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  1. I'm attempting to find certain text items in my database. According to the "help contents", this should be able be accomplished from the Edit menu. There is and item in this menu called "Find text" but it and most all other items in that menu are grayed out. Can anyone help me out as to why?
  2. I'm trying to change the name of an exhibit and can't seem to find out if it is possible. I'm probably missing something very simple, but can't seen to get it done.
  3. Windows 11

    Buzz, Refer to message Sept 25 from Bettle3247
  4. I just discovered that the Automatic "Relation" Tag does not work using Win11. Unless I'm doing something wrong???
  5. ID numbers

    I have a couple of questions relating to ID numbers. 1. Can an ID number be changed once you add a new person if I made an error? 2. The reason I ask this question is when I added a new person, I inadvertently changed the next unused default ID number but did not notice it right away. Now every time I add a new person, the program wants to use a number that is the next number in sequence to the number I screwed up. Now when I use the F2 key to see what the next unused ID number, it has 2 groups of numbers. The remaining numbers (the ones that should be there) but after that another sequence of numbers starting with the number I messed up. An example may help: When I now hit the F2 key it lists to groups of numbers, 3000 thru 4000 but after that it starts with another group starting with 30002999 thru 30004000. Is there any way of deleting that last group of numbers or do I need to renumber may whole data set? Sorry for the long question but I have no other way of explaining it.. Jim
  6. Error message #17

    Jim, I'm sorry to bother you regarding this error and your reply but I can't figure it out. Your last reply (if I understood what you are saying) told me that there was a problem with a damaged file. What I don't understand is your last sentence. Did you actually fix the damaged file and return it to me and if so, how do you send it back to me? I didn't receive anything. What am I missing? Thanks again for everything you do for TMG users.
  7. I have received an error message that reads: "function argument value, type or count is invalid. FRMEVENT.CNTWITTNESS.MCHECKROLLS. #17. This occures when attempting to add a Military Service tag to an person. Has anyone ever had expirence with this error who can give me any advice? I'm using the last version 9 on a windows 10 computer. Thanks for any help you can give. Jim
  8. What I would like to do is produce a list of Multiple Births (I'm looking for a list of twins). I did not use the Multiple Birth Flag from the beginning so any list I produce may not be accurate. Is there a way of adding this flag to my entire data base? I'm thinking along the lines of a universal change of everyone in my data base. OR do I have to go through each person detail screen and change each one individually? If anyone can give me some guidance on this issue, I would greatly appreciate it (or tell me i'm way off base or crazy). Thanks, Jim
  9. Twins

    Thank you both for the help. I haven't been using the multiple birth flag, but I am now.
  10. Twins

    Can anyone help me develop a list of people in my database that are twins? I've tried to develop a filtered group of people with the same date of birth but have not been successful. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  11. Thanks for the message. From your post it dawned on me that the report I was referring to was in fact a journal report. That solved my problem and I thank you so much. One additional question if you don't mind in reference to these journal reports. With one person in said report, in an attempt to get my sentences the way I want them, I added a primary designation to a census report and the other census report in this persons detail changed to non primary. Any clues as to why? Jim
  12. I am interested in using 'MGSQ' style of numbering in my reports. I have such a report that I printed some time ago (I don't know when) and it used this style of numbering. I swear this report was generated from TMG. Did TMG offer at one time (an earlier version) this MGSQ style of numbering? It's the style that uses 'Generation 1, Generation 2, etc and regular numbers with a + sign in front of them. I can't seem to find this style in the options. I'm stumped. Can someone help? Jim
  13. Missing Source

    You've done it again Terry. Thank you for keeping me on track.
  14. I have an unusual problem that I can not figure out. One of my Sources has disappeared from the Master Source list. I wanted to modify it slightly but I can't find the darn thing anywhere.. What's really perplexing is the fact that it still shows up on reports and it still shows as a citation on the Tag Entry screen. Am I going nuts?? Please help...
  15. Project and data set

    Thanks again Terry, like you said, I was making too big a deal out of it. You brought me back to reality. The desendants report is what I was looking for the whole time.