walk people through. However, I'm very disappointed that TMG hasn't released a proper feature creating an 'all-in-one' chart yet. To me - and I hope to many others - that's one of the key requirements when reviewing progress to date with family members - especially at an early stage of your research. Once again, I would like to encourage you to send a request to support@whollygenes.com asking for this particular feature. As per my previous response, developers put it on a 'wish list' but users could be months/years away from taking advantage of this hugely beneficial feature. (see one of my previous posts for further detail) Best regards, Christian
  8. Hi, My intention was to print Family Group Sheets for the purpose of reviewing information gathered to date with family members. Unfortunately, I couldn't print the following fields: - Misc - Note - Occupation - Education I tried amending 'Options' before printing the Family Group Sheet but none of these options seemed to work. All I've got was a Family Group Sheet containing: - Birth - Marriage - Father - Mother Any idea as to how to get the other fields printed would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Christian
  9. Hi Roy_Delos_Reyes, First of all, thank you very much for such a brilliant idea. I followed your advise straight away and created a set of dummy parents. Then I've set up parent-child relationship with all end of line ancestors. While the chart seems to contain nearly everybody in my project, I noticed a huge amount of duplication. Just to be clear on the definition of 'end of line ancestor'. I've picked the last i.e. oldest person in each branch and made it a child of the dummy parents i.e. I linked both, 'Dummy Father' and 'Dummy Mother'. I presume, the reason for the duplication of people on the chart is that each person can show up as a spouse in which case this person's siblings are not shown. However, the same person appears again as a child in which case all its siblings are shown. I'm not sure whether I've done the linking correctly or if it's probably the limitations of this work around. Your advise would be greatly appreciated. I can only re-emphasise on my previous post, a properly designed 'all-in-one' feature would be most desirable. On 19/07/2007 I wrote to support@whollygenes.com asking for this particular feature. Please see the response from WhollyGenes below. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Christian, We do not have an "all in one" chart, it is currently on our wishlist. It is up to the developers as to if and when a wishlist item is implemented. The developers never let us know before hand. Glad to be of service, Dorothy Turner, Tech Support ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I suppose knocking on their door again - ideally from various people - would probably be most impactful what feature dev prioritisation is concerned. It would be great if you could drop them a line, too. Best regards, Christian
  10. One feature that I sorely need for my current ancestry research is to plot a chart not only containing direct relationships (child - parents - grandparents and so on) but also siblings including their relatives, children and other relatives if applicable. Basically, I'm looking for a chart that shows every person in my project at a glance regardless the relationship. I know this can be a massive chart (depending on the level of complexity) but for research and collaboration purposes it would be greatly beneficial. Does TMG Gold v6 offer this feature? If so, can anyone give me advise as to how to do this? Much appreciated. Kind regards, Christian