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  1. A couple of Weeks ago, I paid for the Upgrade from version 8 to v9. I backed up my v8 data and accessed the Download.php. Then I went about entering some Data. I went about trying to add a Tag and got completely locked Out. After trying to Access my v9 once again a few Minutes ago, and Still locked out, I Decided to Uninstall my v9, back up my v8 data once Again, and tried to access the Download.php once Again. Unfortunately, Even though I've Paid for the v9 Upgrade, I was Automatically informed that “This download has expired or is invalid.” What can I do Now, so that I can Reinstall v9? I Don't feel that I should have to pay the 29.95 USD Again to have v9. I Bought v9 GoldUK. My Email is Mr.Kim.Sanders@shaw.ca, so that I can get a fresh v9 GoldUK Upgrade link emailed to me.
  2. Install/Registration Issues

    This is Still about TMG9 being a Huge Disappointment. Me being locked Out of v9, and feeling that I had to go Back to v8. And the fact that v9 Isn't recognizing my Registration. It's very Much a Huge Disappointment. And how will “support@whollygenes.com” know where to Look, when my Comments would be moved with out Consulting with me first? I'm Very disappointed.
  3. Install/Registration Issues

    OK. I put “Mr.Kim.Sanders's TMG v9UKGold Registration Issue” as the Subject. Following that, here's the Body to my e-mail 1. I'm following Jim Byram's suggestion at http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index.php?showtopic=15563&do=findComment&comment=63958 to contact you regarding my registration issue. 2. While I'm At it, I'd like to Upgrade my TMG v8UKGold project so that it's v9UKGold. How do I go about doing That? and How do I Change the name of That v9UKGold project (since Both v9UkGold projects Can't have the same Name when I Merge them)? Mr.Kim.Sanders Calgary (Alberta) Canada
  4. Install/Registration Issues

    I Was able to Install and Laucnh v9 using the link that you Provided, Jim Byram. Then, when I hit the Unlock option after entering my Registration Info (First Name, Last Name, E-Mail, and Serial Number exactly as shown in my confirmation e-mail, from when I Bought v9) Now I get the Following Message “Registration data is invalid. You will be prompted to register again when you next start the application. In the meantime, we will continue in trial mode. Please contact technical support if you continue to have trouble.” So, I'm Back, needing next Step(s).
  5. Version 8?

    My reason for mentioning SQL Server Express is simply to say that perhaps Microsoft has finally done what they need to, and now TMG can do [underline]its[/underline] work. It would appear that there are a variety of options, SQL Server Express being just one in just the SQL Server series. I am optimistic after all. Enough so that I finally upgraded my main project from 6.12 to 7.04. There are also a variety of Tech Support forums, which can be quite helpful if you know the language, which is how I found out about SQL Server Express in the first place. Of course, no surprise really, those with other genealogical program bents always want a person to convert their way, such as to PAF. But for me, there are 2 reasons I have chosen, and stick with, TMG: the ability to tie other people in to a line using Witnesses/Associates, and the ability to have a variety of separate line entries regarding birth estimates, etc.
  6. Version 8?

    I just got word that "SQL Server Express is a free download and supports Unicode." So it will be interesting to see how TMG works with SQL Server Express replacing VFP as the base.
  7. Version 8?

    I'm not as set as all that, Andy. It would appear that even John Cardinal feels that flexibility and inclusiveness do seem viable. To repeat his final words in Post #47, "it might be useful to make all toolbar icons optional: the feature is not about saving RAM, it's about making it more convenient for users to customize the program to suit their preferences." That speaks volumes, to my mind. /Kim.
  8. Version 8?

    So, as Posts 48 and 49 show, there is quite a diversity to the personalities attracted to TMG. For now, I'm keeping my large amount of data in 6.12, and experimenting with others' suggestions on my 7 (which only has 3 people in it, with 1-4 Tag lines apiece). I don't feel worried about losing data that way. I figure on holding off converting my large database until I see the type of changes I mention in Post 48 here, unless there's some other compelling reason that I can get to understand. /Kim.
  9. Version 8?

    Thanks for weighing in, John. Yeah, making all the toolbar icons optional, even on all versions of the Tag screens, would be a great help to me. For instance, I'd like to be able to remove all the Web and Report features completely, as well as the Citation and Log features. The 10 data fields on the Tag screens are also not being used on most of my latest entries; neither are the citation and log features. I, personally, prefer to use the Memo field in place of both the data fields and the Citation fields. In other words, having several toolbars and Tag screens (each showing only the icons/ fields I actually use) would be excellent progress, from my point of view. /Kim.
  10. Version 8?

    Sure - most if it applies, but it does describe some of the features that are new in ver. 7 which you won't have (none of what we've talked about here is new in ver. 7). But why are you using out-dated software for your valuable data? You should upgrade to the current version - it has some bug fixes, several very nice new features, and as I recall it's a bit faster. • As I said, in general, I am trying to eliminate features, not add them. The 2 changes I'm waiting for: expand to Unicode, and allow the actual default features to be pruned/expanded. • I've just explained it as well as I can. • To each, his own.
  11. Version 8?

    Hello, Terry. 1• I'm using TMG 6.12 for my big project still. Would your book help me? 2• I'm a hands-on visual person myself. I know the standard/defaults and I can easily see which features I don't use. With something new, I might forget something, and thus lose something. That something could be some actual data, or it could be me not knowing how to get to it (which to me amounts to the same thing). Also, if a toolbar is "out of sight" and "turned off", it may be out of mind, but the fact that it's being stored somewhere means to me that bytes are dedicated to it. /Kim.
  12. Version 8?

    I'm into minimal, but versatile. So, I'll make due with what I've got. It's a shame, perhaps. But, with about 33,000 people in my Tree and probably an average of 10 Tags per person, I feel it's not worth the risk(s). Thanks, Virginia, for helping me walk through the relevant issues. I appreciate your cool head on this. Much appreciated. /Kim.
  13. Version 8?

    1• Thank you, Virginia, for sharing with me in this discussion so far. Hopefully this conversation will help others like myself that seem to require "live" assistance in knowing which changes the system currently allows, and which ones may yet be future. 2• Yes, I see that your suggestion may be a viable option for someone else. Personally, I don't want to add to the dedicated memory needed by Adding a Custom toolbar. Rather, I want to decrease the memory load by eliminating icons (that I don't want) from the Standard toolbar itself. That option doesn't seem to be available yet. 3• To me, this looks like another version of the same issue. Personally, I'm looking to have the option of changing the elements of the actual default Flags tab. 4• This appears to be yet a third version of the one issue. I would appreciate the option of modifying of the default Advanced Tag. At the same time, I am looking for the option of a further-simplified Custom Tag screen which I could convert my Tag screens to (one at a time). /Kim.
  14. Version 8?

    I also have Czech names in my Tree. The workaround that I've come up with is to use Alt-0165 (¥) to represent words such as hác¥ek (my representation of the Czech word for the v-shaped Czech diacritic), and Alt-0176(°) to represent the krouz¥ek (the o-shaped Czech diacritic) in du°m (a Czech word for house). As my examples bear out, I'm using Western Windows Alt-codes throughout, with the ¥ or ° following the base character to represent the diacritic. For a more fullsome description regarding a whole range of languages, see http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index...?showtopic=9809 —ASCII-workarounds for accented letters. I hope you find this useful while we are waiting on Unicode. Of course, converting all of this to Unicode, when it does come, will need to be addressed. Hopefully, topic 9809 will be referenced so that the upgrade will be seamless when it arrives for all users who have used the workarounds decribed there. /Kim.
  15. Version 8?

    • It would seem to me that there is a potentially wide variety of personal customizations that ought to be available even if perhaps some of them are not available currently. I'm thinking of both the install stage as well as throughout the use of TMG throughout its iterations and upgrades. Some, like me, have used a TMG version since it became available to them. After using it for a time, they may decide that they want to streamline things, at least a little. I certainly do. (Thank you, Virginia Blakelock, for your "elegant, business" screen shot(s) mentioned here. The full-width Details aspect is certainly useful to me. I have incorporated it into my new look. It allows me the maximum input per one-line Tag Entry.) • There is much more that I'd like to be able to do. For example, various icons appear across the top that I have no desire for at the moment: icons such as Exhibits, DNA, Tasks, Web, and Image. So, I'd like to be able to have the options of uninstalling various ones now, and reinstalling perhaps one or more of them later. • Keeping to the issue of flexibility, I'd like to be able to change the Ancestor Interest and Descendant Interest options on the Flags tab. I don't find 0,1,2,3 particularly helpful myself, but it obviously means something to those that designed it that way. I'd like to be able to have the option of eliminating the Ancestor/ Descendant Interest features, or perhaps modifying them to something more meaningful. • On the Tag Entry itself, after having experimented with several approaches, I now would prefer having an option to change the pop-up screen since I use just the Memo note for most of my current Tags, but generally do not now use the Place style, nor the Citation field, nor the various icons in the upper-right-hand area such as Primary name and look-up tools, which are below the Tag Entry row. • Rather than using an entry system that adds verbs and grammatical structure to my data, I have developed a different approach. One sample of a current, typical Tag in my Tree is the following Christening Memo:- Thomas PIDSLEY [32939]: chr. 04 Feb 1787 @ Topsham DEV ENG: parents= Peter PIDSLEY [32933], Sarah [32934] <IGI Batch P001841. • In the example above, each person's name is followed by its matching Tree#; Chapman-type County/ Country Codes are used; and the Source is indicated at the end. • Since the topic is "Version 8?", I believe that it is open to each contributor's interpretation and reaction to the inputs of others. My submissions here are intended to give further insights into the way I personally think of TMG now and going forward, perhaps more nuanced than before.
  16. Version 8?

    Multilingual documents go back as least as far as the Rosetta Stone, containing not only various languages, but a variety of scripts also. Perhaps someone who has not been commenting so far on these boards knows what I'm getting at, and how that could be achieved. It may liberate TMG and a whole host of program suites limited by locale. We're now living in an increasingly global village, as Flu virus A (H1N1), now declared a pandemic, and Barack Obama's life and presidency bear out. A New World Order is increasingly spoken of.
  17. Version 8?

    I have the UK version because my ancestry is mostly English. The issue I have with English (US) is that if I make changes to the English (UK), I must also remember to change English (US). I would rather have the locale be based on my Operating System settings.
  18. Version 8?

    May I also suggest that the English (UK), English (US), and English2 be merged as English (Int'l) in a new Platinum version. This would eliminate the hassle of the non-US variations of English being treated as foreign languages, which is certainly not the case. English spelling can definitely accommodate a number of variants such as center/ centre, and OK/ okay all as acceptable in International English.
  19. Vietnamese names with accents

    One of my .rtf documents (used as in conjunction to my TMG database) shows that my surname "SANDERS" is represented in modern Vietnamese as "VỆ". This "VỆ" could be represented in TMG as "VEEJ" (using the Telex Input Method), "VE65" (using the VNI Input Method), or "VE^." (using the VIQR Input Method). The earlier Sinogram-type equivalent (衛: U+885B) is one variation of the character which Unicode defines as "guard, protect, defend". In TMG, my Vietnamese Name-Var Tag could then have a Surname element such as "VE65 (U+885B)", to indicate both the Modern Vietnamese equivalent and the Unicode Input Method representation of its Sinogram-type predecessor. (It happens that there are 2 other Unicode Sinograms which I found to be equivalent to 衛 [u+885B], namely 衞 [u+885E] and 卫 [u+536B], which are used in Korean, Cantonese, and Mandarin citations.) I thus find my .rtf very handy to keep track of these multi-language nuances. /Mr.Kim.Sanders.
  20. Vietnamese names with accents

    If a Unicode-compliant application is essential (as I find it is), it may be useful to have at least one separate document in an .rtf, .doc, or .docx format, which can be used in conjunction with one's TMG database. An .rtf has the advantage of also being readable on virtually any modern computer without dependence on any version of MS Word, unlike .doc and .docx extensions). In one particular .rtf, I have set about documenting a prototype set of translations of the elements of my own working name (Mr.Kim.Sanders) into a number of Oriental languages, including Vietnamese. "Tây-môn" (the Modern Vietnamese representation of "Mr.Kim") is straightforward enough (even in TMG, since it is composed entirely of Western-Windows elements), but the .rtf document is also able to show (what I presently understand to be) its earlier equivalent (西門: U+897F U+9580), showing the Sinogram-type Vietnamese characters for "West Gate". In TMG, I could perhaps make a Vietnamese Name-Var Tag with a GivenName of "Tây-môn (U+8975,9580)" to at least indicate the Unicode Input Method for 西門. Perhaps one day, TMG may be able to convert this Unicode Input Method shorthand "U+8975,9580" to the actual Unicode characters being discussed. (I have underlined the relevant Sinogram-type characters since this is a standard regarding such used as proper names. /Mr.Kim.Sanders.
  21. Vietnamese names with accents

    When I now want to keep track of "Vietnamese names with accents" in TMG itself, Western-Windows representations (though perhaps not strictly "authentic") may (at times) be effective and helpful. These are mnemonics, meaning that they have been designed to remind the user visually as to which non-Western-Windows letter or tone mark is actually used in the source document. In this category are Input Methods such as the 3 common ones which are seen at http://vietunicode.sourceforge.net/inputmethod.html — Telex Input Method (using non-Vietnamese letters), VNI Input Method (using numbers), and VIQR Input Method (using non-alphanumeric symbols). When a Vietnamese keyboard driver can be enabled, this allows the user to see authentic Vietnamese on Unicode-compliant applications. There is a caution in using the VIQR Input Method in index applications because non-alphabetic symbols are sometimes presently misinterpreted in GEDCOM conversions/ imports/ exports from the VIQR intent. A GEDCOM-surrogate may thus need to be developed, one which can handle all of these Vietnamese Input Methods. /Mr.Kim.Sanders.
  22. Divorce roles

    This certainly has nothing to do with Unicode, which basically just deals with the range of characters beyond Western Windows. After all, you got the "é". I see, from using Tools> Tag Type List> Divorce> Edit> Roles and Sentences, that Divorcee is classified as a »Default Tag«, which suggests to me that it is a GEDCOM standard, or perhaps a TMG standard. Be that as it may, I, too, found that changing »Divorce'« to »Divorcé« doesn't look right. The work-around solution I came up with is to change the male equivalent of »Divorcee« to »Divorcee (male)«. Like it or not, employee is used in modern English where employé/employée were used when first introduced from French. The same course appears to be taking place with the divorcé/divorcée distinction. /Mr.Kim.Sanders.
  23. Vietnamese names with accents

    Hello to all. A Google search reveals that several Databases and Repositories are now (at least partially) Unicode-compatible. The link for that is at http://www.unicode.org/resources/database.html. I have word from someone who has studied the issue of Database-making that is now possible to take a program such as Microsoft's Access 2007, and make it look and function precisely like TMG (only built with Unicode and MS Word from the ground up). With the right development and business deals in place regarding copyright and other proprietary rights, and with the proper import converters written, then any TMG product would be able to be imported to the proposed Unicode/Word-based upgrade of any and all existing TMG products without any errors or loss of data at all. (I have already listed the file extensions for TMG 6.12 in this forum discussion; extensions added since then would just need to be added to this file extension list to make sure that importability is complete and comprehensive.) With the availability of such a reasonable, forward-looking upgrade formula, this could enable any and all users to enter whatever biographical data in any or all Unicode-supported languages, whether they be ones derived from the Roman alphabet (such as for Western Windows, Medieval Handwritten Legal English, Vietnamese, Czech, or Turkish), or whether they be from more "exotic" scripts (such as for Greek, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Thai, Japanese, or even Chinese). In completion, I would further suggest that, even for indexing and display purposes, we envision the full range of TMG products as using the most advanced Unicode, MS-Word, and database technology on the Worldwide Web, so that even superscript, subscript, multi-color, multi-font, tables, and the other features found in .docx Word formats are functionable on all screens and in all settings. It is a simple set of concepts, even though it is certainly easier said than done. It is, to say the least, the way forward. /Mr.Kim.Sanders.
  24. How do I get in contact with a Microsoft person who is familiar with Visual FoxPro? What licence number do I quote regarding TMG 6.12 (or TMG 7.00, since I have both)? I need to be able to change my global settings so that the Windows-1252 limitations apparently imposed by Visual FoxPro are overridden, so that I can enter data using the alt-x Unicode input method like I can in MS Word.
  25. Control Panel Changes to accept Unicode characters

    With a Microsoft programmer on board, it doesn’t have to remain based on FoxPro. That’s my point. /Mr.Kim.Sanders@shaw.ca.