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  1. Ancestry.Com and TMG

    I wouldn't worry about the unlinked names. I have many of those in my database. I find people with my surname in a vicinity I know my family was at, I can be fairly certain they are somehow related. I don't want to lose track of them even though I don't yet know how they relate so I enter them as unlinked people. If/When I find a link it is easy to connect them. Even if you never link them they don't cause problems. Sheila Altenbernd
  2. You could create a custom tag for this and enter the identification number in the memo field. Or if you use the Find A Grave information as a source, you could create a source element for the ID number or put it in the citation details. Sheila Altenbernd
  3. The Future for TMG

    The lack of Unicode support is an increasing problem. If WhollyGenes would make a statement about their plans for dealing with this shortcoming, or even a statement acknowledging that they actually plan to deal with it then it wouldn't continue to be discussed "ad nauseum". Ignoring the problem isn't going to make it go away.
  4. TMG vs. Legacy

    Terry's #1 is a huge advantage of TMG over other genealogy software. Until you actually use it, I'm not sure you can fully appreciate it's value. A typical marriage tag in other programs only allow the groom and bride to be attached to it. With TMG, you can also link the maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. This ability to cross reference not only allows you to add interesting narrative, but can be helpful in working around your brick walls because it allows you to easily see other paths you might be able to research. Sheila Altenbernd
  5. The above examples could (and in my database would) be entered as multiple events. I would have one birth event entered for each of the variations you listed above. One would be flagged as primary. Each birth event would have it's own source linked to it. If entered this way, I think the citation report would provide you what you are looking for. Additionally, I think you will find that just looking at the person in TMG will allow you to easily see the variations and how they are sourced. Sheila Altenbernd
  6. RootsMagic developers have apparently chosen not to offer that option to ensure that users don't accidentally mess up their data by stripping off incompatible UTF-8 characters. Since most users don't know the difference between ANSI and UTF-8 they won't understand the consequences of chosing one over the other. The real problem is that TMG doesn't accept the UTF-8 characters.
  7. Reports in 32 bit

    I have a 64bit Windows 7 ultimate system. Last night with another application I had a need for XP, so I tried installing the virtual XP mode. It was surprisingly easy and worked very well with the application I needed. I have not tried to install TMG in it so I can't speak to your specific question, but I was happy with how my SQL Server worked in the XP virtual window. Sheila Altenbernd
  8. The Future for TMG

    John, I had no idea that was available. I just tried it. It's very cool. thanks once again for all your efforts in creating tools to make TMG so much more useful. sheila altenbernd
  9. The Future for TMG

    I second this suggestion. Second Site is a wonderful way to share information with family. Second Site comes with lots of options that allow you to share as much or as little as you want with other people. The generated data is very easy to browse through. The hyperlinks make it easy to jump from one item to another. Even the casual user will find they are intrigued with knowing more about the family. The trick is getting them to then give you some feedback back!!!! Sheila Altenbernd http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancest...om/~altenbernd/
  10. Still Waiting For Version 8

    Jim, Thanks for your efforts and all the others who volunteer their time to help test TMG. I'm sure most of us have no idea how much effort goes on behind the scenes. Sheila Altenbernd
  11. FamilySearch Certified

    I use static pages on my Second Site web site and have no problems with people showing up on different pages when a rebuild (unless I have merged people :-) ) A dynamic site builder has some appeal, but how do they interact with search engines. On my static site, names in my database show up in a Google Search and bring people to my site that might not otherwise visit it. If the data is stored on the server and only served up on request, does that mean that none of the names would be picked up in a search engine? If so, it seems the static web sites are more useful for connecting with other researchers. Sheila Altenbernd
  12. Still Waiting For Version 8

    When this was posted in the Oct 2008 newsletter, "For a limited time, registered users of TMG Gold v6.09 or later can now purchase additional copies of the program for friends and family for HALF OFF the regular retail price! At just $39.97, the price of TMG Gold Edition on CD-ROM has never been lower. Copies of the program that are purchased now will also get a FREE upgrade to TMG v8 when it is released." I thought the version 8 release was just around the corner, possibly even by Christmas. Normally, a company won't offer a free upgrade too far in advance of the release date. I'm on a Windows 7 - 64 bit machine, but fortunately, I use Second Site for most of my output so the limitations haven't affected me much. It does seem we have been waiting for version 8 for a very long time. I'd rather wait, though, and have it work properly than end up with my data corrupted. Maybe it will be ready by this Christmas (sigh)
  13. Boolean bug?

    Try putting in a full date (ie Birth/date does not come after 12/31/1907). I suspect the month and date might be defaulting to 01/01 if not entered. Sheila Altenbernd
  14. Non Primary Marriage Tags

    Shows how often I print reports with the primary designation is an issue. Thanks for correcting me. Sheila Each pair of people can have only one primary Marriage Tag - a person can have as many primary marriages as there are different spouses (plus one with no spouse, if you can figure out a need for it).
  15. Non Primary Marriage Tags

    Principal 1 may have only 1 marriage so that marriage should be primary. This may be a first marriage for Principal 2 and you have decided to make the 2nd marriage primary for this person. That would correctly be showing Principal 1 primary and principal 2 non-primary for this particular marrage tag. Sheila Altenbernd.