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  1. Retrieving Messages Query

    Jim - Thanks for your help! I had missed this setting option. Dan.
  2. Hello - - Every time I start TMG, I get a pop-up screen that says "Query -- Retrieving Messages." The program then apparently searches somewhere for messages that may be pending. The search sometimes takes quite a while, and I cannot use the program for anything else until it completes the search. Since I'm sure it will never find any current messages, I would like to disable this prompt and the subsequent search. Anyone know how I might be able to do this? Thanks! Dan Mock
  3. Thanks, guys! This solved my problem easily and immediately. Wish all problems were that simple!
  4. I upgraded from TMG v8 to TMG v9, and I transferred my old database to the new install using backup/restore. In the old v8 database, I have hundreds of exhibits linked into TMG. These exhibits are located in an exhibit folder that is located in a different directory than the default TMG directory. WIthin this exhibit folder, I have painstakingly organized the exhibits in a number of subfolders that are nested several folders deep. Tonight I backed-up my new v9 database and was surprised to see that nearly 400 of these exhibits were not found during the backup. Upon closer look, I see that in these cases TMG v9 is looking for exhibits in a folder that is one folder higher than where they are actually located. For example, I have a lot of Word documents actually stored in a folder named .../Genealogy/Exhibits/Word Docs, but for some reason TMG v9 thinks they are stored in .../Genealogy/Exhibits (note: these are not the exact folder names, but illustrate the point). When I try to load these exhibits directly from within TMG v9, I get a "File . . . not found" error, in which the wrong (i.e., shorter) path is specified. The TMG v9 properties for the exhibits also give the wrong path. However, when I try to load the same exhibits from TMG v8, everything seems to work properly. Two questions: (1) What has gone wrong here, and (2) How can I fix it?? Thanks for any help!!
  5. Cannot start "Help"

    Vera - - Sorry for the delay in responding to you. I have reinstalled TNG v8 as you suggested and the "Help" function can once again be accessed from within the program. Thanks for your help!
  6. Cannot start "Help"

    Vera and Jim - - 1. Per Jim's suggestion, I deleted the hh.dat file, but that did not fix the problem for me, either. 2. Yes, also like Alan, I had TMG v7 previously installed on this PC. I uninstalled it once I was satisfied that v8 was working correctly. BTW, during the uninstall, I was asked to OK the deletion of some shared files that appeared to no longer be used by any programs, and I clicked "OK" for all. A number of .dll files were then removed. I assume that the "repair" install would have replaced any of these that were needed by TMG v8. 3. I am using the US version of TMG v8. The PC is running Vista Home Basic. Regards, Dan.
  7. Cannot start "Help"

    Vera - - Help starts correctly when I click "The Master Genealogist help" in the Programs drop-down. I searched for occurences of TMG.chm and found this file only in the two folders you listed in your note (there are also a couple of shortcuts to TMG.chm, but these are targetted to C:Program FIlesThe Master Genealogist v8TMG.chm). I have also done a "repair" reinstall of v8 and the problem persists. This is not an earth-shattering problem, since I can always start help outside of TMG. But figuring this out now may help someone else downstream. Thanks, Dan.
  8. Cannot start "Help"

    Jim - - Yes, the TMG.chm help file is located in the shared program data folder. Dan.
  9. Cannot start "Help"

    Jim - - I did as you suggested (deleted the C:ProgramData"The Master Genealogist v8" folder in its entirety), and then restarted TMG. The shared data folder was recreated as expected, but I am still not able to start the "Help" routine from within TMG. But thanks for your quick response . . . Dan
  10. I'm using TMG v8 and can't get the "Help" routine to start -- either from the menu bar drop down or by pressing F1. The TMG.chm file is, however, located in the TMG v8 program files folder, and I am able to start it by clicking directly on the file itself. I think "Help" worked OK right after the v8 instll, but now it doesn't. Any ideas?