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  1. Windows 11

    Will TMG 9 run on Windows 11? Buzz
  2. Thank you Michael. Took a while but now my two programs are working on the new computer. Learned a lot too! Buzz
  3. My Computer died, but not completely, can still open the two projects in TMG at the present time. I now have a new computer and have successfully installed TMG 9 from the original disc. Clearly I don't want to lose the data in trying to cut and paste from the old machine to the new. I would like to know the exact steps to correctly move my projects. The original install path is C:/users/mydocuments/TMG9/projects I have Lee Hoffman;s book "The Master Genealogist," circa 2004 which gives the default path as C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\sample. I don't think this is correct. Somewhere in my memory Microsoft didn't like mixing data into program folders. So far I have copied onto an external drive the whole TMG folder containing backups, exhibits projects etc. My inclination is to copy the whole folder into the my documents folder. I have also copied the Backup Folder and Project Folder from the old machine to the external drive. Thanks for advice on providing the correct solution to my dilemma. Buzz
  4. Thanks to all who replied to my topic. I have now successfully downloaded my data from both projects. Thank you, Buzz
  5. I have just purchased a new desktop computer. I have successfully downloaded the TMG 9 program onto the new computer. From my former laptop I have two projects that I want to import/download into the desk top computer. The program seems to require a file with a .pjc extension. My projects have a .sqz extension obviously squeezed. In the new computer all data is on the D: drive and the programs are on the C: drive. Can someone explain how to import the projects to the new computer? Thanks, Buzz
  6. Thanks Jim for this site address. Buzz
  7. Dear Forum, My laptop crashed, saved all data thankfully but not programs. How can I download the UK Gold Edition as a replacement. I have the serial (product) number from the original download. Thanks, Buzz
  8. Reports Conversion

    Thanks Jim, Adding a New Port worked! Buzz
  9. Hi, I have been trying to produce reports in other formats. Using Descendant or Family group sheet to .pdf the computer freezes. Then I cant open the project unless I restart computer. Also tried word perfect similar result except this time got error message "Conversion Erroe #20 - Unknown error. Contact Tech Support. I use Vista on 64 bit computer. I happen to have a desk top with same TMG version 7.04.000, Windows XP and 32 bit system, and it worked fine to convert report to .pdf Any suggestions? Buzz.
  10. Hi Virginia, Just a post scrip to let you know everything seems to be working well now. This forum is of great help! Buzz.
  11. Thanks Virginia that's been most helpful. I'll follow your suggestions and check out the help subject you mentioned. Buzz
  12. Dear Forum, I recently acquired a new lap top with Vista, my desk top is Windows XP. My TMG UK version is 7.03.0000 At present I am using the desk top to add data and transferring the new data from a backup disk via restore on the lap top. Half way through the restore process I ger an error which reads “Dyna Zip Un Zip error. Error creating output file ( problem extracting file(s).” Eventually I get out of the restore wizard and the new data appears to have been transferred however I am concerned about the message and that the restore is causing errors! I also note that under Programs 86/TMG/Projects the folder is empty? Under documents TMG the backup file has recent backups shown and the project folder has a large number of files most named Fraser with a variety of extensions. Also two folders "UK Sample" and "Sample." If I try to check for up-date versions I get an error ‘check to see TMG correctly installed? In summary I would like to know how to keep the data current on the lap top after adding new information on the desk top, why I can’t check for newer versions? Also I should mention I don’t have an install disk I installed from TMG’s website then included my serial number. Any assistance would be appreciate. Thanks, Buzz.
  13. Source Elements

    I have been following this discussion with interest. I think I am mid-level in experience using TMG UK version. Still have lots to learn. I am still confused on a couple of points not raised yet. My own birth certificate (Victoria Australia) lists my siblings in addition to parents plus the standard birth information. In this case I listed that information, siblings and their age when I was born, in the citation detail section for the birth tag which according to advice given in this discussion is normal. I note additional information can be entered in the tag memo ie <[M2].> and citation memo. Typically when and what would be recorded in these areas. And why M2 which requires this || prefix to make the information print in reports. Is this because the source memo, if there was information in this section, would be M1? Thanks, Buzz
  14. Dear Virginia and Forum list, After playing around a bit more with my layouts I’m convinced the problem involves my custom layouts, not sure why? I have now deleted my custom layouts; by using the Common or Standard layouts the problem has been resolved. I will re-create a custom layout in the future and see if this works. If not I’m reasonably happy with the status quo. Using TMG is a learning experience for me. The tip from Virginia to change the layout set me on the right track. Thanks for your assistance. Buzz.
  15. Dear Forum, A few days ago I reported a problem with the flag window not registering correctly. The window distorted the whole layout and the text in the flag window was garbled. Virginia (member No. 23) suggested a change in the window layout to Standard layout and this fixed the problem for both standard and custom layouts at the time. I reported to the forum that the problem was solved. Actually I was premature in thinking we had the answer. The next time I opened TMG and tried the flag window the problem persisted. This maybe a software glitch and requires a correction in some future version up-grade. If anyone else has a suggestion or solution to this issue I’ d be happy to try another work-around. Thanks, Buzz.