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  1. Missing Exhibits

    Hi I have several thousand exhibits in my TMG database When I do a backup I find that 12 exhibits can not be found When I study the log I see that this refers to only 2 unique exhibits which have multiple references - (Census images) Is there any way in which I can ascertain which individuals have these missing images ? Bob Matthews Dunedin New Zealand
  2. Exhibits not found

    Thanks Jim TMG Utility does show the individuals connected to missing exhibits Bob M Dunedin New Zealand
  3. Exhibits not found

    Hi Is there a way to identify those individuals who have links to an exhibit that 'can't be found' ? Bob M
  4. Sorting problem in search facility

    Thanks Jim That did the trick Bob M
  5. I have a large TMG database with about 160,000 people When I do a search and ask to sort on ID number I get about 20 random numbers (high numbers) and then the correct sort (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,etc) I tried reindexing but that didn't correct it Any suggestions? Bob M