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  1. How can I turn off the "Check for messages" that shows up. I've set the preference to 150 days but it still checks every time I start up. I know there won't be any messages actually coming.
  2. Wow. Thanks. You would think that importing sources from one project to another would be a straight forward action. I will give your instructions a try the next time I create a new project.
  3. When creating a new project I would like to use the master source list I have in my main project. When I import the sources from the main project I notice two things: 1) I am missing many of the sources, and 2) they've been renumbered. I have a question on both items: 1) why would some of the sources be dropped, and 2) why are they renumbered (I am familiar with many of the source numbers and would like to quickly bring them up from memory based on that number in the main project instead of having to search for the source #)?
  4. I would like to download all my burial records and be able to sort them by specific cemetery so I could easily list burials in a specific cemetery without having to go through the reporting process every time. Is there any way of doing this? Is there a tool that can be used to "read" and output the TMG data? I would like it to be an output that can be brought into Excel so that filtering or pivot tables could be used. Thanks ahead of time.
  5. How to Create a Report w/Index using Word?

    Started playing with the index feature in other reports and it worked there. I went back to the Journal report and then it worked. Have no idea what happened or why.
  6. How to Create a Report w/Index using Word?

    I guess I wasn't as clear as I should be - the boxes I did check (Combined Index and (Date - Date)) were in the People section of the tab.
  7. OK, here I go again. I'm attempting to create a Journal report with an index. I output the files as Word documents, one per generation. In the Indexes tab I have checked "combined index" under People and selected (Date - Date). When I open any of the files output and attempt to create an index within Word it states there are "No index entries found." When I look at the Help for Indexes in TMG it states "codes for indexing are included in each document." What am I doing wrong?
  8. Thanks, Terry. I had no idea what that report did.
  9. I've attempted to find a report that lists all the surnames in my project. The "List of Names" report gives me a report of every individual in the project, so that I could get a list of pages of "Andersons" instead on one Anderson (I created an output that just include the surname field). What I really would like is a report that lists each unique surname and a count of how many individuals in my project have that surname. Can this be done?
  10. Yes!!! Thanks so much. I've been pulling what little hair I have left attempting to find this.
  11. I am using v9.04 on a Windows7 machine. I have a defined a common source for gravestones, so that I don't need to create one for everyone I find. In the Full footnote I have "Gravestone/Records at [CD]." In the Citation Detail section of the Citation I insert the name of the cemetery. When I run an Individual Narrative report for an individual who has this citation attached to a tag it works just fine and the name of the cemetery is printed. When I create a Journal report of my ancestors all I get in the Sources (footnotes) is "Gravestone/Records at." without the CD portion. Anyone have a hint as to what is going on?
  12. Thanks for us that use TMG but haven't delved into its inner workings.
  13. Jim stated much earlier in discussing NOTE tags to "set the TMG Not tag type GEDCOM export value to EVEN TYPE ... will import into RM with all their data." How do you do that?
  14. I use Ver 9.03 and am creating a Journal report with sources as footnotes. When there are multiple sources for an item the 2nd and subsequent footnote numbers are in a smaller font size than the first one. I have, under the Fonts and Colors tab, the Exponents set at Arial,8,R, and it appears that the first source number is that size, but the subsequent ones appear to be a 6 or smaller. Why is that and how do I correct it?
  15. Cremation Tag

    Thanks. You would think that since this is becoming more popular (especially in the U.S.) that there would be one already supplied within TMG.