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  1. Sorry I have the name but just par and the date of the event which should be marriage.
  2. Using V8- 64 bit Windows 7. I am not installing new software and out of the blue I went to do a report and I just got 'hung up" (kept working) and then error to say there ws a problem and windows looking for solution. I had used it only yesterday. Went into programmes and did a repair. Got the message "error opening installation log file verify that the specified log file location exists that you can write to" Looked at log file and there are error messages there going back a long time but not today. . Also when I tried another report it said one was open and retry but it wasn't. I then closed everything down and reopend TMG. I only have this window and tmg open. Did a shut down and problem still there. Can anyone help please. Single user computer. .
  3. Hell Robin That also occurred to me although I forgot to mention it. Thanks for reminding me. I tried to change it but it was so complicated. It does say it comes from a third party although it was sent by my name, (at the very end) people may not have seen this. Also although some people don't know me that well others are close relations or people who do know me. I will ask the company when they ring me . Meanwhile I have another day to wait because of the time difference, I am about to put my head in an oven!!. Thanks very much PS. Yes have stacks of space left on the PC. I have only used a fraction as the computer is reasonably new. I was told to defrag and I have that scheduled. I know this wasn't recommended years ago but apparently now it is a good thing to do .I recall I had to close manually because I couldn't get the task manager to open as the autoresponse was hanging but didn't drop out. It virtually froze my other programmes. It went on for an hour before I took this step..
  4. Hello Robin I have found that any technical problems with TMGW seems to right themselves and its generally me - the user. I used the cleaner and it took 5 hours but still have a problem with "get response". It gets hung up and then drops out and now I have 37 unopened family book contacts. I have been 6 weeks cleaning my subscriber list and recontacting everyone and now "get response" sent out my newsletter with skewed photos although they looked good my end. I think they are going to blame my computer but TMGW is good now. I have had it open most days while working on the newsletter so no doubt something to do with the autoresponder. I can now check my internet speed and it is still good. Although I was part of the first group of TMGW users in our great land I got left behind as far as understanding it goes. Support, especially through Virginia has been so crucial to me. Thanks for recommending CCleaner. cheers
  5. Hello Robin Just researched ccleaner. It sounds like just the thing. I will download immediately. cheers
  6. Darn. Lost my reply. Firstly Robin. Cant seem to reply to you. Yes I think you are right because I am have huge problems with and autoresponder and keep getting hung up and timed out. I just got the report today. ISP checked the speed and it is good as it can be here with our outdated network as you know. I think I need an overhaul. Not me the computer. Well me too. Virginia. Thank you I thought support was finished. By the way I saw your profile and I cannot believe dob. You put me to shame. Cheers
  7. Version 8.8 I have never had "dea." for death in reports before. marriage is m. and birth is b. I cant seee how this can be changed in options.Can anyone help please?
  8. Thanks Jim I needed extra info that Virginia supplied. I am a basic user even though I have had it since version 4.
  9. Many thanks Terri. I needed the extra info on this which Virginia supplied.
  10. Thanks for the extra information Virginia. I was able to change it. "like this" button. Also there is a fault on the site .I logged on and went to your answer and clicked on "like this" button and I got a pop up message saying You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day". I have only just turned the computer on and havent used like this before and havent been on the site for months. I realise "today" may be yesterday for me but never used it. kind regards
  11. Hello Jim I am running a descendant indented chart. What do you mean by< what setting is used so that abbreviations are used?>? I just use send to word and file name. Nothing different. In the general tab I just have report title, output language, number of generationsand blank sureity and no threshold. The only other field to change is the name and address of the sender/creator of the report. No other fields relate to tags. Under tags I just have birth death marriage buria ticked. I cant see anything that shows me what abbrieviations I am going to get with this chart. I just know it is never dea. I dont kow much about this version. Has it changed? .. thank you
  12. Please advise. Has anyone used Microsoft 7 operating system and the office suite Word 7 for producing reports? Just decendants and journal narrative. If reports can be done in Word 7, will the people using older Word versions have any problem opening them via email attachment? ( This was a problem if Vista not set up properly I believe. I had a few people who had problems opening. I dont know why) (out of topic) My Word files for reseach go back to Windows 95. Are there any problems in opening with Word 7. Advice would be appreciated as my computer may be on the way to heaven. regards
  13. Thanks Terry, such a lot to consider. lets hope I last out for 6 months. many thanks
  14. Sorry Sam - no I meant Word 2007. I think the converter came in a windows update as it uses it when I send my V4 reports (that use Word 95) to Word 2003. I havent had any trouble with opening my older files using XP3 Word 2003. I dont want to use PDF as I want people to check the reports and make changes. As I explained above I need to be able to use TMG with Word 2007 with no hassles. I am ok at the moment but need to be aware of all the potential problems changing to Win 7 and Word 7 in relation to TMG V7 compatibility. From what I hear I can only hope nothing happens to my computer in the next few months. I will keep the link re converting files in case I need to give it to anyone thanks. Thank everyone I will keep an eye on the forum from now on as sure to be more on the subject and will find the older threads to this topic. Just to add I hear you can keep XP3 on your computer as well as Win 7.
  15. That is good. many thanks. I think a couple of my "families" were not familiar with computers as I had no problem sending business document drafts to people on their home PCs as well as office PCs. I was using V4 and my reports had to be converted before I sent them which resulted with broken lines but that was ok. V4 suport up to win95. I will be changing back to V7 shortly. I noticed they tried to send me docx formatted file (as Terry mentoned not compatible).
  16. Thank you very much Terry. Yes I meant Word 2007. There is certainly a lot to consider. I thought there would have been a thread and expected to be referred to it. You have actually provided a very apt summary of problems relevant to me as I really have to use Word reports as I intend to write my book in Word (then having a typesetter convert all the different numbered files into adobe into one pdf for the publisher) using some TMG repots in Word but manipulating the data and adding other larger chunks of information produced seperately in Word over the years so that it reads as a book. Currently I have "stored" lots of smaller bits of information as anecdotes and will incorporate these in context. Horror say the purists. I will also add in descendants charts for later generations. Thirdly I am currently getting people to update and check information I have so dont want to use pdf. So far the people contacted by email prefer to make alterations in the report. It is so much easier and the response rate is higher. So as you can see it is important to be able to use Word with TMG. Also the bit about capacity <system using 32-bit version >was valuable as I would not have given it any thought. Unfortunately I hope to be completed by April so need to make up my mind what to do now. Your information has been invaluable. Once again thanks.
  17. Can anyone tell me how I can easily get a descendancy narrative report from the main person to include all his descendants please?. In version 4 this is automatic.
  18. Sorry wouldnt work the first few times. Ansered abov
  19. Thank you so much Virginia. Dont know why i missed it. Love the screen shots. I just wish they were in the manual!!
  20. Hello Virginia Yes I have been doing this since you told me once before. I just rechecked the report V4 that had missing people and it was done. I cant find out how you change anything in the V6 report. ie options.
  21. I found I didn't have a primary tag on burial in details page. I clicked on what I though was a primary tag action and now lost all details and shows a "filtered" in red and the burial tag I wanted to add is the only information showing. How do I get the details back again please?
  22. I am new to V6. After transferring data I am working on the deault view. This shows children view on the right of the family details. I have another view for siblings under children but this doesn't have anything in it. Why am I missing arrows from the children view pointing to the main data which they feature. How do the arrows get ther in the first place? Can someone tell me please?
  23. Need general assistance

    Ok thanks. I just went back in and these people do no thave children entered. But they are also the same people not appearing in mydescendancy chart!!
  24. Hi Virginia. Am i doing it right now? thanks. No I was jsut about to post that I got it back thanks. I have just answered Jim and I still have thos lost people in my report. I posted again to say that in the V6 children view it is these missing people that dont have an arrow next to them..I am using what I had in V4 when I transferred months ago so it is something that has carried forward from version 4. My query was posted to another forum and of course I havent had any replies. Jusdt thought I would let you know. Thanks again