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  1. I added a marriage tag called "Commitment." Somehow it has become my default. In the Tag list, "Commitment" is followed by the carat symbol and an "M." I've compared the Marriage and Commitment tags. The Commitment tag has become "standard" and the Marriage tag is now "custom." The GEDCOM for Commitment is MARR and the GEDCOM for Marriage is EVEN. So . . . 1. How can I make Marriage the default and Commitment "custom." 2. I changed the GEDCOM so that they are both MARR. I am assuming for GEDCOM purposes that will be best. Thanks for your help to a *real* newbie who is jumping in with both feet!
  2. Marriage default changed

    I have some excellent teachers.
  3. Commitment / Child

    I've put everything back the way it was -- two females, etc. I can't deal with this right now and decided I'd better keep everything accurate. So our "family" ends with our daughter -- her "adopted daughter," of course doesn't show up. Our granddaughter apppears as the daughter of our daughter's partner and "Unknown person" on a descendent chart beginning with the partner. Yes, I'm frustrated. Yes, I hope that someday I can enter our family as I would like. (Software developer, are you listening? )
  4. Commitment / Child

    Hi, Terry! I wonder if this is something that could ever be changed in a future TMG version? There are definitely genealogists who would object -- but they don't have to use what they don't want to use! Just for kicks, I changed our daughter's sex to M and add dau-bio for our granddaughter. I've obviously forgotten to change something else, because I'm still not getting two parents to our grandchild.
  5. Marriage default changed

    Well, I just looked at both Commitment and Marriage and see that Commitment is labeled Standard and Marriage is labeled Custom. Is there a relatively easy way to just switch those labels??????????????? Okay. All fixed. I renamed Marriage as Commitment 1, renamed Commitment as Marriage, and then renamed Commitment 1 to Commitment. I almost forgot to change the abbreviation (till I looked at the reports!), but all is now well.
  6. How do you define the "Source Type" when the information is simply from your own prior knowledge? There doesn't seem to be an appropriate choice in the "Source Type" list (e.g., perhaps "Memory"). Okay, so if I have to add "Memory" on my own, I have to develop a footnote template???? Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks!
  7. If I haven't been adding the "Name-Marr" tag, how can I enter it at a later time? I'm VERY new to TMG (just started using the trial version), so I may well be asking questions with obvious answers.
  8. Name-Marr tag post-entry

    I believe I will still have lines -- just without the slashes. If I'm wrong, I'll let you know.
  9. Name-Marr tag post-entry

    Very impressive! Thanks for sharing that link. I will have to refer back to it. It's input like this that makes a big difference to newbies, as it's something I probably would never have thought about otherwise. Thanks!
  10. Name-Marr tag post-entry

    That still leaves lines for the dates though. Oh, well. Could be worse . . . Virginia, I've chosen not to use sort dates, so that eliminates that solution. I guess I'll just live with the slashes since I've chosen the mm/dd/yyyy format. When the months are written out, I still get three lines.
  11. Name-Marr tag post-entry

    Terry and Mike: I think I like the idea of no date for items that don't need one (e.g., married name). I just wish the slashes could be eliminated from thte detail screen. Is that possible? Thanks so much for your help!
  12. Name-Marr tag post-entry

    Why one day later???
  13. Name-Marr tag post-entry

    I can't add it simply via TMG?
  14. Backup options

    When I want to back up a file, I receive the message "Backup Path 'A:\' is not accessible, path has been changed to 'C:/'" Then there is no way to change the path from the C drive to, say, a flash drive. Is there not a way to "browse" to the preferred location? Thanks!
  15. Backup options

    That was easy. Thanks!