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  1. Thank you for the replies on Norwegian Characters in GEDCOM. TMG must use a different export for GEDCOM than it uses for other reports. I will try ANSEL and use a text editor to globally replace the special characters with the correct ones. I am assuming that each special character is unique even though it appears differently. Since I plan to export only once, the extra "brute force" work is better than trying to find the problem.
  2. I have a data set with Norwegian place names and words. Using character mapping the correct letter is visible like æ, ø and å. All reports in TMG work. When I export GEDCOM from TMG version 8 the characters do not map as expected. The choices I have are ANSI, ANSEL or IBMPC. The IBMPC does not support the extra characters. The other two do export "non-roman" characters but not the ones expected. I use TMG on windows 7 running under Parallels on an iMac. Have others seen this?