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  1. In my Journal Reports - Descendants, I am using the suggestions and advice from Janis Rodriquez' Nov, 2014 RUG Newsletter article, et al, but I don't see how to interlace the Maternal Descendants with the Paternal from the Focus Person (1) down. Is this possible? Thank you. MJG
  2. Thanks, Glenn. I believe I'll have to drag the .exe file to a Flash Drive then open TMG 9 using VMWare Fusion, then what???
  3. I installed v 9 using a disc. How do I import and update it to v 9.03? I have MacBook Pro using Mountain Lion and use VMWare Fusion to access PC files on it. Thank you.
  4. I can't find Windows Explorer - don't know how to get to it. Do I really need to uninstall TMG v8? If I were prompted, I'd choose a different name for the v9 Folder. Will that be possible? I have Windows 7. I'm reluctant to ask Wholly Genes Support, good as they are, because they don't deal with Mac. Thanks for your expertise, MJ
  5. I use VmWare Fusion to access my TMG v8 Project - I have 1 Project only. I can't figure out how to change the Backup location to have ann external location for it, e.g. a Flash Drive storage location. Until I can do that, I'm afraid v9 may uninstall v8. I'd appreciate any help on the Upgrade. Wishing Wholly Genes would go to Mac….. Thanks, MJ Gatti
  6. My new computer is an Apple laptop and since then, I can't do Genealogy. When will you have a Mac version? Mary Jo