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  1. Can I install TMG 7 on a Linux Ubuntu PC. Or do I have to download a different type of installer from TMG's web site. I have another HP m7367c Intel 930 D Processor PC. I had to replace the bad motherboard and I installed Linux Ubuntu. I would like to use my Linux PC just for all my genealogy research. Will TMG 7 install on this PC, and how do I install it, just like on the windows PC?
  2. I'm running TMG Version 7 Gold. My PC is running Windows Vista 64 Bit. For the longest time now I have not been able to make, Print or view any PDF reports with TMG 7. I tried going through all the steps to install the PDF Printer, and have had no luck. I even went to the file and set it for compatability mode, still no luck. Should I back-up my TMG files, and un-install TMG, then do a Re-install of TMG 7 Gold?? Will this fix my PDF problem, or is TMG 7 PDF Reports not able to work on a Windows Vista 64 Bit system? At the bottom of the Report Definition Screen I had to change the Print Page Range number back to #1, how it got set to a much higher number is a mystery. After changing it back to #1, I can now make PDF files and print them. I can't save any PDF files/reports. I have tried everything I can think of, but the reports just quit during creation if I try to save them to a file or folder, I even tried to save to my desk-top, with no luck. Anyone have any Idea what is wrong? My PC is running Windows Vista 64 bit. I went and re-set up my PDF printer port to a new port and that fixed the problem of not being able to save any of my PDF Reports. Now I can make, View, and save any of my .PDF reports anywhere on my PC. Thanks for the tip about making a dummy port for my PDF printer. Great Job!!!
  3. My computer crashed and I had to restore my PC to factory. I have Windos Vista Home Pre X86. After I re-installed TMG I now can't get the program to check for updates, I keep getting an error. The error reads as follows: No application in c;\program files 9x86)\the master genealogist v7 is associated with the update engine so it cannot check for updates. Please make sure that this software is installed properly. I have two folders named program files on my PC, one is just program files, and the other is program files x86. Should TMG be installed in the program files or the program files x86 folder? Right now it is in the Program files x86 folder. I'm also not able to create any PDF or Doc files and save them to my reports folder or anywhere else like the program did before. When I try to save PDF or Doc files the program stops when it reaches 100% and I have to exit the program and restart the PC before I can re-enter the TMG program again. Any help would be great!!
  4. Sharing Images

    A friend of mine said that you can use a free online service called Photobucket. All you have to do is add your photos to photobucket and you can allow anyone you want access so they can make comments as well as download any and all the photos or images that they want. I use photobucket to place all my unknown photos and everytime I send out an E-Mail to a family member they get the link to my unknown photos at photobucket. Then they can look over all the photos and make a comment to help figureout who is who in the photos. Other than using photobucket to share photos, you can burn all your exhibits to DVD and mail the DVD to who you want to shair them with.
  5. adding photos

    (I have a removable hard drive that I use to make sure I have all my exhibits backed up encase of a disaster) I make a folder for every person in my family tree (only when I have exhibits for them) The folder has the persons full name and ID number. When I add a photo this is how I name each photo. photo_3654_1 (Try not to use dashes, comcast has problems using them, so only use underscore) photo tells me the exhibit a photo, or I name it portrait if it's a portrait. the first number after the description and underscore is the persons ID Number. The last number after the second underscore is the number for the exhibit. Something like = photo_3654_1 photo_3654_2 photo_3654_3 portrait_3654_1 portrait_3654_2 Run all your photos by ID number and in exhibit count, then run all your portraits the same, and census the same and so on. I try to use very short names, due to older computers have problems reading the long names. Then I have one folder in TMG named exhibits that I drag each exhibit to just before adding them from their to the TMG Tree. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But if you want an easier way to do your exhibits, you could name each exhibit as above and just place them in the one folder named Exhibits in TMG, and make backups of that folder at the end of each day after you add new exhibits. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Myself, I like having a folder with each persons name, It allows me to be able to locate exhibits faster without starting TMG when I have someone request copies of my exhibits by E-Mail.
  6. Exhibit Folder

    What's the path? The Preferences Exhibits field requires a full path. The Exhibits folder needs to be in valid user space. If you make a tree, the Preferences Exhibits path should point to the base of the tree. Keep in mind, that if you store your exhibits in a tree (which is fine), you need to manage your exhibits outside of TMG and should not include them when doing a backup since the restore function can't reconstruct your tree. The exhibit path I have is now C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Exhibits Do I have to add every folder in the exhibit folder to the path name, like below? C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Exhibits\People\Census\Death\Birth\Marriage (and so on?) Or would it be best if I store all exhibits in the one Exhibit folder and just give each exhibit a descriptive name like DeathCert_221_1 221 is the person ID number and the #1 is for exhibit number 1.
  7. Exhibit Folder

    I'm trying to make an Exhibit folder tree to place all my exhibits in folders like windows explorer does. I have the main folder as Exhibits, then folders in it like Death, Birth, Census, Marriage, People and so on. I have TMG's prefrence for Exhibit folder set to Exhibits, but it keeps telling me folder not found and wants to know if I want to use the defult folder. How do I set up an Exhibit Folder Tree so I can sort all my exhibits into diferent folders. Or do I have to save them all into one Exhibit folder and just give each exhibit a descriptive name? Which is the best way?
  8. I'm having a problem at start up of TMG 7.03.0000 it seems that Raxio starts to launch and I have to hit cancel twice to stop it, then TMG finishes starting. Also, Raxio tries to start up again any time i'm entering exhibit properties button, I have to cancel it twice again before I can get to the properties of each exhibit I'm trying to edit. Does anyone know if I should try to re-install TMG to repair this error? And if so, will I be re-directed back to all the updates that has been installed since my orignal install? Any help is welcome with this problem.
  9. Does anyone know how to change all my internal exhibits into external exhibits. My TMG 7 program wont let me add any more jpeg exhibits into my tree, it keeps telling me they are to big. Even when I make my jpeg images really small, I still can't add any.
  10. Thanks, I went and read the information about the TMG Utility program, and it sounds like the cure I was looking for! Thanks! Brad Hall
  11. Importing from FTM v16

    I had the same problem and could only get it to work by making a GEDCOM file from my Family Tree Maker data. I lost a lot of information here and their, but it worked. Try this if your in a hurry to use the trial, and until you find out a better way of transfering all your info.
  12. When I imported my family tree from my old program, all last names were in upper case. In TMG you can now have the software do this for you. Is their a faster way of correcting all 7,300 names from all upper case to lower case, other than one person at a time. It would be nice if I was able to use a feature like the place/location shifter TMG has, where you can also correct all spellings as well within TMG.
  13. Request Status of Upgrade Shipments

    From Bradley Hall Pennsylvania. I'm in the same boat as you. But, I have Cable internet, and downloaded version 7 and was up and running in less than a half hour. It wont hurt to try, if it don't work for you, you will still get your CD in the mail about the same time as I get mine, someday.
  14. Photos/Images

    Why can't their be an option to have TMG ask or auto create a folder with the persons name as well as their reference number, upon inserting an image into that persons file? Them each time you add anything else to their file it will know where to be stored or recalled from. Such as folders on a removable drive. At this time I create Folders for each person in my tree that I have images to add to. The folder looks like below. John George Hall (6120) Main Photo = 6120_1 SSN Record = 6120_2 1880 Census = 6120_3 If you have Comcast as your internet service provider make sure to use an underscore and not a dash in the file numbers, dashes are not allowed with Comcast. Is their not a way to have TMG do this for us automatically? Bradley Hall 02 Jan 2008