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  1. That fixed it I think. At least I am seeing a chart now and no errors. I will print out some of the charts in the next couple of days. Thanks and gratitude to everyone that offered suggestion and for your patience. This is the first thing that has gone right all day. Patricia
  2. Virginia, the error appears immediately, I don't have the option of resetting the defaults for the Descendant Box Chart report. Ancestor Box Chart does open the design window - re-setting the defaults does not help I get Error opening Data base d:\ "location" Error Number = 1 Error message = could not open d:\ "location" /JC$.dbf I searched the right directory and the JC$.dbf file is not there. Patricia
  3. That is really weird because the only flags I have are the default ones. I haven't had any time to add any custom flags. The only other factor is that I have several datasets that have been imported from paf and or gedcom files. I never have used exhibits but I keep getting the message that the exhibits are missing. I just figure that the exhibits belong to the imported files. I just ran the file integrity tool and no errors are found. Any other ideas? Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks for the repair tip. It solved the search function. However still receiving the errors when I try to create a descendent box chart. Any other suggestions?
  5. Ole error code 0x800a017d: Unknown COM status code 22 FRMNAMSEL.SHOW This is just one of the errors I keep getting with TMG v 9 received when I click on the binoculars icon to search. When I open TMG I can search one time and then I get this error. Another problem; I try to print out a Descendant Box Chart and I get these errors when I hit ignore button: Operator/operand type mismatch. 8 FRMCHART5.CNTFILTERFLAG1.MSET CONTROLS Array dimensions are invalid. 5 FRM/CHART5.CNTFILTERFLAG1.MUPDTEVALUES Not a numeric expression. 22 FRM/CHART5.CNTFILTREFLAG1.MSETCONTROLS Operator/operand type mismatch 23 FRMCHART5.CNTFILTERFLAG1.MSETCONTROLS Nesting error 25 FTMCHART5CNTFILTERFLAG1.MSETCONTROLS ditto 27 ditto then the window to create the report pops up and I get Error Opening Database D:\ folder/file Error number 1 Error Message =Could not open D:\ folder/file /JC$.DBF I love my TMG and I don't want to lose it however, I am wasting hours of time just trying to get some information into and out it. I will appreciate any help I can get These problems never occurred until I moved to Windows 8 now 8.1 16gb ram 64 bit OS x64-based processor AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 graphics 1.8 GHz Thanks Patricia
  6. Hi Jim and Terry Thanks for the help. In case someone else has this problem let me share what I found out. Jim was right, there was a hidden window and everything was locked up and greyed out including the main top menu. I shut down with the Task Manager. I started up again but this time when it locked up I was able to use the center window and the window that was hidden showed up. At this time I was working at home where I have a second monitor hooked up to my lap top. It worked fine until I took my lap top with me to another work place. It locked up on me again. After a lot of thinking about why, I realized the window might be hidden off screen. At home I had the screen stretched across the two monitors. At my new work place I don't have two monitors. I resized my window to fit just the lap top screen and the hidden window appeared. So far I haven't locked up again. Pat PS I am a long time user of TMG but new at using two monitors.
  7. Not that I could find. I will try out the center window. That works. I guess having two monitors may not be a good thing. Thanks for helping. Pat
  8. Thanks for responding. I am not sure what details I can give you. I open my project (small to medium size) and after working for less than 10 minutes, the windows are frozen. The main menu is grayed out, and I am not able to close any windows or the project. I have walked away for an hour or more and when I come back nothing has changed. When I go to the task manger there is no activity. I did upgrade the memory from 8gb to 16gb with hopes that would help but it didn't. Pat
  9. Just got new machine with Win 8.1. The latest and last version of TMG keeps locking up on me and I have to shut it down. Pat