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  1. I bought the upgrade to v9 this time last year - just before the deadline. But I never installed it till recently. Having done so, I am now scratching my head as to how I import my v8 project into v9. Ought to be nothing simpler, I'd have thought. Martin
  2. I have been using TMG v8 to date. Just before the deadline (last year) I bought an upgrade to v9. But having at last installed v9, I can't seem to import my v8 project into it. I'm sure there must be a simple way, and that I'm probably being more than usually stupid, but can anyone help please? Martin
  3. serial no for v9

    Just before the end-Sept. '14 cut-off date, I paid for an upgrade from v8 to v9. I never installed it - till today. I now find I never seem to have received a serial no., so I can only run it as a trial version. Help!
  4. http://www.freerangephotography.co.uk/MDg3-o/index.htm My site must be the most basic there is! I lack the courage to experiment with the options, so please feel free to mail me with your hints and tips.
  5. I am conscious that I have entered names of people who are definitely not living, but do not at present have a flag showing this fact. Is there a way of getting up a list of all individuals with a ? flag, so I can go through this list scientifically, and "kill off" the ones who are actually dead?