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  1. Similar problem. When I’m on person ID X and try to add a tag, it goes to an entirely different (and unrelated) person. Running 9.05 on Win 10/64. ​Driving me crazy. ​Did all the usual maintenance. ​Better this morning, but expect disaster around the corner! Pat
  2. I created a new project this morning. It looks normal, all the options are as they have been for several other projects, but the "Add Person" button is grayed out, and I cannot add anyone. The "add" tab has the same result. The entire column is grayed out. I'm sure it's that I haven't had enough coffee, but can anyone help here? Pat Dunford
  3. New Project "add ***" grayed out

    Oh, I closed and opened a couple of times and it gave me the usual "welcome" screen and now it works. Sorry. As I said, not enough coffee. Pat
  4. Windows 10 and TMG 9

    On 2 September, I made several attempts to unlock my TMG 9, eventually, and with no apparent differences in the items or the case of the items used in the unlock screen, it opened. It opened for a few weeks. Then, about every third day, I would have to unlock it again. Yesterday, it refused to take the entries, and gave me the "read only" screen. They were copied from the same text file I had been using since September, no changes. I've tried every way I can to make this work. Ideas? Running Win 10 home /64 bit. I can't find the information on updating Win 10, but I'll bet it has. Pat Dunford
  5. Windows 10 and TMG 9

    Well, tried again this morning and IT OPENED! Just in case someone else has this problem -- outside of I rebooted the system between the previous and last tries -- is that I noticed when I copy/pasted the code, the cursor was not at the end of the line. I fiddled with it, thinking I had added a space in copying. Whatever, it worked! Jim, thanks for your trying to help! Pat
  6. Windows 10 and TMG 9

    Jim When I put in the information for the unlock screen. The same name and email address I've used for a decade, plus the last registration number I have, from .04, I get a screen that says it is incorrect and that it will open in read-only mode, and that the next time I open up it will ask for the "correct" information in order to unlock. I just looked up the email, dated 2/9/2014, and the information I'm putting is is exactly what is given in the email. Pat
  7. Windows 10 and TMG 9

    I should clarify that after the failure notice, I click on the message and THEN it opens in Read Only mode.
  8. Windows 10 and TMG 9

    I was running TMG 9.04 on my Windows 7 (forgot to get the .05). This morning, upgraded to Windows 10. Opened up TMG, it wouldn't open. I don't really remember what the screen had on it, maybe an "unlock" screen, maybe not. Over the past few hours I have installed 9.05 over 9.04 and also a clean install of 9.05. In every instance, I get the unlock screen. I complete the form with (as far as I know) the same information I have used w/WhollyGenes for the past decade, including the case (caps or lower case or mixed). Only the serial # is different, and I used the SN from the 9.04 I installed last fall. I have opened the usual way, and also as administrator. In every case, I get a failure notice. Mostly it opens up as a 'read only' file. I'm most perplexed about this. Any ideas?
  9. Missing msvcr71.dll

    Thanks, Jim I missed that! So, are people being successful with an "install over" or should we be uninstalling and a fresh install? Pat
  10. Missing msvcr71.dll

    Jim and Terry I installed v 9.04.0000 the other day (with great difficulty, I might add. Thanks to Terry's tips, I finally got it done!). I believe I got it by using a previous version to "salt" the program and make it take the new one. Now, we have v9.04.000x? Point is, I have a copy of the exe file, named tmg9setup.exe in my downloads, dated 11/26/2014. Today, I downloaded the "newest" version from Bob Velke's message link. Fortunately, I downloaded it to a different download folder. It's name, of course, is tmg9setup.exe, dated 12/4/2014 Now, since we are apparently going to have to use both of these (????) to update to today's file, would it be possible to change the name of the first one to tem9setup_old.exe or something? Otherwise, believe me, my old brain is going to screw this up. I have only switched over one computer, so I'm sure I have a "really old" version of 9 on my laptop. I'll also make a copy of that exe file. But, how to keep them all straight???? Pat
  11. Entering Old Style Dates

    This query and answer is what I have always expected of TMG. This morning, in correcting a year, the program defaulted to the "from-to" instead of leaving the double date as 1651/52. Anyone have any idea what has happened? Using v 8.04. Pat
  12. I haven't been able to build box charts -- or anything -- using VisualChartform because I get a pop-up telling me I'm missing the file: FreeImage.dll Specifically, the message is: "FreeImage.dll cannot be found. Please reinstall from the original disk." I checked on my other computer (where there is no problem) and find that the file is at: C:\Windows\System32\FreeImage.dll I rechecked this computer, and do not find the file. I tried "reinstalling" TMG by way of the latest "upgrade," but that made no difference. And, of course, I have no "original disk." Ideas? Pat
  13. FreeImage.dll missing

    Thanks, Jim That did the trick! The first time I opened a file I got the "dreaded blue screen" (??? who knows why?), but now it's working perfectly, and the VisualChartform is back in action! So, if anyone at the SIG meeting this afternoon asks for help on VCF, we can bring it up. Whew! Pat
  14. I dont' know if this is sentence structure, or a gliche in the system, or what, but here it is. I have several people who were cremated after death. The cremains then were (1) scattered, (2) buried in the family plot, (3) sitting on a mantle. In a journal report, I have it set to provide the abbreviated BMBD for the person at their first appearance, with parents. Later, of course, the information is ellaborated on in the individual paragraph, if the perso is carried down. In the Individual paragraph, where I have BMBD first, it produces as I set it. On the abbrevidated BMBD wiith the parents, however, it doesn't. What it does is use the "bur." abbreviation, rather than the "cre." abbreviation. "d. 6 Aug 1980 in Nogales, Arizona; bur." This may be ok for those whose cremains were buried, but not those niched, scattered, or whatever else. Ideas? Pat
  15. Died and buried or Died and cremated

    Terry Should have been more clear. The cremation tag is from the tag group Burial. Whether or not I made it up from a burial tag, or whether there is a standard "cremation" tag, I don't recall. However, the abbreviation as listed on the tag is "cre." I thought perhaps I had made up the tag -- and the new abbreviation didn't "take" oh, well. I'll just take the "burial" off the list of items to show. It will probably read better that way anyway. Thanks. Pat
  16. Many of my folks have "nicknames" that they were better known by than their "legal" names. Thus, I want a marriage sentence to read: Using [PF] married [PO] <[PARO]>< [D]> <[L]> <[M]> Nellie married Oscar William Dunford, son of blah blah Ike married Nellie Pearl Palmer, daughter of blah blah. If I select the "nickname" for the Oscar I get: Nellie married Ike Dunford, son of blah blah Ike married Nellie Pearl Palmer, daughter of blah blah. I guess I could go back to the "he/she married ..." but I'd rather not. Any ideas? Pat
  17. mixing Given and Nicknames in a Marriage tag

    John -- My problem is less with people who "never" -- really never -- used their formal names, than with those who used the formal name for legal issues, but was "known as" to the general population by another name. Based on that, I might chnage Florence to Flossie, as I never even knew she had another name until I found her birth certificate <G>. Michael -- I'll try your suggestion with Ike and Nellie. Ike was one who used "O W" and "Ike" and "Oscar William" so I can't change it permanently. Pat
  18. mixing Given and Nicknames in a Marriage tag

    Thanks John Not the answer I wanted, but it'll have to do. Makes for some awkward sentences. These two aren't too bad, but I have a "John/Jack" married "Florence/Flossie" -- she was never known by anyone as "Florence" but it was her given name, regardless. I'll just have to leave this to a final edit for a journal, I guess. Have a good day. Pat
  19. I have been concerned for sometime about the "in" and "at" choices of prepositions to describe locations. I spend much time doing a "search and replace" -- and still miss some. Generally, in the US, we would say "I was born in Medford, Oregon" and "I was born at Sacred Heart Hospital in Medford, Oregon." I would like to see the program changed to reflect that usage in the journal reports. As a reference, I found the following explanation. "At" describes a point, while "in" describes an area. http://owl.english.purdue.edu/handouts/esl/eslprep2.html In the Master Place list, this would mean that the "detail" and "address" would generate an "at" preposition, while the City, County, State, and Country would generate an "in" preposition. Any chance for a programming change? Or, a work-around? Pat
  20. v6 files to v7

    Another problem. I am running V7 on a Vista machine. Previously I was running 6.x on XP. When I upgraded both the machine and the TMG, I followed the instructions for transferring my primary project. Unfortunately, I found 4 sets of files for different projects, with dates ranging from 2004 to 2006. These were "one time" projects done for friends. What to do? V6 is not on this Vista machine. Can I load it? If so, do I use the "upgrade to 6.x" from the WG "archive file" downloads? What about the files done in 2004? Now, if anyone ever asks me why *all* projects should be in one file, I know the answer. Pat
  21. v6 files to v7

    Jim Thanks so much. I got the link to download from the document you referenced, downloaded the program and it went like a whiz. Got my "oldies but goodies" copied into V7, and all is well. Never do that again. Pat
  22. Ancestor highlights

    I recall sometime back that I could highlight my ancestors with one color, my husband's with another, and where the lines merged, a third color. Danged if I can find how to do it now (V7) and it disappeared mysteriously Pat
  23. Ancestor highlights

    Terry and Barbara Thank you so much! I will do that. Pat
  24. Wish List - Prepositions "in" and "a"

    Thanks to all for the responses. I also recall discussing this in the dim past -- on the e-list, not the forum -- but at the time, I didn't think it through to the point of field level. I understand that this is a big programming and design issue, but the programmers have come up with many other equally complicated tweaks, and this one is one that spreads throughout any journal report, so I hope they will listen to us. I also agree about other issues on the place handling, but that's 'way beyond me, so I have no legitimate suggestions. Pat
  25. Wish List - Prepositions "in" and "a"

    Andy You add another layer to the problem, that of "compound detail" The "Hopscotch Hotel" would give you an "at" ". . .married at the Hopscotch Hotel in New York City, New York." The "Main Ballroom" "in" is a "container" so to speak. You could say, ". . .married at the Main Ballroom in the Hop.. . ." or ". . .Married in the Main Ballroom at the Hop. . " I can only think of one incidence I have of that usage, "married in the 'ballroom' (read 'porch') of the mansion (read 'farmhouse') at . . . ." In your case, I think you could reverse the sentence to read: ". . .at the Hopscotch Hotel, in the main ballroom" -- thus the field would contain "the Hopscotch Hotel, in the Main Ballroom" In my case, I could also reverse the order to ". . .at Claybank, in the ballroom of the mansion" Now, let me think about that solution for the next higher level. Pat