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  1. Hi JIm Thought I wqould get in ahead of you and tell yu that I restored my files from an old back up and so far all seems to be gpoing well. I found when I was recovering I also recovered the file. Also found path name in roaming.... All is weel. Thank you
  2. I saw an old post on this but I cant follow it. I have nothing like this on my computer. Where can I find it. Can I do a do a search. I cant see how to drag it!! and from where? Show hidden files and folders is enabled. <Delete any 'The Master Genealogist v8' folder in the VirtualStore. (May be hidden. See below.) C:Usersuser account nameAppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram Files (x86)The Master Genealogist v8 Drag the installer from the installer folder to your desktop so that you can use it. Only do this if the installer is the latest version. Then delete the installer folder. WinVista or later C:ProgramDataThe Master Genealogist v8 Installer> Thanks or
  3. latest development. Hello Jim i tried to uninstall V8 and I got the message. "Error opening the installation log file . Verify that the specified log file location exists and is writable". I answer ok and nothing happens, and everytime I try and uninstall it I get the same message. So I tried to repair first and got the very same message. Please advise as nowhere else to go with this. Should I seek technical assistance. I would prefer not to. regards
  4. Hello Jim Tech removed the Sam file and I am going to reload TMG again and see if I can fix it. cheers
  5. regardsHi Jim No this is a new computer but each technician over the years set up their own user accounts and over the years they compounded. Why I ask? I couldnt speak to this company directly but wrote a note they obviously didn't read. They didn't need to save the files because I had an external back up and I particulary asked them not to create and other account but "users" which was what was set up in my last restore. Toshiba computer under warranty and they replaced hard drive after 3 months. grrrr. I have got rid of all the documents in" sam" account but cant delete it as a systems file. No no problem with user but I have bo the user/users and cant get rid of this. I am not happy.I have taken 9 days to complete the back up and the last one was done in a day. However are you able to help with the other problem. When I rebooted it was still there yet no sam folder anywhere I can see. <when I openTMG and open "last" I get a message a message about Exhibits folder saying "users\sam\documents\The Master Geneaologist was not found do you want to use default exibit folder. I then say yes and it opens. Yet when I go to the copy of TMG in my docs I can see the exhibits folder> Will I have to download v8 again? My technicaian said he would have to have the computer in the shop to see my problem. I am on a deadline and if there is any other way of clearing this up I would like to try it. I have been without it for 6 weeks. But I guess it needs a techbicina to fic it if they can but in the past with other file names they said they couldn't. regards
  6. Helo thanks When I look at preferences I see it is going to user/users and when I am asked if I want to back up I also get this address. But when I got to step 2 in back up I could not browse . This is greyed out. I then had to untick "generate achive name automatically. i can then browse and find my enote back up. However on my next back up I have to go through the same process again. I then liooked in the old files on my computer and found V7 and v8 still set up in a file my tech saved. so I have deleted these. However now when I open TMG and open "last" I get a message a message about Exhibits folder saying "users\sam\documents\The Master Geneaologist was not found do you want to use default exibit folder. I then say yes and it opens. Yet when I go to the copy of TMG I can see the exhibits folder. I searched for other files and found 2 more installations in some old files which I deleted but the back up still went to an old "Sam" file path which was an original folder in a previous computer.. But although I couldnt delete this fplder I had deleted my documents in it so it shouldnt have been able to back up. I am hoping when I do a reboot it may have gone away. thank you
  7. Hello Using v8 with windows 64 bit I had a systems install and the tech gave me a new user name, so I have both "user" and "users", and it cannot be fixed. I had a tech has look at it. .Reinstalling my computer was a nightmare. When I do a back up on exit, my "select project" is ok, it is C:\Users\user\Documents\The Master Genealogist v8\Backups\Smith Family 2014-03-31 17-32-20.sqz But my "Select back up file" will not hold the changes I made. It is C:\Users\Sam\Documents\The Master Genealogist v8\Backups\Smith Family 2014-03-31 17-32-20.sqz It should be C:\Users\user\Documents\The Master Genealogist v8\Backups\Smith Family 2014-03-31 17-32-20.sqz I can change it for each back up but I cannot get the changes to hold. It is in my correct back ups when I change it. Can you please advise? (Note the name Sam was left over from another back up years ago and it is not used now) . many thanks
  8. Hello Virginia Thank You very much. No, this is an old monitor. Never even thought of updating!. I use it instead of my laptop for OH&S purposes. But firstly a chart was sent to someone else and it was ok using the same process I was using to print. No colour was showing up and printed on a coloured printer in black and white. So it must be my own printer or as you suggest the monitor driver. (If I can find it) I will play with your changes and see what I get. So as far as colour goes I now know that it is not a problem but will still trouble shoot it. Because the book is going to be very thick I have to have larger margins and it is slightly smaller in height, not much, but I can see that the changes you have provided will definitely make a difference . I will let you know so that you can advise anyone else who may have this problem. It will be next week.. Once again thank you for your assistance. It has been very helpful kind regards Rosanna
  9. Hi Virginia No I didn't send the message because it just would paste or used control v to no avail. I was hoping you had a solution to this. So to cut a long story short I did everything you said but still showing in colour. But the main thing is that when I did RTF and previewed it, it had a coloured line. I have sent the file to someone with a coloured printer and I am waiting to hear back. I just hope it prints black. I still have the message I have saved but surprised I couldn't paste it. A couple of points from my other report. No I was not getting dots but a solid vertical line. All had different colours eg purple, green and red. Horizontal lines black. But there was a bit of a problem but wont go into this now. So it appears to be a TMGW problem. PDF also coloured. In word it was ok. Oh but I found out that in word there were coloured as the document was reduced in size and several different colours. Once it reached 100% it was black!!! Also do you know if the vertical lines can be changed to be a bit closer.? I think I saw something about this once. Even f I get another 5 letters will be helpful. Thanks very much. Will let you know if it prints ok.
  10. Terry you sent a message about charts. However I cant find your message to reply to. I was just taken to Virginia's message.. Virginia is helping me with the charts thanks..
  11. Virginia I did this answer in word as I tried all the options above. I thought I could paste to this page but I am unable to do so. Is this correct. regards
  12. Hi Virginia I don't like the idea of using landscape it may be hard to read . Yes tried abbreviations etc What about changing the spacing between the generations? If these were slightly closer, and I am talking about vertical lines. it would give a bit more space. . No my lines are not dots they are a solid line. Also you have to turn off hidden text to do the charts, you taught me that. Shift 1 doesn't do anything in print review. Maybe I shoudn't have sent print preview because it is actually the document you see when you go to print - the right of all the printing information. I just want to know if anyone else sees this because I am sure it is my printer. Did you try and recreate this? Once it is in print you cant do anything with the document. . regards Rosanna
  13. Thanks Virginia Actually I have done this . I loaded my project onto V8, and I have been going backwards and forwards in both versions checking charts but haven't added data - just looked and printed charts in V8. Also can you please reply to my question or send me to an article on altering the charts so that they can be blocked?. I tried looking on the forum but obviously I didn't ask the right question. I cant use it with the lines running across to the next line at generation one - vertical line. I should have downloaded a trial but thought I wouldn't get the option of the Gold British version in the trial so bit the bullet. Anyway I couldn't get a big enough margin in version 7. regards Rosanna
  14. Descendants indented chart.V7 and carried over to version V8. Using Win 7, 32 bit and Word 2010. Thought I should start another thread. After a LOT of discussions with printer support for my new printer, they say that the coloured vertical lines I see in print review are nothing and they are not graphic lines and not a printer issue. I have a mono printer. I am concerned that these will come out as coloured when merged by typesetter and even during printing.(professional printers) Can someone please do a small half page desc chart in Word and look at it in print preview and tell me fi they are getting coloured lines? And if you have a coloured printer can you see if the lines show in coloured please? In my last discussion I mentioned I had been playing around with colours in Master Genealogist. But it is not a problem in Word until I get to print review. Because I have mono printer it comes out black. I need information so I can to get back to my printer manufacturer because despite being a mono printer they have settings for colour management and I believe there is something wrong there. I have never noticed any coloured lines before and I go back to version 4. Your help will be most appreciated.
  15. Hello Terry Sorry you are right. used to working with macro. I meant docx. Yes I did check blank surety but must have not clicked ok because it wasn't done. Sorry thought I had the same settings. kind regards