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  1. Importing into a project

    Thanks Jim and Terry. This is just what I needed to understand. Terry, your tips webpages are superb. Best Regards, George
  2. I'm back with a question which is sort of the reverse of my last question. I want to import a GEDCOM file into a project and have the incoming records appended to the existing dataset. It seems that all I can do is import the records as a new dataset. Then how can I incorporate these new people into my existing project/dataset? If I could append the records, then it would be simple to merge or link new people to the existing dataset. TIA, George
  3. Creating a new project

    Thanks Terry, Michael, and Mike. While it seems gruesome to mix thousands of unrelated people in one project, guess that's the answer. And use flags to separate them out as needed. Note sure this reply will get thru because I can't find a "Send" button or even "Send reply" -- Thanks again, George
  4. Creating a new project

    I'm new at this messaging system (forum) so please bear with me. It seems (see above) that TMG has a major fault in design. One cannot create two projects or two datasets in one project and avoid double data entry. If I'm wrong please advise. More specifically... I have a project with all my family in one dataset. My goal is to create another project or dataset with duplicate persons and avoid double data entry The solution, it seems, would be to have a parent project or database with children projects or datasets. A change in linking (duplicative) person would be reflected in the parent or child dataset. Is this wrong headed? Thanks, George