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  1. Download FTMSuper Tools

    thank you for all your help. melody
  2. Download FTMSuper Tools

    Virginia, It never asked for the Registration Information. melody
  3. Download FTMSuper Tools

    I used the FTVista Update before I downloaded one time but that didn't make any difference.
  4. Download FTMSuper Tools

    FTST never allowed me to open it.
  5. Download FTMSuper Tools

    Something that said I wasn't reg? The order of letters from WG was 1.Shipping Info 2. bvelke@whollygenes ....Download 3. support@whollygenes ---
  6. Download FTMSuper Tools

    Virginia, It never gave me the option to enter the CODE. It just downloaded the program from the exe. file and then when I clicked on it it gave me an error message. Nancy
  7. Download FTMSuper Tools

    Wholly Genes, I downloaded the FTMSTools and it would not let me in? So I uninstalled it 3times and now it will not let me install it. Do I get a refund? Why? What was the problem? I have Visa? I use Firefox? My FTM is Version 9. I have ca 28 different files on my FTM. Most of them are so large the Relationship Calculator does not work. I have a County file using the data from the cemeteries in our county, etc. What to do?