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Exhibit Folder Path in v9 Different Than in v8

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I upgraded from TMG v8 to TMG v9, and I transferred my old database to the new install using backup/restore. In the old v8 database, I have hundreds of exhibits linked into TMG. These exhibits are located in an exhibit folder that is located in a different directory than the default TMG directory. WIthin this exhibit folder, I have painstakingly organized the exhibits in a number of subfolders that are nested several folders deep. Tonight I backed-up my new v9 database and was surprised to see that nearly 400 of these exhibits were not found during the backup. Upon closer look, I see that in these cases TMG v9 is looking for exhibits in a folder that is one folder higher than where they are actually located. For example, I have a lot of Word documents actually stored in a folder named .../Genealogy/Exhibits/Word Docs, but for some reason TMG v9 thinks they are stored in .../Genealogy/Exhibits (note: these are not the exact folder names, but illustrate the point). When I try to load these exhibits directly from within TMG v9, I get a "File . . . not found" error, in which the wrong (i.e., shorter) path is specified. The TMG v9 properties for the exhibits also give the wrong path. However, when I try to load the same exhibits from TMG v8, everything seems to work properly. Two questions: (1) What has gone wrong here, and (2) How can I fix it?? Thanks for any help!!

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Use the external exhibits feature of Validate File Integrity. Add the appropriate base folder(s) to the 'List of folders for location' screen and click the [search in subfolders] button to enable the recursive tree search. VFI will update the exhibit paths.

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