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  1. Locate msdxm.ocx

    Thanks Jim, That has helped to clear up a problem that I have been seeing for months, it wasn't the end of the world, but not being able to see the "properties" of the exhibits was low level annoying. I had removed Windows Media Centre and reinstalling it appears to have done the trick (after trying the other suggestions). By the way I am running Windows 7, (for anyone else who has the problem) that just needs you to go into Control Panel, Programmes & Features and then in the left hand column select "Turn Windows features on or off", and under media you will find the programmes that need to be in place. Thanks again Jim, regards - Terry.
  2. Since moving to TMG 9 I have been experiencing a problem when looking at the properties of any photos from within the Exhibit log. If I select an image/exhibit and right mouse click and select PROPERTIES I get a "LOCATE MSDXM.OCX box pop up and the "Look in" is defaulting to The Master Genealogist v9. If I click on CANCEL I get a TMG error that says: OLE error code 0x80040154; Class not registered. 38 FRMEXHIBIT.MSETPROPERTY and the option to abort, retry and ignore. Abort = drops back to the Exhibit log Retry = puts me back to Locate msdxm.ocx and then cycles back to abort, retry ignore Ignore = drops back to the exhibit log Any thoughts of how to fix this please. I waited for the release of 9.03 to see if installing that would do the trick. I have removed and reinstalled 9.01 previously. Thanks in advance - Terry
  3. Apologies, I keep referring the "verify" and it should say "validate". For reference, I have added 154 folders and all seems to work fine. Thanks again to Jim and Virginia. Regards - Terry
  4. Thanks Jim, that looks like what I need. Do you know if there is a limit to the number of AlternateDir entries that I can have? Kind regards - Terry
  5. Thanks Jim, All noted and understood. It comes down to your last sentence and I am trying to find out what file TMG reads (in maintenance/verify) to get its previously entered paths to use to reconnect missing exhibits. i.e. when it opens verify the paths previously entered are still there, are they stored in an .ini type file? Can that be edited manually so that I can add the complete exhibits folder structure which I can create with a utility that I have, i.e. TMG8exhibitscensuses1831 TMG8exhibitscensuses1841 TMG8exhibitscensuses1851 TMG8exhibitscensuses1861 TMG8exhibitscensuses1871 TMG8exhibitscensuses1881 TMG8exhibitscensuses1891 etc. without having to select them one by one in VERIFY? Thanks again - Terry
  6. Thanks for the reply Virginia, The exhibits are in the correct folders, as I had already moved those over manually, so my installation/restore mistake created a second (flat) copy in the exhibits folder. I ran verify in the maintenance option deleted G:tmg8exhibits from the paths to check in and then manually added a couple of the correct folders and that reattached the first of the files. What I would like to do is mass add those folders to whatever file TMG refers to for the alternative paths so that I can add folders en masse, and reconnect the exhibits. Thanks again - Terry
  7. Good morning. I have a new PC and recently reinstalled TMG 8.04 and copied a backup over to the new PC and it looked fine. When I ran the verify utility, I was (pleasantly) surprised that the number of missing images had dropped to seven, it had been a lot more than that previously. I ran TMG Utitilies and that pointed out which ones I had to do someting about and when browsing the folders with file explorer, I noticed that I had a lot (over a thousand) exhibits in the TMG8\exhibits root folder and this is not where they were originally placed, e.g. they should be in various "TMG8\exhibits\familyX" type folders so I guess at some stage (probably on the previous PC) I have missed the setting where I should not have allowed TMG8 to set the path to the root. So my question is, I need to restablish the links back to the proper paths and I know that I can do this in the VERIFY utility within TMG, however to add each folder individually is going to be tedious. Is it possible to edit the file that VERIFY looks to so that I can add all the folders in as I have a utility that will create a text file with the folder structure and importing that will save time. I say this presuming that the VERIFY command does not accept wildcards and does not search subfolders? Thanks in advance - Terry
  8. Thanks Jim, the custom flag is an option that I hadn't thought of, and I will use it when I want something that is semi temporary. My idea is simply to use the focus group to set up the filter. Maybe I am doing things the wrong way around, but the ease/flexibility of setting up a focus group and being able to add and delete individuals without the more structured filter query would allow me to compare say four John Smiths and their families to see if there are similarities that links them, especially if you pen two copies of TMG at the same time. A basic example, but I think that it would be easier to set up in Focus than in the Filter? If I have missed a trick then please let me know, that is one of the reasons I enjoy using TMG, people are always using it in a diffferent way and many of the tips are so useful. Regards - Terry I can't imaging how that would be useful but it's simple to do. Create a custom flag. Use the secondary output of the List of People report to set the flag for the individuals in the Focus Group. The subject of the report would be the focus group. Filter the Picklist or Project Explorer or a report based on the flag.
  9. Thanks Terry, The change focus is useful but it would be good to be able to use it as the template for a filter. Thanks as always. Regards - (another) Terry
  10. Thanks for that one Terry, I hadn't played with those settings (yet). Most useful. I must find time to ferret around in the "second pages of the settings/options". Maybe a "You might not have found this" topic? The actual question that I was searching for before coming across this was, can a Focus group results be used to a filter for the project that you are working on? Thanks - (another) Terry
  11. Good points. Humberside is an interesting one as it appeared and then disappeared to be replaced by what was there before (more or less). Middlesex and London are a bit different I would say. If you take the Square Mile as the only bit of London that is London we could have problems. I am more than happy to stick with whatever it was at the time (and do) but I have 23 Acacia Avenue, Middlesex and a "different" address as 23 Acacia Avenue, "Greater London". I am not losing sleep over it, I just wanted to hear from others which is the best way to tackle this so I don't have to backtrack later. Thanks again for the reply. Regards - Terry
  12. Filter Husband and Wife

    Thanks both, that is very useful. I am slightly surprised that nobody has asked for this before, it has been bugging me for a while as I get lots of Williams, Johns, and Georges marrying Marys, Elizabeths and Anns. However, the filtered report doesn't show either the person # or the Principle 2, so I want to change the output of this filtered report without altering the basic settings for other "List of events" reports, can this be done? i.e. Does "Save settings" on the "Report definition screen - list of events" screen save to the default for the report or to a filtered group version? If the former, then do I add a "configuration name" based on List of Events? Thanks again - Terry
  13. Again, apologies if this is listed elsewhere, I couldn't find it. If I am looking for a John who is married to a Mary, which is the best way to filter down to just these two names please, i.e. all Johns who are married to Marys? Thanks in advance - Terry
  14. House numbers

    Thanks Terry, I did wonder if I was missing something (as in how to achieve it). Maybe one for the wish list for another day? Thanks again - Terry
  15. Thanks Terry. That is what I have done and tend to leave the same Chapman code in place to link them together i.e. ignore county and use the Chapman field (replaces Temple) and then Shropshire and Salop (two names for the same county) both are SAL, likewise the more obvious Devon and Devonshire with DEV. Middlesex itself is an interesting case as it surrounded the City of London (the square mile) from the SW to the East. Then Greater London appeared and we have London Borough of xxxxxx. Middlesex disappeared... except that our main cricket club is the MCC (Middlesex cricket club) and it is oddly a postal county without having a proper boundary. That isn't technically correct, but people still know Twickenham as being in Middlesex and address mail that way. By the way, that is a big generalisation so anyone who wants to disagree, feel free to do so, I only used it to make the point that our Capital City has changed radically from the old format to the new. Thanks again Terry. Regards - another Terry