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Ole error code 0x800a017d:Unknown COM status code. 22 FRMNAMESEL.SHOW

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Ole error code 0x800a017d: Unknown COM status code 22 FRMNAMSEL.SHOW

This is just one of the errors I keep getting with TMG v 9 received when I click on the binoculars icon to search. When I open TMG I can search one time and then I get this error.



Another problem; I try to print out a Descendant Box Chart and I get these errors when I hit ignore button:


Operator/operand type mismatch. 8 FRMCHART5.CNTFILTERFLAG1.MSET CONTROLS

Array dimensions are invalid. 5 FRM/CHART5.CNTFILTERFLAG1.MUPDTEVALUES


Operator/operand type mismatch 23 FRMCHART5.CNTFILTERFLAG1.MSETCONTROLS


ditto 27 ditto

then the window to create the report pops up and I get

Error Opening Database

D:\ folder/file

Error number 1

Error Message =Could not open

D:\ folder/file /JC$.DBF


I love my TMG and I don't want to lose it however, I am wasting hours of time just trying to get some information into and out it. I will appreciate any help I can get These problems never occurred until I moved to Windows 8 now 8.1 16gb ram 64 bit OS x64-based processor AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 graphics 1.8 GHz

Thanks Patricia


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you are trying create a chart based on person with FLAG1 value = <somevalue>

This suggests to me that your first custom flag has some incorrect values or a bad definition

or that the focus person does not have that particular value set.



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That is really weird because the only flags I have are the default ones. I haven't had any time to add any custom flags.


The only other factor is that I have several datasets that have been imported from paf and or gedcom files. I never have used exhibits but I keep getting the message that the exhibits are missing. I just figure that the exhibits belong to the imported files.


I just ran the file integrity tool and no errors are found.


Any other ideas?


Thanks for your help.

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Try resetting the report definition for the Descendant Box Chart - using the Reset Defaults button under the configuration name on the report definition screen. Run that default box chart and see if you get an error message.



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Virginia, the error appears immediately, I don't have the option of resetting the defaults for the Descendant Box Chart report.


Ancestor Box Chart does open the design window - re-setting the defaults does not help I get

Error opening Data base

d:\ "location"

Error Number = 1

Error message = could not open

d:\ "location" /JC$.dbf


I searched the right directory and the JC$.dbf file is not there.



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Check your Report_output path in Preferences.

File / Preferences / Current Project Options / Advanced / Report_output


Clicking the button at the right end of the field will select the default path.

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That fixed it I think. At least I am seeing a chart now and no errors. I will print out some of the charts in the next couple of days.


Thanks and gratitude to everyone that offered suggestion and for your patience.


This is the first thing that has gone right all day.



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I'll jump in here because I don't see a way to start a new thread. Trying to print any report, either from screen view or direct, I get


OLE error code 0x80040154

Class not recognized



Reports will go to the screen but not the printer and when I persist in trying to print, I am dumped to the DOS directory. Any help greatly appreciated. I am suspicious of a recent Windows security upgrade as those always cause mayhem in my registry.(Win 7)


Steve Kyner

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