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  1. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    Being one of the TMG "pioneers" (beta tester pre release 25+ yrs ago) - I have become lazy in my old age and have not upgraded quickly - am currently on TMG 8. Do you recommend upgrading to TMG 9 anyhow? I have no intention of jumping the TMG ship any time soon - will await other developers making a transition easier for those of us with huge datasets (some of my exceed 20,000 individuals).
  2. Waited for new PC before long-delayed updating. Please walk me thru the steps needed to upgrade - have a dozen .pjcs with over 100,000 person entries! TMG 7.4 remains on the XP machine - have nothing on Win8 machine except all the images on an external hard drive.
  3. Leap from XP to Win8 & from TMG 7.4 to 8+

    Thanks, Terry! With your help and a quick call to Dorothy at WG ... the move went smoothly... all up and running now on the Win8 machine!
  4. Want to copy TMG7 program files + one project over to a netbook (with only USB drives) for one event - then I promise to upgrade to V8 ! But there are 18,000 entries done over 5 years in this project and deadlines are looming. I copied all the files I could think of from the desktop to the USB to the netbook. But where/what are the filenames to actually RUN the program on the netbook? HELP!
  5. USB Transfer TMG7 to netbook

    Thanks to Jim and Virginia's good advice, I was able to successfully re-install 7.04 on my netbook.
  6. USB Transfer TMG7 to netbook

    Thanks, Jim and Virginia. That's probably it - the email I used way back when!
  7. USB Transfer TMG7 to netbook

    OK - MOST everything worked out! Program installed and opened. And a .sqz backup installed. Only glitch was when I entered my ancient serial number - it rejected it and said I had a 30-day trial! Now that takes me to Oct 23rd and I really only need this on the netbook Oct 18-20! But that is cutting it rather close! I guess I could call Tech Support and get help - or drive up to the office and surrender myself (only a 30 min drive!) Dorothy is making 20+ charts for me this week, so maybe I will show up in person!
  8. USB Transfer TMG7 to netbook

    Thanks, Jim. Have had 7 on my desktop since release! Where do I find the TMG7 installer? Have to do everything with a USB drive on the netbook, or dopwnload from the web. I still have the 20 Apr 2008 email with the serial number - shall try that!
  9. I used focus group to copy 170+ people in Project A to new dataset Meade. Now I want to move dataset Meade to Project B. Steps to take?
  10. Lately, when I have a tag entry screen open for new person, & have gone out to the web (either from inside or outside TMG) to copy info, when I return to TMG, I cannot enter the data. The keyboard seems frozen, and I have to cancel out and re-do the whole new person entry. Glitch, gremlins or what?
  11. keyboard freezes in TMG after web search

    Thanks, Virginia - guess it's a Firefox fix needed!
  12. Move dataset to another project

    Thanks, Terry. I had scoured your "Primer" book but wasn't sure about moving it to another already established project, rather than to a new project.
  13. I want to send a TMG friend what I have on her lines. I have 877 of her ancestors in a focus group (my full project has 33,000+ people) ... what is the best and most goof-proof way to do this?
  14. Copying a focus group to new dataset or project

    Of course - (whack on side of head!) - thanks, Terry!
  15. Copying a focus group to new dataset or project

    Bingo! I'd done it once long ago, but forgot the steps. Now that there's a new project with files in a separate folder - how can I email this to someone who also uses TMG 7.04? Do I separately attach each individual file? Am I right that my sources for those 877 people have all transferred to the new project - seems so on first glance. I did search both Lee and Terry's books but didn't find this TMG>TMG email transfer mentioned.Thanks, Jim!
  16. Font Size in Tag Box

    Love my new 22" LCD widescreen monitor - more space for layout, etc. - but, alas, I have the same old eyes and need to increase font size in data entry tag box - only see way in Preferences to increase font size for memos and lists - how about just for basic data entry box?
  17. Font Size in Tag Box

    Perfect! - thanks, Jim!
  18. Error 58 REPPUSH

    Intermittently, I am getting this error message during routine data entry: "Error 58 REPPUSH Record is out of range" A "retry" allows data entry, but it is a nuisance. I have done a recent maintenance check of the large (22,000+) project. What is the cause and fix ?
  19. Creeping Commas Dilemma

    The dilemma of the "creeping commas" - How do I keep credentials, separated from a surname with a comma, from jumping to the front of the output. If I place "John Jones, Ph.D." or "Sandra MacLean Clunies, CG" in a space in a master source list as author or compiler or recipient, the output moves everything after the comma to the FRONT of the displayed surname fo it looks like "Ph.D. John Jones". I've been doing a workaround by leaving off commas, but am sure there is a way to do it and present names correctly. Same thing happens with multiple authors. "John Jones, Bill Smith and Herb White" comes out "Bill Smith and Herb White John Jones". Advice please!
  20. Auto Update Problem

    I recently moved every TMG file and folder from C:\ to external drive E:\ to free up space on C:\ The program works fine - all my projects open and work - BUT I have not been able to update to 6.07 or 6.08 because a message comes up that a file is missing. I moved every single file that was in the TMG folder. Is this "update" file hiding somewhere else on the C:\ drive -what is its name? ---Sandy.
  21. Rec'd a CD/DVD disc with a Family Tree Maker .ftw file on it. Though my desktop CD drive is also DVD, it wouldn't read the disc. Moved to the laptop - no problems - smooth import into TMG including images, etc. Up and running. "encountered no problems" said TMG and it looked great - has over 10,000 persons on it. But I want to move this .prj to the desktop, OR to a flash drive for portability, so while open in TMG on the laptop, I selected "backup project" to another plain CD - and got all kinds of "file missing" messages and had to cold boot to get out of it. Any ideas here?
  22. Transfer Troubles - Import and Backups

    Thanks, Virginia - worked like a charm!