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Sandy Clunies

Leap from XP to Win8 & from TMG 7.4 to 8+

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Waited for new PC before long-delayed updating. Please walk me thru the steps needed to upgrade - have a dozen .pjcs with over 100,000 person entries! TMG 7.4 remains on the XP machine - have nothing on Win8 machine except all the images on an external hard drive.

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Something like this should work:

1. Install TMG8 on new machine.

2. On the old machine, make backups of all the projects. Include "Customizations" in one of them, or better yet make a separate backup of Customizations. Copy all of them to the new machine.

3. Restore the Customizations, but un-check "Preferences > Program Options" - some of these are tied to specifics of your machine and are best not copied to a new machine. Instead, if you can, open TMG7 in your old machine and TMG8 in your new one, and in each open Preferences > Program Options and make the new one match the old as you like.

4. Restore the Projects.

5. For each Project, open Preferences > Current Project Options > Advanced and change the paths to valid paths in your new machine (the paths on your new machine are likely different in subtle or not so subtle ways than the ones on your old one). If you are using default locations, when you click on the [...] button it will open to the default path on the new machine.

6. I gather you have external exhibits stored on an external drive. If you can, make sure the drive letter for it is the same on the new machine as on the old one. If you can't, use Validate File Integrity in each Project to correct the path to it.

7. If you have report definitions saved that you restored to the new machine, and those reports send files to word processor or spreadsheet, open them and correct the path in the filename field.

I think that's it. :)

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