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  1. Thanks, Jim and Michael. I am up and running (printing) again. Steve Kyner
  2. I'll jump in here because I don't see a way to start a new thread. Trying to print any report, either from screen view or direct, I get OLE error code 0x80040154 Class not recognized Unknown member ROPROTECTIONMAN. Reports will go to the screen but not the printer and when I persist in trying to print, I am dumped to the DOS directory. Any help greatly appreciated. I am suspicious of a recent Windows security upgrade as those always cause mayhem in my registry.(Win 7) Steve Kyner
  3. Recently, I cannot backup Projects when exiting TMG v. 6.00. The error message indicates a zip file is locked or restricted by another process and I should "check the destination drive". I'll confess that doesn't enlighten me much. Since the CPU is getting flaky and due for replacement, I'd like to be sure there's a clean backup before upgrading and transferring TMG. Plus, I assume the program will insist on a backup before doing any upgrading. any ideas on how to proceed? Steve