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  1. Thanks for your help. I'm not using a focus group for the person I'm trying to make the Pedigree Box Chart for. I ran "Reindex" and tried it again and it stop filing in the boxes after 12 generations. M.K. Miles
  2. I'm getting the following Error from VCF: ERROR Reading Individual's Name Individual=60,118 Error Number=1 Error Message=End of List I'm trying to generate a 13 Generation Ancestral Box Chart (Pedigree type) containing about 500 names and I'm getting the above error message. Once VCF completes the Box Chart it is about 20 ft long and 18 inches high, the first 12 Generations look good, but the boxes in the 13th Generation are empty. I reported a similar problem about 10 years ago and was told it was probably a memory problem. At this point I'm running Windows 10, have 16GB of RAM, with an i7 processor, so I'd assume I now have enough Memory. My TMG database contains about 95,000 names and runs very smoothly. When I use Second Site to generate my MilesFiles web page, several off the Descendant Box charts have over 20,000 names in them. Of course I realize they are not being generated by TMG. Any suggestions? M.K. Miles
  3. V 9.05 Install

    My problem with TMG 9.05 giving an opening error message that the "app.ini" file was "not found" was that somehow that file was marked as a hidden file which prevented TMG 9.05 from accessing it. So I solved my own problem, but wanted to post it in case others encountered that problem. Moody Miles
  4. V 9.05 Install

    After installing V 9.05 I got an error showing C:/Users/Staples/Appdata/roaming/TMGV9/app.in file not found. So I ran install again and picked Repair but got the same error message. Any thoughts on what do no next?
  5. I just downloaded TMGv8.01 and it fixed these problems. M.K. Miles
  6. I downloaded TMGv8 today and installed it. When it opens I get a series of error messages: 63 APPOBJECT.SHOW File does not exist If I hit Ignore I then get 65 APPOBJECT.SHOW File does not exist If I hit Ignore I then get the same message over and over agin up to 83 APPOBJECT.SHOW File does not exist and then it stops and the program opens and shows "cue cards not found" Any suggestions? M.K. Miles
  7. When I try to make a descendant box chart and port it to Visual Chart Form, I get the following error: Error Reading Individual's Name ID – 31,132 Error Number 1 Error Message = End of List It will go on and make the chart, but there are no names in the boxes after the 5th generation. It will show dates & places in the boxes, but no names. ID 31,132 is certainly not the end of the list, as I have almost 80,000 names and the last ID number is about 76,000. This chart has about 1,500 names. Any ideas on the problem?