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  1. Michael, Thank you. I forgot all about the Source Definition Supplemental Tab area. I was trying to do it like Mills suggested in her Evidence Explained book and just started adding CDs. I will go back and redo it and add the "year" in the template and not as a citation detail. As for the other CD, you are right, this type of information should not be in the Bibliography but in the Source Definition Supplemental Tab area. Thanks for your other suggestions too. You have given me some great ideas. And thank you for replying so quickly! Z.
  2. I'm having problems with my one of my source elements, specifically in the citation details area. All the other CDs work fine in my Source & Reference notes, except for my Bibliography where I added [CD6] & [CD7]. I can't get it to insert the information. Anyone see what I have missed or left out? Thanks! BIBLIOGRAPHY: [COMPILER], compiler. "[TITLE]." Database. [iTAL:][REPOSITORY][:ITAL]. : [CD6]<, [CD7]>. CITATION DETAIL: 1794 - b1860||March 12, 2006||Felicity Jannot Deville||Rapides Parish||McManus||2006||No visible stones for this burial. Information came from Audrey C. Vandersypen.||
  3. TMG & iphone

    Thanks Michael for your suggestion! I will try that.
  4. TMG & iphone

    I finally broke down and replaced my Palm Treo 650 phone/pda with an iphone. This also meant I had to find a replacement for the Palm app GedStar Pro. I did find an app called FamViewer that will take a TMG gedcom and convert it to a "Family Sheet" view for the iphone and include person, family and sources views. It is not perfect yet. There were a few glitches with TMG's default gedcom file conversion. However, the developer is more than happy to work with me to make it better. He immediately made some changes so it would work better. Unfortunately, it does not have the "look" that I had with GedStar Pro (which of course, is the look that I have with TMG). Nor does it have the ability to have pics or other exhibits, yet. FamViewer http://www.astersoftware.biz/ Does anyone else have a clue to whether TMG, GedStar Pro, or Pocket Genealogist is planning to do an app for the iphone? Thanks!
  5. TMG V7 Output to PDF Problem

    Judy & Jim, I have this same problem with the Descendants report. When I spoke with Phil at Tech Support, he suggested that it might be caused by having another PDF printer (I have Quicken PDF Printer and CutePDF Printers installed.) He also suggested that I delete, then reinstall TMG's PDF printer. Haven't been able to do so yet, since I have been out of town a lot frequently and will be heading out again. I will see if that helps and will let you know as soon as I have a chance. Kim Jim, Hey. I didn't realize you'd replied. Sorry for the delayed response. Until tonight I had not tried other reports. Tonight I tried the Individual Detail report as well as the FGS in the Sample project. Same errors on both. Tried the Individual Detail in my own project too, first, and it failed also. I'll send you a FGS from my project to try. And thanks. Judy
  6. Indented Descendant Chart Report

    Terry, O.k., I got the report I needed by doing as you said with one caveat: List of People Report Use the above filters plus one more. To get the subject person of the report to be included in the data set. I had to "Add" that person to the filter choices. I used the "Ancestor Interest" flag which I had previously set for my subject person to be "3." There was no one else in my project that had that particular flag set to "3." I also set it to "OR" not "AND." I could not get it to work with "AND." The data set came out just fine and then I ran the Indented Descendant Report for just that data set. Thank you again for your help.
  7. Indented Descendant Chart Report

    Thanks Paul, I had tried that option earlier, but I still got a list of people living with their surnames. For example: Jane Ann DOE is still living +John Major BIP b. 6 May 1935 Wilkinson County, GA; m. 10 Oct 1955 Anaheim, Orange County, CA; d. 11 Sep 2001 New York City, NY ____Tina Marie BIP is still living ____ John Major BIP, Jr. is still living ____ Ray Sargent BIP is still living I want it to be completely blank for living people. I do not want "Living BIP" either, but it is better than giving their entire names. I'd rather be extra cautious and not compromise anyone's private identity. Thanks again for answering.
  8. Indented Descendant Chart Report

    Terry, Thank you for giving me several ways to do this report. However, I have have not been able to find the "exclude living persons" options. Where is that option found? (I also have your book, which by the way was a great help to me when I needed custom citations! I am looking forward to your next one, which I hope will be soon!) I will also try the other ones, since that is a great way to further learn TMG!
  9. I am unable to get the report to run the way I need. Subject of the report is: Filtered Group 1. "a descendant of" 2. Living = N In other words, descendants of Jane Doe who are dead. I am trying to keep info of everyone that is living off the report, not only their birth dates and marriage dates, but also any living married women's children's surname. Any and all help will be "wholly" appreciated.
  10. TMG 7.0

    I don't know if you can answer this yet, but will the upcoming version of TMG have full unicode support? Also, can't wait until the new version comes out. I am sure it is going to be great! Z
  11. Czech accented characters

    Mosh, I found out from Tech Support it is actually Microsoft's Visual Foxpro (American edition - which TMG is based on) which does not support unicode characters. I was going to call Microsoft Tech Support to see if they know if the new 2007 version of Visual Foxpro (American edition) will support it. I hope so. Doesn't Microsoft realize that we are in a global economy? Kim
  12. Czech accented characters

    Thanks Virginia! I will check it out. There are tons of Czechs that immigrated to Texas and in Illinois! It would be nice to spell their name correctly like they wrote it and as it appeared in the Czech American newspapers and on their tombstones. Hopefully, TMG will one day support the Unicodes. Kim Virginia, just tried the Character Map. It didn't work. When I pasted the character, it gave me a "?" instead of the character. I also tried Ctrl-C to copy and then Ctrl-V to paste, it did the same thing. I used the MS Arial Unicode font set. The "c" with the "u" or caron as I learned what it is called, can only be found in this font set. It is not found in the rest. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  13. I tried to paste a Czech accented character (Unicode 010D) into Master Genealogist and it didn't work. It is a small "c" with a little "u" above it. It is not located in the extended characters (256), nor is the character "e" with a little "u" above it. Does Master Genealogist support Unicode characters? Thanks.