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  1. John and Terry -- thank you for responding. Good to know TMG 9 can be installed on Win XP. I have attempted multiple times to install TMG v9.03 and once TMG v9.00 -- every time I get the same error: Installation error. Please reinstall from the original media. Installation attempt was done by running install file which was located on my desktop -- not by 'check for update' feature. Also tried install using 'run as administrator' and got same error. I ask Dorothy if TMG 9 required a different Win XP Home SP number and did not receive a reply. Rae Jean
  2. Currently using TMG 7 because can not install TMG 9 on Win XP Home SP1 notebook computer. Have not tried to install TMG 9 on another computer because I need same version on both. Does TMG 9 require a different Win XP Home SP number? Dorothy tried to help but nothing was successful. Has anyone been able to install TMG 9 on a Win XP Service Pack 1 computer? Appreciate your help.
  3. HT delete witness memo entries

    Found the answer -- it was right in front of me.
  4. Some time ago, I started entering information in a 1850 census tag witness memo field. That information is no longer useful and I would like to mass delete that information. Looked at TMG Utility and did not see a method to delete info in that field. Would appreciate ideas on how to do this.
  5. American Townships

    Terry This is not accurate -- the term Township has been used in North Carolina. The term District, as part of a county, was used in these North Carolina census records: 1790, 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860. In 1868 Townships were established to replace Districts in North Carolina. The term Township, as part of a county, was used in these NC census records: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920. The term Precinct was also used in conjunction with Township, in these NC census years: 1900, 1910 and 1920. Place fields: Detail -- [Division or Precinct] Idalia Precinct City -- [District or Township] Richland Township County -- Beaufort County State -- North Carolina Rae Jean, descended from a very long line of North Carolina ancestors.
  6. Did you ever receive a reply? After all, deleting sources is serious business in TMG. I posted a question on the same topic today before I say your request for help. Rae Jean
  7. The following information is from TMG v7.04 Help file: ________________________________________ Prompt to search for embedded citations when deleting a source Embedded citations that you have entered into event tag memos can reference a source that you are deleting. When you delete a source, you can, optionally, have the program search for any embedded citations that reference the deleted source and remove those embedded citations. Your choices are: · Never prompt; do not search When you delete a source, event memos are not searched for embedded citations. · Prompt me each time Each time that you delete a source, you will be asked as to whether you wish to search all event memos for embedded citations that reference that source. · Never prompt; always search When you delete a source, there is no search for embedded citations that reference the source. With a large data set, the search for embedded citations in event memos can take a very long time. For this reason, the default selection is Never prompt; do not search. ________________________________________ The explanation under "Never prompt; always search" does not make sense considering the name of the option. Is this accurate? If not, what is accurate? Has anyone tried each of these 3 options? I would like to know exactly which option reveals the usage of embedded citations. Is this proposed search for embedded citations visible to the user -- how can the user enable a search -- what is it called if it is referenced, in the box that appears, after "Delete Source" option is selected? Is there a report that will alert the user to the usage of embedded memo citations? Rae Jean
  8. Rae Jean

    • Ancestor research in North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland Blackstone, Bland, Bradlie, Brough, Caton, Clarke, Coleman, Corprew, Dunbar, Evett, Greeneff, Hillsman, Lane, Loveridge, Newman, Peak, Peed, Rockhold, Rountree, Rowe, Slade, Stringer, Tackett, Tomlinson, Warren, White, Whitehead and Wood. • Website project Created with Second Site. Custom site design. W3C provides validation service. StatCounter provides site visitor statistics. • Website link Visiting the Past
  9. I prefer to have Item Tips turned on so I can view the memo content of tags while in the Detail View. On the Detail View, often I use tags to move from one person to another -- this is when the person I am viewing is a witness to another person's tag. To put it another way, let's say John is a "witness" to his uncle's will. When I am viewing John's Detail View, then I can select the uncle's will tag to move to the uncle's Detail View. Since the item tip screen pops up in front of the tag line location, this solution makes it easy to use item tips and move back and forth between people. To easily do this, select the TAG column TAG NAME, then use CTRL-P (control key and letter P) to move to the person of interest. If you want to move back to the person screen you were previously viewing, then use CTRL-L as usual. You can use this suggestion in either the Tabbed Detail View or the NO TAB Detail View.
  10. TMG v4 and v6 screenshots

    These 2 layouts are as close as I can get with TMG version 6x to what we had in TMG version 4x. There are several differences -- this layout has the added Flag window and the Siblings window. The Siblings window and Children's window do not display the full date for birth and death events (they were shown in TMG v4). I added the Siblings window and decreased the size of the Children's window since there was more space available than needed for the Children's window. I have not uploaded to the forum before so not sure if you will be able to see these views. Family View Person View
  11. 4.0d and XP

    As of today, I still have TMG version 4.0d installed on 2 computers with Windows XP Home. It runs great. Better than some recent versions. As I recall, by default, that version of TMG installs to C: drive. Ignore the XP window message that pops up saying TMG is not compatablie with XP.
  12. Memo font size

    This behaviour did not happen in version 5.15 but does happen in version 6.12 -- Open a tag memo, EXPAND memo (seeing larger font, if setup in preferences). If you close that memo by clicking on OK, the text size of the memo retains the larger font size. (Can repeat this behaviour) If you close that memo by clicking on the X, the text size of the memo usually reduces in size but sometimes retains the larger font. If you close that memo by clicking on Cancel, the text size of the memo reduces in size.
  13. Memo font size

    Preferences setting for Data Entry -- larger font display when memo box expanded. Setting for "minimum font size" is 8 (my preference). After several tests, it seems a font size of 15 or larger must be selected for "maximum memo font size" in order for a larger font to be displayed when the memo box is expanded. A font size of 14 or lower does not display larger font even though a font size of 8 was selected for the "minimum memo font size" Is this by design?
  14. The 10 Oct 2006 WG newsletter says: For a limited time, registered users of TMG Gold v6.09 or later can now purchase additional copies of the program for friends and family for HALF OFF the regular retail price! At just $39.97, the price of TMG Gold Edition, including printed Users Guide and CD-ROM, has never been lower. To take advantage of this offer, simply run TMG and access the "Message Manager" from the Help menu. You'll find a message there with your private coupon code and simple instructions to use it. (Click on the "Display previous messages" box to see messages that have been sent to you previously). QUESTION: Using ver 5.15 so there is no "Message Manager" on the Help menu. How should a person using ver 5.5 purchase an additional copy at half off? I am a registered user of ver 6.0 (bought CD through WG so have user code for that version) but have not installed ver 6 on a computer.