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  1. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    I started using TMG with version 4 because it was the only program that allowed me to source data in a reasonable fashion. I believe it was the third program I tried and the first I kept with for long. I've always kept a second program in my hip pocket for a couple of years for siblings/cousins who needed a copy of my data. It was easy to direct them to a free version of the other program and send them a formatted database, with them set up as the primary instead of me, so they could start using the data quickly and easily. (Person 25 in my database is blank so I can renumber me there and renumber the recipient as 1) I've contacted my secondary program this AM and suggested they jump on Genbridge. While I'll keep going with TMG I'm also seeing the inevitable and want my alternative(s) as strong as possible in the interim. If I, as a user/owner, of their program start lobbying now for changes that'll best meet my needs they will more likely be available when I have to make the change. Sort of like financial planning. You write the will, make the investments, and set up the trusts before you die not after.
  2. I had this problem with the last update, followed all the instructions to fix and reinstall multiple times and could never get the update to work. I messed with it for a week. I finally did a fresh install of 8.00 so I can work with my data and stopped there. The updates are not worth the hassle. I hoped this new update would fix the problems with the last but see that is not the case. Looks like I'll skip this update too. Maybe WG will get their act together with the next one. I'm loosing confidence in the company with each interation and there are lots of alternatives.
  3. I have a non-standard install of TMG 8 and, as others have, crashed and burned with this latest update. I spent an evening trying to find all references to ver8 so I could delete them and start afresh. Apparently, there are more, well hidden, since I've yet to manage a clean update. I'll have more time tomorrow. Luckily, I've yet to try to update my primary computer. Losing the laptop, for now, just tells me that this update is not ready for release. A good release does not need to be worked around. Here's my concern since I don't plan on updating my desktop. It is not worth the hassle factor for the limited added utility. My laptop and desktop share my primary database over a network. I only keep a backup on the laptop. Provided I can finally get the laptop to work again, can use the same database with a 8.01 and a 8.02 install?