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Installing TMG on New Computer

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My Computer died, but not completely, can still open the two projects in TMG at the present time.

I now have a new computer and have successfully installed TMG 9 from the original disc.  Clearly I don't want to lose the data in trying to cut and paste from the old machine to the new.

I would like to know the exact steps to correctly move my projects.

The original install path is C:/users/mydocuments/TMG9/projects

I have Lee Hoffman;s book "The Master Genealogist," circa 2004 which gives the default path as C:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\sample.  I don't think this is correct.  Somewhere in my memory Microsoft  didn't like mixing data into program folders.

So far I have copied onto an external drive the whole TMG folder containing backups, exhibits projects etc.  My inclination is to copy the whole folder into the my documents folder.  I have also copied the Backup Folder and Project Folder from the old machine to the external drive.

Thanks for advice on providing the correct solution to my dilemma. 


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