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  1. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    Being one of the TMG "pioneers" (beta tester pre release 25+ yrs ago) - I have become lazy in my old age and have not upgraded quickly - am currently on TMG 8. Do you recommend upgrading to TMG 9 anyhow? I have no intention of jumping the TMG ship any time soon - will await other developers making a transition easier for those of us with huge datasets (some of my exceed 20,000 individuals).
  2. Leap from XP to Win8 & from TMG 7.4 to 8+

    Thanks, Terry! With your help and a quick call to Dorothy at WG ... the move went smoothly... all up and running now on the Win8 machine!
  3. Waited for new PC before long-delayed updating. Please walk me thru the steps needed to upgrade - have a dozen .pjcs with over 100,000 person entries! TMG 7.4 remains on the XP machine - have nothing on Win8 machine except all the images on an external hard drive.
  4. USB Transfer TMG7 to netbook

    Thanks to Jim and Virginia's good advice, I was able to successfully re-install 7.04 on my netbook.
  5. USB Transfer TMG7 to netbook

    Thanks, Jim and Virginia. That's probably it - the email I used way back when!
  6. USB Transfer TMG7 to netbook

    OK - MOST everything worked out! Program installed and opened. And a .sqz backup installed. Only glitch was when I entered my ancient serial number - it rejected it and said I had a 30-day trial! Now that takes me to Oct 23rd and I really only need this on the netbook Oct 18-20! But that is cutting it rather close! I guess I could call Tech Support and get help - or drive up to the office and surrender myself (only a 30 min drive!) Dorothy is making 20+ charts for me this week, so maybe I will show up in person!
  7. USB Transfer TMG7 to netbook

    Thanks, Jim. Have had 7 on my desktop since release! Where do I find the TMG7 installer? Have to do everything with a USB drive on the netbook, or dopwnload from the web. I still have the 20 Apr 2008 email with the serial number - shall try that!
  8. Want to copy TMG7 program files + one project over to a netbook (with only USB drives) for one event - then I promise to upgrade to V8 ! But there are 18,000 entries done over 5 years in this project and deadlines are looming. I copied all the files I could think of from the desktop to the USB to the netbook. But where/what are the filenames to actually RUN the program on the netbook? HELP!
  9. keyboard freezes in TMG after web search

    Thanks, Virginia - guess it's a Firefox fix needed!
  10. Lately, when I have a tag entry screen open for new person, & have gone out to the web (either from inside or outside TMG) to copy info, when I return to TMG, I cannot enter the data. The keyboard seems frozen, and I have to cancel out and re-do the whole new person entry. Glitch, gremlins or what?
  11. Move dataset to another project

    Thanks, Terry. I had scoured your "Primer" book but wasn't sure about moving it to another already established project, rather than to a new project.
  12. I used focus group to copy 170+ people in Project A to new dataset Meade. Now I want to move dataset Meade to Project B. Steps to take?
  13. Copying a focus group to new dataset or project

    Of course - (whack on side of head!) - thanks, Terry!
  14. Copying a focus group to new dataset or project

    Bingo! I'd done it once long ago, but forgot the steps. Now that there's a new project with files in a separate folder - how can I email this to someone who also uses TMG 7.04? Do I separately attach each individual file? Am I right that my sources for those 877 people have all transferred to the new project - seems so on first glance. I did search both Lee and Terry's books but didn't find this TMG>TMG email transfer mentioned.Thanks, Jim!
  15. I want to send a TMG friend what I have on her lines. I have 877 of her ancestors in a focus group (my full project has 33,000+ people) ... what is the best and most goof-proof way to do this?