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  1. Vera & Jim Thanks for your combined assistance. Happy to report 8.02 now up and running on laptop. In case anyone else has this problem, this was what I ended up doing: 1) I couldn't uninstall TMG v.08 since the rollback had already uninstalled it, leaving an empty The Master Genealogist v8 directory. Nevertheless, deleted it as per Jim's suggestion 2) Deleted installer directory as per Jim's suggestion 3) Verified with Vera's assistance that I had correct .ocx file on my other machine and copied that over to the SysWOW64 directory on my laptop 4) Reinstalled using downloaded trial and it went totally smoothly Note: I did not have to reactivate 8.02 by entering rego key; it appears to be happy with whatever info it somehow managed to save from 8.01 I have no idea where. Thanks to you both for your help; it's much appreciated and a big relief to be up and running again @Jim: I suspected TMG was not approved for WHS but thought the OS sufficiently similar to WIn 7 to be worth a try in testing integrity of the install package. I fully understand that such an installation is not approved or recommended by WG and that on my own head be it. I'm tempted to keep it installed on the server and see how it runs, but don't think I should tempt fate cheers
  2. Vera. Thanks for the prompt reply. Alas, I'm still unable to install. Here's what I've done after reading your post. 1) Followed your instructions exactly. Same result, i.e., installation hung 2) Rightly or wrongly, inferred from your post you suspected an access issue, so I created a new admin account on my pc and tried to install from that. Result: "Failed to write in file c:ProgramDataThe Master Genealogist v8 Installertmgsetup.msi Error: access is denied" 3) Decided it might be a corrupted ACL so did a system restore to a week ago, i.e., before the last Windows auto-update, and before a Java auto update of last week. 4) Logged on in my usual account, executed tmgsetupv8. Installation did not hang this time, but proceeded to the point of the error message originally received (the one you correctly identified, coz this time I wrote it down). This time I saved the log file, too, and am happy to send it to you if you need it (3.805 kb) Upshot is I still don't have TMG8 installed on my laptop unfortunately. FYI i checked if I had downloaded a corrupted setup package by installing TMG8 on my server (WHS2011). It installed perfectly. I'd rather not use TMG on the server but if TMG has been tested on WHS 2011 maybe I'll have to if we can't fix this aborted install on my laptop, What's the official position re TMG on a WHS 2011 server? In any case, grateful for your assistance to date. Next steps? Rob
  3. Hi Am on a Win 7 64 bit system. Yesterday (03 March), from within (TMGUK Gold) v.8.01 I downloaded patch to v8.02 and executed update to 8.02. All progressed well, until install aborted about 75% of the way through, with a message (I think... didn't write it down. Ooops) that an .ocx file failed to register. There was then an option to roll back, with statement that program would return to its previous (functioning) state, so I authorised that. There was a verbose log file that alas I didn't save, trusting to the rollback. I left my pc to do other stuff and have returned today, about 24 hours later, to find that not only is TMG v8 shortcut gone from desktop, but the entire program has been uninstalled. All data & configs are safe, and I have backups of those. All data is v.8 format as I was happy with v8 and transferred all over from v7 and uninstalled v7 sometime ago so I can't go back to v7 now No worries I thought; I downloaded the time locked demo file, thinking I could just reinstall and re-enter my rego information to unlock it. However, the install package is hanging at the point where you accept the default program location (I do), i.e., "Install" and "cancel" are the options offered. I hit "install" and then nothing happens.Running taskmanager shows that msiexec and tmg8setup are listed as running processes with no CPU usage. Hard disk light shows no hard disk usage after 2 minutes or so. Dialog box says to hit "back" to review or change, however no "back" button is displayed. Hitting "cancel" just bring sup the confirmation dialog, at which point I hit "yes" I've tried this 3 times, with same result, ensuring no other programs I usually have running - Outlook, Keepass, Chrome, Firefox usually - are running. I'm at a loss to explain this. Have I overlooked something obvious? Any suggestions? If this is wrong place to post the query please let me know and I'll readdress appropriately. Grateful for any assistance Rob Mills/Sydney, AU