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  1. Fatal Error C0000005

    Virginia, Yes, I'm running v8 on WinXP under Parallels. I haven't found a way to edit a report (usually saved as a PDF). Too bad that bug was fixed. It was really handy to edit, then print. The report output goes to an ISC file for the List of.... Yes, I have the PDF printer installed. Thanks for your continued help. Debbie
  2. Fatal Error C0000005

    Virginia, All of a sudden, TMG8 started working again. I have no idea what, if anything, I did. Now, I get a Conversion Error #5 when trying to print a list of events. I tried resetting it, but the error still comes up. Debbie
  3. Fatal Error C0000005

    Virginia, Thanks for the quick reply. The program shuts down as soon as the error appears, so I can't check Preferences. I'm not using 8.04 because I lose the ability to edit my reports in the view window (such as re-spacing and additional re-sorting). Debbie
  4. Help! I'm on vacation and the program just crashed. It ran fine 2 days ago, and today when I opened it, I got the following error: Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 @ 2012.10.02 08:17:46 PM. Error log file: C:Program FilesThe Master Genealogist v8VFP9Rerr.log Called from - menuobjtmg.mmessagemanager line 11 {c:program filescommonlibsmenuobj.vct c:program filescommonlibsmenuobj.vct} Called from - appobject.show line 521 {c:program filescommonlibsappobj.vct c:program filescommonlibsappobj.vct} Called from - tmgappobj.show line 4 {c:program filesthe master genealogist v8libsappobjtmg.vct c:program filesthe master genealogist v8libsappobjtmg.vct} Called from - tmgmain line 578 {C:Program FilesThe Master Genealogist v8tmgprogramstmgmain.prg c:program filesthe master genealogist v8tmg8.exe} I have uninstalled and reinstalled TMG8. I have rolled back my system restore. Thanks, Debbie
  5. Please restore the ability to edit on the screen preview. It made editing the lists so easy. "Reports, Screen Preview - The preview screen allowed editing and should not have done so. You can mark/copy text from the preview screen."
  6. Ok. I got it figured out. I had to open IE in Windows to download the installer file. Once downloaded, it ran without a hitch.
  7. Received update notification. Update stalled. When I cancelled the installation, my previous installation was also gone. Followed Jim's directions for reinstalling, and still the installation stalls. Am running XP under Parallels. Had no problem with the initial installation of 8.0 in December. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Deb
  8. Gedcom

    I removed the second Principal and that cured the problem. Thank you for the help and explanations.
  9. Gedcom

    Okay. I changed the export to EVEN/TYPE for the custom census tags. They still did not appear in the gedcom export. Now, these events have as a second principal "1XXX US Census", a special individual tag I use for tracking census records. The first principal is the head of household and the other household members are listed as witnesses. Would any of this impact the way the event is exported? How does the gedcom export treat the witnesses? I don't find the witnesses in the gedcom file at all. Many thanks for the help.
  10. Gedcom

    I'm trying to export a small portion of my database but some events are being excluded. The State Census events are included but the Federal Census events are not. The GedCom tag is CENS for both types of events. On a larger export, only the State Census and the 1790 Federal Census events export. Each Federal Census year has its own event tag: FedCen1XXX. I have done the optimization and validated file integrity. Any ideas? Thanks, Debbie
  11. Drag and drop exhibit files

    Too bad. Maybe some changes could be incorporated into a future TMG version to add multiple exhibits simultaneously, like they did with adding multiple people in the upcoming V8. I guess I better start carving out some more time to deal with the exhibits. Hopefully, I'll get them done before I die. Thanks for your input. Debbie
  12. Drag and drop exhibit files

    Thanks, Jim. I figured that much out on my own. The problem is that I have hundreds of scanned photos that I would like to add.
  13. I have tried dragging and dropping exhibit files, but only with a lot of frustration. If I add exhibit files one by one, everything works fine. If I only add 3-4 files at a time, everything works fine. If I add more than 3-4 files at a time using drag and drop, TMG locks up and has to be shut down (through task manager) and restarted. When restarted, the exhibit files are there. Any ideas? Debbie
  14. Exhibit Focus

    Can the focus of an exhibit be changed? I have several exhibits that are "general" and I want to change them to a specific "event" and/or "person". Thank you, Debbie
  15. Thanks Virginia. After dragging the headings very wide, I was able to see the missing headings that had been hiding. I don't usually make changes to this screen, but I must have done it at some time. I had been missing those headlines for quite a time. Perhaps a"reset" button could be added for dummies like me. LOL! Thanks again, Debbie