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  1. I did run the file pdfinstall.exe from C:\Program Files (x86)\The Master Genealogistv8\pdf. I got this tip from Support.
  2. Hi, I have entered language specific caracters in File / Preferences / Options / Current Project Options / General. I have tried with the following åäöÅÄÖüÜ. Some of them from Sweden and some from Germany. If I print a report are these caracters missing in the Researcher information. Why? I have no problem with these caracters on tags. So far only discoverd for Researcher information. I do not like that TMG rename my name and address...
  3. ID no for a family?

    Hi Michael Thank you very much. I'll have a look on that Forum thread. Hopefully I can find something that will work for me. It's not so easy to read since the new fourm doesn't handle the old quoted parts in a post that well. BR Ann
  4. No, I have this option set to ID no. In the Reference in the upper right corner in Person Detail window is DAV X. I'm so sorry but I just discovered that the sort is different if I open the the US or UK sample database. When I open the UK version it's Given name Soundex, Surname.... So this (A415) is the soundex of his given name. /Liliana
  5. Hi, Is there a ID no. for a family / marriage? I have to organize me Genealogy Papers and I't thinking about use family no. This works in other genealogy programs and I would be happy if could be used with TMG. /Liliana
  6. Hi, All the persons in the Project Explorer window has a letter and a no. I.e. Alban Edgar Brunskill DAVIS has (A415). Where is this (A415) comming from and can it be edited? I can't see this in the US sample database.
  7. Accent

    Hi, I do not get # of Spouse to work in accent. In the sample file are two people who have being married two times. I have tried with the following to get these two # of Spouse > 1 +green background When this didn't work I also tried with = 2 but that didn't help either. Do anyone know what's wrong? Just to test I changed # of Spouses to # of Children and then I didn't have any problems to get my accent to work. But now I want to have Spouses...
  8. No. of marriages?

    Michael, I really liked your idea about filtering the Associates window. But it wasn't enough to right click a marriage in the Associates window and select "filter a tag of this type". Because then Frank Alexander, no. 1 in the sample database, was listed with both female and male principals that wasn't his spouse. When I unselected "When the focus person is not a principal / Include principal(s)" only his wife was remaining. It's easy to clear the filter but unfortunately I haven’t found a way to save it like you can do with the filters in Project Explorer window. Have I missed something? I have also made a filter for the Project Explorer that I can use when wanted. # of Spouses > is greater than 1 Virginia, the color-tag could also be interesting. What happens if the focus person was a witness, will this also be color-tagged? Liliana
  9. No. of marriages?

    Thank you Jim and Virginia. I missed that since I at the moment only use the Person view. I was thinking that I would like to see this in the "Other info" box or as a flagg.
  10. Hi, Is there a way to automaticly display how many Spouses a person has had? BR Liliana