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  1. TMG-L

    I just tried to access the TMG-L archives, 6/26/14, 9:31 am MDT, and had no problem. The last posting was from June 17. I have not tried to access the FreePages, WorldConnect Project, or Ancestry.com itself. Mike
  2. I am using v8.04. I try to set an accent color using the "Any Event tag; Role" field equal to a specific field. The name of the individual AND his/her parent's names are changed to the accent color. But when I click on a tag or leave the display the new accent color is gone. What should I do? Thank you Mike
  3. Accent color selection fails

    My bad Jim, yes I have a specific role and the filter is set to that value. Thank you (and hurry).
  4. Having NO primary parents

    To continue with Terry's reply. There will be no parents listed in the "Name" box/window. Rather the four parents will be in the "Events" box/window with the tag type of Father (or Mother) - Bio. The only possible problem is making sure the two members in each couple are properly adjacent to each other but that should be taken care of by TMG. I have many such situations and it works quite well. Mike
  5. PDF Converter update (disallowed?)

    I received the same messages when installing on my XP machine. I told it to ignore and continue (whatever the options were, I don't remember) and have had no problems since then. However please be advised I do very little printing from TMG since I use SS. I do "print" several reports to files and then later print them and have had no problem. I think the Windows Logo Testing is more bloat from MS and does not really impact on TMG. It seems to be a warning that some software/hardware vendor has not followed all the rules MS wants to impose on us. Hope this helps Mike
  6. TMG version 8 (Update information)

    Surely we should all be celebrating a thanksgiving AFTER TMG 8 is released Look at the bright side. We had 8 children and grand-children and seven dogs here for Thanksgiving with all staying over a day or two. If TMG 8 had been released on Wednesday think how bad it would have looked if Grandpa was not joining in the festivities. Now I am ready. Mike
  7. Moving away from TMG

    Okay, I am going to chime in on this thread. First there is proven method, which has been around from day one of computer usage for genealogy, to move ALL your data and customizations from TMG to any other software (assuming the other software can handle it). It is called MANUAL ENTRY. Second that assumes the other software will handle the complete set of data you have in TMG. If you have data which you do not care if it gets moved to the other software, then why do you have it? Third if the other software cannot handle the complete set of data you have in TMG and you wish to retain all the data why are you even considering the change? I can understand the problem with 64 bit reporting but if you are willing to sacrifice your data in order to print a couple of reports then why have that data in the first place. I am as frustrated as anybody with certain aspects of TMG which are to be dealt with in V8. However I will not give up Second Site, the ability to have unlimited tags, the ability to view in one display all the children of a man who has had children by three wives and four concubines, the ability to create my own version of sources and citations, etc., etc. Just my two cents worth (or 1.7 cents in today's economy). Mike
  8. I would like to see a total of the individuals (not the surnames) printed at the bottom of the Distribution of People report. I know the value is available because percentages are calculated for each surname. Thank you Mike
  9. Printer error -30

    I use the Book Manager to generate some of the reports I include in Second Site. A couple of these are PDF files. I am using XP-Pro, and just upgraded to the FireFox browser version 7.01. Now when I run the book manager report I get the following error message for both of the PDF reports: Activation Error message box, Printer not activated, error code -30. The report is not generated. I know it is related to the upgrade of the browser but I have no clue as to go to them or to you since I have no idea what the error message means. I have the following PDF printer installed: aPDF Writer, PDF995, PDF-XChange-2 DE, Quicken PDF Printer, and Wholly Genes PDF Writer v3. All state in the Control Panel Printers and Faxes display they are ready. The last two are Amunyi Document Converter 2.50 and 2.51 respectively. These drivers have been installed by programs I have installed and so I have no idea where, when, or what they are. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Mike
  10. Printer error -30

    No. Michael means exactly what he said. Uninstall the WG PDF printer driver from the Devices and Printers window. Then run TMG. The PDF driver might auto-install. If not, use File / Printer Setup... / [install PDF printer] to install it. Jim, I had to use the File / Printer Setup.../ [install PDF printer]. During the process I received the error: Copying acXMLParser.dll file Error Code 2 The system cannot find the file specified. The process continued with the message Installing Amyuni PDF printer driver and other installing messages finally with the message Printer setup succeeded. I tried to generate the PDF file again and it completed successfully. Should I worry about that error or is that a normal condition? Everybody, thank you so very much for the advice. Mike
  11. Printer error -30

    Mike, I am using XP=Pro. Since I did not install the WG printer I assume you mean to uninstall TMG and reinstall it, correct? Thank you much for the reply. Mike
  12. Date query

    Click on Tools and Master Tag Type List. Scroll down the list until you find the "cremation" tag. Highlight it and click Edit. Click Other and you see two entry boxes in the bottom left corner under Year Validation. Apparently for some reason the Maximum is set at 300. Change it to some number greater than 1998, probably 3000 and then click OK and Close. Mike
  13. This is a simple lighthearted question. I am looking at an index of marriage licenses issued in Canterbury, England, in 1587. The index has the abbreviations "s.p. v." under the prospective bride's name. According to the explanation of abbreviations in the book the s.p. signifies she resides in the same parish as the prospective groom, no problem there. That becomes a residence tag. However the v. signifies she is a virgin which I assume to mean she was never married. My question is what kind of custom tag should I generate for this bit of data? Thank you for any suggestions. Mike
  14. How to enter a certain attribute of a new bride

    Thank you Terry for the answer. In the second volume of the series which runs from around 1619 on the term has been changed to Maiden and they are now listing Batchelor for the males. So it is of some interest in showing the person had never been married at the time of the issuance of the license. It just struck me a little funny as to the term used in 1587. Mike
  15. Windows 8 Conference

    Jim, thank you very much for acknowledging the need for the rewrite. Gives me much hope. Mike
  16. Is there a macro or option for a report which would let me copy one data field (specifically a flag) to another field (specifically another flag). In other words I would like to be able to replace the value in a specific flag with the value in another flag for every person in the database. Thank you Mike
  17. Moving one field to another automatically

    John (and everybody else) I am sorry for not replying sooner but I have been out of town and just returned home. I also just found out that the replies I had bee sending apparently did not go out. I had figured out how to use the Set from File option in the Utility and so all was well. Again thank all of you for the time and attention to this. Mike
  18. Font for flags

    Is there a default font for flag values? Are we able to change that? Thank you Mike
  19. Font for flags

    Jim. I am sorry I did not answer earlier I have been on a road trip and some places would not let me send messages out from the wifi setup there. I just got home and see my message which I thought had been sent did not go. I was not font size but font family I was looking for. I have since determined it is Verdana. Further I do not know if the default is set by TMG or by XP Pro because I have seen the same situation on another program, i.e., a different character being displayed than the one I selected and placed on the program input field. No big deal, I now which family to use for my additional flags. Thank you for the reply Mike
  20. Moving one field to another automatically

    Again thank you Jim. That is what I have set up now. However I have to respond to the two question boxes for each report which is a nuisance. You responded to my earlier question as to if these responses could be automated, saying no, the programming would be horrendouse. I am in the process of expanding those flag values to almost 80 different values so the problem is expanding dramatically. I run the book manager process at least once, sometimes twice a day so it is really getting bad. Thank you Mike
  21. Moving one field to another automatically

    I did not explain the question properly. I will give an example. I have a 'main' flag which can have 20 different values. I wish to set a 'temporary' flag with the content of the main flag for each person. The list of people allows you to set the value of a flag with a predertermined value, not the value of a different flag. I have been doing what you both described but I have to run the report 20 times filtering for each possible value of the main flag and then set the temporary flag to the that value. If I could just move the value of the main flag to the temporary flag I would have to run the report only once. I can not find any way to do this with Cardinal's utility or the normal workings of TMG. I was hoping for some kind of a macro which I could put in a report to do the process. Thank you again. Mike
  22. Citation Count is zero

    I have descriptions of places in the Comment field in the Master Place List. I have embedded citations to the sources of these descriptions in the comment. The sources are in the Master Source List. However the Cited Count for the sources referenced by the embedded citations are zero. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated. Mike
  23. Grouping tags by type of event

    Michael, I agree with your assessment of the Tag Groups in SS. But that does not provide a solution for reports printed from TMG. So I use both, my original idea for the reports I print and then group those "groups" into the Tag Groups for SS. Best of both worlds in my opinion. In SS I do not include the header tags for the TMG groups the way I do in the TMG reports. That is the one accommodation I make for the Tag Groups. Michael from the other side of the mountains.
  24. Book Manager responses

    I have a Book Manager set up which automates 15 flag settings. So I have 15 List of People reports being run, each of which notifies me of the number of people to be changed, and if I want to change the Last Edited Date, and when the flag changes are done. So I have to sit here and click 45 times to run the project. No big deal but it would be so much easier if I could have those responses automated. Is that possible? Thank you Mike
  25. Book Manager responses

    Thank you both. A third better is better than no better (pardon the grammar). Mike