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  1. "slides.fpt missing or invalid"

    Thanks, Jim. Now all is well.
  2. A recent problem has emerged. When I attempt to add an exhibit, a popup window appears with the text: “Memo file z:\documents\the master genealogist v9\slideshow\slidest.fpt is missing or is invalid.”. After much fussing about, I decided to reinstall TMG 9.05. The problem did not go away. Regards….David Walker
  3. Corrupt .fpt file

    There is nothing in the Research Log file. This data file is small, with only 244 people. Shall I send you the .sqz file?
  4. Corrupt .fpt file

    I have a project that reports a corrupted file, name_l.fpt, when I attempt to run VFI following Optimize. TMG hangs and I have to use Force Quit to exit. Also, Second Site reports a read error for the same file when attempting to build the site - that was the first clue. Regards…..David Walker