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  1. Journal Report Failure

    Did you ever get this issue resolved?
  2. TMG and Ancestory.com

    Are you asking how to export a tree from Ancestry.com to a GEDCOM? It's under Tools>>Manage my Tree. If you're asking how to get a GEDCOM of the Census, consider this: Ancestry.com has indexed the Census, and allows you to attach each individual's index entry to their record, along with the image of the Census. This can then be exported to a GEDCOM. It's not actually a GEDCOM of the entire Census. Also, only the fields they index are included (typically Name, relation to HOH, age, birthplace, occasionally the occupation, etc.) - you would have to manually enter the remainder of the fields.
  3. *This only works if every detail about the location is identical. A similar feature is available for people under 'Tools - Merge Two People'. It allows the user to compare the two records to decide which information is accurate - and specifiy what should be kept/overriden - before merging them. Adding a feature similar to this would be more powerful than the current method which may, at times, require the user to repeatedly switch between records to determine and fix the differences before optimizing.
  4. I agree. I believe this would be very useful.
  5. Working while Viewing Exhibits?

    Jim, It appears to me that we're on the same page here. One of the reasons I selected TMG was due to it's powerful sourcing. I wasn't looking for the XXX-Mart/XXX Depot program that had its hand in everything. I prefer to use other programs (that specialize in their own field) to do the multimedia manipulations / editing. I would have to agree with 'elevator' however, that within its own area of expertise, TMG v6 does have some shortcomings in the Exhibit Log. IMO, I should be able to view the exhibit while I work elsewhere in the program - without running another instance. I was already looking forward to seeing the improvements with v7 (along with everyone else)! Regardless, my original point was to ensure that I wasn't missing a feature, or doing something incorrectly. You addressed it well & provided me a valid workaround - Thanks again!
  6. File Save

    BK, First of all, a disclaimer: Although I have a good deal of computer experience, I have only been using TMG for about a week as well. That said, I believe one simple solution is being overlooked in the responses so far... According to what I've read, TMG allows for shared network access (since v5). Since the EULA apparently allows for multiple installations on your computers [as long as they're not run simultaneously], I would attempt the following in your situation: 1) Install TMG on your laptop, and create your file there 2) Install TMG on your desktop 3) Access your file (which is on the laptop) from your desktop, through a network (note: this requires a router) 4) Ensure that when you save your scanned exhibits, you are saving them through the network onto your notebook! 5) You should be able to print reports from either computer This should result in only having one copy of the files (no confusion as to which is the 'most' up-to-date), and they would be located on your notebook. Simply take your notebook with you when you travel, and reconnect to use your desktop when you return. ****Make sure you're backing up your work consistently; loss or damage is much more likely with your notebook.**** Also, note that network access may be a bit slower than stand-alone; I expect this effect would be insignificant, but don't know. Some trade-offs are inevitable. Ref - TMG Help File Index:Multi-user Environments
  7. Working while Viewing Exhibits?

    Jim, Thanks for the quick response & workaround. This appears to be a good workaround for when my number of exhibits has become less manageable. In the meantime, the external viewer I use probably uses fewer resources than running another instance of TMG. I would rather have found out that I was doing something wrong... any idea why the program is coded in this manner? Thanks for the extra layouts!
  8. Having recently (last week) installed TMG, I'm still exploring the vast range of features. One issue that I have run into involves the Exhibit Log. Unlike the normal windows (Details, Flags, Children, etc.) which can lose focus, the Exhibit Log appears to have been programmed to retain focus while it is open. The result is that I cannot have an exhibit open for viewing while working with other aspects (tags/events) of an individual. This becomes important, since I'm extracting information from my digital source to add to the database. One obvious workaround (since I currently use external exhibits) is to use a separate program to view the exhibit. This is my current method, though it will become increasingly clumsy as my exhibits grow - particularly since I use different folders to store my exhibits in. I would greatly appreciate hearing anyone else's workarounds, or (preferably) an explanation on the mistake I'm making within TMG!