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  1. I apologize for this very off-topic question, but not sure where else to go. I thought I'd supplement my Ancestry data with a trial subscription to MyHeritage. After the trial I rec'd an email offering me, for a limited time, a 50% off 1-yr subscription. Went to the site and could find no such offer. (There was no discount coupon code in the email.) Called the listed MyHeritage help number twice. There was no answer or message and after 5-min the calls self-disconnected. I later found an email address for sales support and sent an email. Today I rec'd a reply asking me to send my tel. no. so someone could call me and help me get the special offer. Oh yes, they switched tel. systems (but no reason for the non-picked up calls.) Now they already have my tel. number from my trial. Furthermore, I have a feeling that they would ask for a credit card number over the phone. Even though I use virtual numbers with a $$ and time limit, I don't feel good about the way they handle things. Am sure this is not a phishing expedition. Does anyone have experience with MyHeritage or know anything about them? I've found complaints and kudos on the web, but who knows how valid they are. Thanks, Judith
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    CramerChronicles, I hadn't, but just did. The only MyHeritage promo was for the MyHerigage DNA, which I don't want. Thanks, Judith
  3. Off-Topic - MyHeritage

    Thanks John. I had read the same. For my 7-day trial I did not have to give them a credit card number. Had I done so, however, I would have set up the virtual number for $1.00 so if I decided to cancel after the trial period, any charge greater than $1.00 would be rejected. As it is, I thought of the same possibilities as to questionable charges and employees. Frankly, I was just as bothered by the non-working phone number from their cus. support. Judith
  4. I have a census tag that will not show anything after [M1]. The Tag Sentence is: In 1870 [PF] <|and [PO]> appeared on the Federal Census< of [L]><, enumerated [D]>. <Their children [RF:with Parents] were living with them.><[M1]><Also in the household were [R:Other] and [R:Other2].><[M2]> The memo fields are as follows: Gershom \[sp.]\ was 40 yrs. old, and Cecelia 31. Their childrens' ages were 12, 9, 7, 5, and 3, respectively.||Gershom was a dry goods merchant who reported the value of his real estate holdings at $2000, and his total estate at $3000. His place of birth was Prussia. Cecilia's the same. [R:Other], a 22-yr old man from Prussia, was a dry goods clerk \[possibly in Gershom's store]\; [R:Other2] was a 60-yr old black cook from South Carolina Every shows well up through the first memo segment. I've checked everything I can think of, including all variable names, tried all permutations and have had no success. I'm sure it's probably something very simple. Other eyes will help. Thanks, Judith
  5. Problem solved. Terry Riegal pointed out that I had misplaced literal characters. Judith
  6. For some reason, none of my posts to the TMG group appear, although I receive everyone elses. Have tried all of my email addresses; none let me post. So, maybe this is the better place to post what I tried to get up to the rootsweb listserve...... I just got a FireHD8 tablet that someone didn't want anymore. FireHD is Amazon's tablet that runs on the Android platform. Naturally everything about it is proprietary. I have no great usage plans for this tablet but would like to install TMG 9.05 on it to use with my TMG database that will be on a flashdrive. The tablet has a 64Gb microSD drive, so there is plenty of room to store at least the program. I also intend to use it for email. I have two questions: 1. Has anyone installed and run TMG9 on the Android platform, and specifically on the FireHD tablet? 2. Is it better to install the program on the tablet and keep the database on a flash drive, or to do it the opposite way,,,,or to keep both on the tablet (actually the microSD card)? Advice welcome. Thanks, Judith
  7. Michael, Thanks, you've confirmed what I expected after playing around with this thing for a few days. It does have a browser, Sylk; however my SS files are only burned to CD, not on a web site yet. The worst part is that although my desktop sees the tablet when it's connected via USB, it really can't interact with it. I can send it files but cannot get them to be viewed or run. I've found a procedure to hack into the OS and allow it to be seen by the iphone and ipad, but frankly it's too time consuming with little payoff. I can better spend my time doing other things -- like cleaning up my TMG database after importing a Gedcom from FTM and combining that dataset with mine. On another topic, I use your online advanced manual frequently. Thanks. Judith
  8. It's been quite a while since I last generated a chart with VCF, but am having problems with it now when I try to generate a 4 generation Ancestor Chart with images. It chokes when I Create the chart, VCF opens and shows a blank canvas with the cursor hourglass. Left it running for over an hour while I ate dinner. The progress bar froze at 4 bars and didn't advance. When I clicked the screen I got the message that VCF stopped working. When I retry creating the chart without images, everything works fine. This problem shows up in the archives, with the solution of adjusting the size and resolution of the images. I did that to all primary photos (none greater than 200x200 ppi), and took the resolution down to 150. That still did not work. Any idea why this Descendant Chart freezes with images? I'm on a Win 7 machine, 12GB memory, TMG 9.05 (Gold). Anything else I can do? Help appreciated. Judith
  9. It's been a while since I've generated a chart, and found that I am unable to to do so as of today. Don't know when the problem may have started, or why, but the error message I get is: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: vcf.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 46da0bb5 Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.17725 Fault Module Timestamp: 4ec49b8f Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00033ab3 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 57a4 Additional Information 2: 57a4f336f9b558fa5bc3270314257e11 Additional Information 3: 3caa Additional Information 4: 3caa8690aabe1960925c676248315597 I can produce some reports for this same focus person, but no Desc. Chart of any flavor. Restoring from a backup is not a good solution since I don't know when the problem started. Is my only solution to reinstall from a full (trial) version? Judith Lipmanson
  10. I'm in data entering mode now for the 1940 census, and have run into the following problem multiple times. I seem to remember this being discussed previously, and thought it had been fixed in 8.04. I enter multiple witnesses using the "+Multiple" option of the Witness screen. This mode of entry doesn't offer the option of selecting roles when entering. I enter five "Witnesses", and when they are accepted and the entry screen closes, I attempt to assign a role by highlighting a witness and selecting the proper role from the dropdown. The screen and program then freezes. I cannot minimize, move a screen, or get any response from the program. The only way I can proceed is to close the program via Task Manager, losing all I had entered for that tag. If, however, I close out the tag immediately after entering the multiple witnesses and then reopen the tag to change the witness roles, everything is OK. This is a workaround that requires additional time and effort. I know this has been reported before but thought it has been fixed. Am running v.8.04 on a Win7 x64 system. Thanks. Judith
  11. Thanks Jim. I got no response from the Listserve except from another user who confirmed that she's noticed the same problem and finds it equally irksome. Glad to hear that it's being remedied. Judith