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Rae Jean

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The following information is from TMG v7.04 Help file:



Prompt to search for embedded citations when deleting a source

Embedded citations that you have entered into event tag memos can reference a source that you are deleting. When you delete a source, you can, optionally, have the program search for any embedded citations that reference the deleted source and remove those embedded citations. Your choices are:


· Never prompt; do not search

When you delete a source, event memos are not searched for embedded citations.


· Prompt me each time

Each time that you delete a source, you will be asked as to whether you wish to search all event memos for embedded citations that reference that source.


· Never prompt; always search

When you delete a source, there is no search for embedded citations that reference the source.


With a large data set, the search for embedded citations in event memos can take a very long time. For this reason, the default selection is Never prompt; do not search.



The explanation under "Never prompt; always search" does not make sense considering the name of the option.

Is this accurate? If not, what is accurate?

Has anyone tried each of these 3 options?


I would like to know exactly which option reveals the usage of embedded citations.


Is this proposed search for embedded citations visible to the user -- how can the user enable a search -- what is it called if it is referenced, in the box that appears, after "Delete Source" option is selected?


Is there a report that will alert the user to the usage of embedded memo citations?


Rae Jean

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