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Found 28 results

  1. I received a very large (10,000) name GEDCOM file from a distant relative. It appears to be primarily an extract of numerous Ancestry.com files and trees, and as such contains a lot of what I would consider nonsense (e.g. my g/grandfather listed as a "Doctor" when he was a telegrapher, and his middle initial as "S" when his middle name was Taylor). She has added details for her family that is more reliable, and I want to include that in my files. I imported my relative's GEDCOM file to a new TMG 9.05 database, although it appears the GEDCOM version was later than 5.5, as the import threw hundreds of errors. However, the import worked, and I have families properly set up after a quick QC check. As I mentioned, I wanted to load just her families' data into my master database as a starting point for seriously fleshing out that part of the family with sources, etc. I don't use export much (if at all), so doing the export is new to me. I tried to export (GEDCOM) the key descendant, and of course only got him. I set up a focus group and exported that, and only got the key ancestor again. When I exported the focus group, I limited his ancestors to 1, and maxed out the descendants, which did not help. Given that I only want 100 or so families out of the 10,000 names she gave me, am I going about this the right way? If I am, what's going wrong with the export wherein I only get 1 person? Is there a better way to do this? Thanks.
  2. I have two project with 15,00 people. How many Gb or Tg will I ned if I put on USB please? Cheers
  3. Hello I really need to create a gedcom of my projects. I can see how to do it via wizard. I wond loose my data will I? I dotn really think so.
  4. Importing a GEDCOM file created a lot of GEDCOM tags. I've done all that I want with them and just want to delete them all. How is this done? A list of Events report can list them, but I want a secondary output to delete them. Is this possible?
  5. I am trying to import a GEDCOM file a distant relative sent me. Both the Simple or Advanced import say the same thing as soon as I point them to the file. I'm including a screen shot of the error. What is required to get this working? I'll include here the first few lines of the GEDCOM file: 0 HEAD 1 GEDC 2 VERS 5.5.1 2 FORM LINEAGE-LINKED 1 CHAR UTF-8 1 LANG English 1 SOUR MYHERITAGE 2 NAME MyHeritage Family Tree Builder 2 VERS 5.5.1 2 _RTLSAVE RTL 2 CORP MyHeritage.com 1 DEST MYHERITAGE 1 DATE 28 OCT 2018 1 FILE Exported by MyHeritage.com from export-BloodTree in Lora's Web Site on Sun, 28 Oct 2018 1 _PROJECT_GUID 5AB46F0E588F02AC9001EC9B2EE861C0 1 _EXPORTED_FROM_SITE_ID 505275121 0 @I1@ INDI
  6. Gedcom export

    Using gedcom export: When I do a gedcom of my 5000 person Maltese database the gedcom comes out fine. A Year ago I did a gedcom of my Houghton database (106,000 people) and got an 81 Mb file. When I now try a gedcom of my whole Houghton TMG database (114,000 people) today I get a file of 6 kb. It took several hours to complete. Any clues or suggestions? Thanks Charlie
  7. Using Version 9 I get the following error message when trying to export a gedcom: File access denied. C:\users\weasie\appdata\local\temp\tmg54493695\_file_e.dbf. 4736 MSUBSTITUTION_E Then process of finishing the export of the gedcom stops and the computer is locked up. Anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks
  8. Privatizing gedcoms

    This is a message I tried to send to the TMG-L list which may be down, I don't know. I think I know the answer to this, but I’d like your confirmation. I would like to privatize living people’s information in a gedcom export for Gedmatch. I poked around in the export and in the help, but I’m not seeing anything specifically related to that. Is this possible in TMG or do I just need to edit the gedcom file? My gedcom only shows my direct ancestors, so there aren’t many living people left on it: me, my husband and my parents, so this is not a problem. But I do manage several DNA tests, so I would have to do this multiple times... Robin in Short Pump
  9. split gedcom

    Is there a way to export a gedcom with only my side of the family (ancestors, uncles, cousins, everyone) without including those of my ex-husband? I have thousands of names in the database so creating a focus group by individually selecting each person is just not efficient. I can’t figure out how to create a focus group for what I want. Or is there another way? Thanks, Marlene
  10. I want to thank those of you who have replied so quickly to my issue. I’ve had some great suggestions and I think I’ve tried them all: --Program interference: I’ve shut down the programs that deal with security, i.e., Malwarebytes, McAfee LiveSafe, & MS Defender; backup programs such as Copernic and Carbonite; and gone to “airplane” mode in Windows 10 to cut program updates. --TMG output file is saved to storage other than local storage. All my attempts at saving TMG and GEDCOM files goes to my computer’s C Drive. I originally posted my issue with the REFUGEE forum re the difficulty I was having with creating a GEDCOM from TMG 9.0 and moving it into RootsMagic. It was suggested that I move my issue to this forum. --------------------------- I keep having difficulty exporting my rather large TMG file to other programs. Today I tried to export from my Dell 8900 desktop computer all 37,000 people from TMG 9.05 into RootsMagic via GEDCOM. Partially through the import I get the following error: “Confirm. There is more data on another disk. Insert the disk with [file name]”. A similar error message occurs when I try to export the TMG database to a flash drive or external drive. In every case that I’ve tried to make a GEDCOM I do not get the last line of “0 TRLR”. The other day I restarted my computer and on my desktop appeared a “Thumbs.db” and “desktop.ini” icon appeared. Then, when I tried to start TMG I received “Program Errors:” --File access is denied --File does not exist --File ‘sessionkeeper.dbf does not exist I restarted my computer and opened TMG whereby I needed to reenter my serial number. However, I could not close the program unless I closed in the Task Manager. Is it time to reinstall the program? If so, how do I do this. I have the original disk for TMG 9.0, but I’ve read that will no longer work. Other ideas?
  11. A Gedcom of a tree was imported into a new project in UK V9 from Ancestry. When a descendency narrative report is generated every person has a sentence which says "X was witness to the birth/marriage/death of X" instead of "X was born on ....". If I open each tag eg birth or marriage or death, and then on the sentence button, all appears correct. The witness box is empty. I have found that the output can be corrected by clicking on the drop down box containing Principal (not changing anything, but just opening the box and then closing it again) and after regenerating the report it has resolved. Has anyone else struck this problem and is there an easy way to remedy this? Thanks Ann (asking on behalf of a TMG friend)
  12. I have a problem that I can't find a solution to on your web site or in your book. This morning I import a GEDCOM file that has details I didn't have on one branch of my family. The import went well and I then merged the imported dataset into my main dataset. I then, of course, had to merge several individuals who were duplicated. All of that is now accomplished; however, I've got one remaining issue. For some reason each citation of his sources was imported as a separate instance of the source rather than a citation to the same source. In other words, he had about ten or so sources that were cited multiple times, but each citation of a specific source resulted in the generation of a new source rather than referencing the original source. As a result I have several hundred sources that need to be merged. I know how to do this one-by-one, but I wondered if there was a way to do a bulk merge. I've looked at John's TMG Utility and didn't see a way to accomplish this via that route. Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks. Carl
  13. TMG Ver 9.05 will not provide a complete gedcom file. I have 13447 people and 4614 families, I follow all the steps in the export process, but only get lists of people without any connection to family (i.e. father and mother blank). I have reloaded TMG 9 without a problem but get the same results. I have gone back to old Ver 8 gedcom files and these are connected to families. I really have to know that the Gedcom program will work as it is the only way to post family history on the web, as well, I have to think about migrating to another program Any help is appreciated. Dave Browne
  14. I have several datasets that I have maintained and added to over many years, going all the way back to the DOS version of TMG. I'm currently using version 9.04. About once each year I export a GEDCOM of each (current) dataset and upload it to an on-line genealogy service. Recently, exporting one of the datasets produced a severely truncated output, even though the processing of the export took a normal/reasonable amount of time, and messages from TMG show the right number of people (2035) and families (795). Some of the output seems okay, but much of the dataset does not make it into the GEDCOM output file. When viewed in TMG, the dataset looks perfectly normal, even looking at the families where the cutoff in the GEDCOM seems to have occurred. I get no on-screen error messages directly from TMG during export, and I do get the final note that says the GEDCOM has been created. There are sometimes error messages in the log file, but I can't interpret them. I have tried re-indexing the dataset, and that doesn't help. I last produced a valid GEDCOM from this dataset in Version 8 (or possibly 7--I didn't notice at first that there were missing families in the output). The GEDCOM output seems to be of a different size each time I try it, but always much smaller than it should be. There are no apparent changes or problems in the display of the dataset within TMG v9. The last line of output of the GEDCOM file is a "1 FAMS @F10@", rather than the normal source information lines and final "TRLR". I haven't found any problems in exporting a GEDCOM from ver. 9 with any of my other datasets. Is there a validation tool for checking datasets, one that might check for non-obvious errors? Does anyone have any other suggestions on exporting the GEDCOM?
  15. I have a data set with Norwegian place names and words. Using character mapping the correct letter is visible like æ, ø and å. All reports in TMG work. When I export GEDCOM from TMG version 8 the characters do not map as expected. The choices I have are ANSI, ANSEL or IBMPC. The IBMPC does not support the extra characters. The other two do export "non-roman" characters but not the ones expected. I use TMG on windows 7 running under Parallels on an iMac. Have others seen this?
  16. Is anyone else having an issue with exporting a GEDCOM file? The export appears to work properly showing all records exported, but when I try to import into anything else, (Ancestry, Roots Magic, FTM) it only imports a few records or gives an error message and will not import at all. If I open the GEDCOM file in Notepad there will only be a few records. I have contacted support and they don't have any solutions except to wait for the next update. I need to be able to export now.
  17. I have found these anomalies in assisting a TMG user migrate data to RootsMagic: TMG outputs the unlimited length Citation Detail field to +1 PAGE using CONC|CONT for overflow of the max linewidth setting. GEDCOM states {0:1} lines, i.e., no CONC|CONT. There does not seem to be a field within TMG to store the page value corresponding to WHERE_WITHIN_SOURCE that should go to PAGE value separate from the lengthy transcription text or TEXT_FROM_SOURCE that should go to +2 TEXT. RootsMagic accepts the PAGE CONC|CONT into its Page field up to some length beyond which it puts it all into its Research Notes field (+1 NOTE). Is there a way to enter data in TMG that does separate WHERE_WITHIN_SOURCE from TEXT_FROM_SOURCE into the correct tags, PAGE and TEXT respectively? TMG outputs a synthesis of its Surety values to +0 QUAY [0-3] which RootsMagic does not recognise either because it is on the wrong level or RM has no way to map a single digit to a 3 value quality indicator. GEDCOM specifies that it should be output to +1 QUAY, not the same level as n SOUR. Simply changing the line to "n NOTE {TMG QUAY 3}" for example, puts the note into the note of the fact for which the source is cited. That's really awkward given that it is the quality of the citation that is being described, and really confusing if there are multiple sources cited. TMG outputs source citations for Notes, unsupported by GEDCOM, by RootsMagic and by others, I'm sure. It would avoid loss of these citations with their transcriptions and analyses if TMG had an export option to "Move citations for Notes to citations for corresponding Facts" or words to that effect where "fact" means event and attribute in GEDCOM. ​Because of these GEDCOM errors, I am guessing that other software has similar problems with importing from TMG. Is there any prospect of these being corrected? My apology if my use of TMG terminology and understanding of how it works is flawed.
  18. Gedcom question

    Does anyone know how to create a new project and/or gedcom that only includes one *very* long branch of a family. I know that can be done by using focus groups, which would be very long and cumbersome. In the older versions of TMG, I thought there was a way to do this. I've checked all of the help files, and I can't find an answer, other than doing the focus group option. Is there anything that is more elegant and easy? Thanks for any help. Janice
  19. Hello all - Am I looking in vain for a solution for this problem? Maybe there is a tag set up step I've missed somewhere because events for a witness are NOT included in the GEDCOM export. For example: In my data entry of a common family Census: Primary: Head of Household and Wife Witnesses: Children, parents, siblings, etc each properly identified with a defined role. The TMG GEDCOM export includes EVENTS for the 2 primary people with no problem. - (No, the ROLE doesn't go to GEDCOM but that's OK) The export does NOT include an EVENT for any of the witnesses. Similarly, this is also the case for other tag types that will almost always have multiple witnesses: Wills, Probate Settlements, Immigration and Emigration, etc. Am I missing something? - OR - Is there an external utility similar to Second Site that can create a GEDCOM file from a TMG database or subset 'focus group' that includes witnessed events in the export? Thanks so much! Debbie
  20. Dear Wholly Genes: I have suddenly encountered a problem that I never had before, with v. 9.01 or any previous version. I have tried 3 different days in a row to create a Gedcom of my full TMG database. The export runs for hours (there are 76,000 individuals), but then the size of the file is only 1 KB and it is empty (when I try to import it into TMG again.) Each time I have carefully checked the parameters (including just selecting default). "All individuals" is selected, as always. The last successful Gedcom that I exported from this database using this version of TMG was on April 17, 2014. It was 51,203 KB in size and worked fine. I typically export a Gedcom about every 2-4 weeks and they all worked find (for uploading to RootsWeb, Ancestry, or elsewhere). I have made no changes to the TMG software that I am aware of (no updates since I installed the first release of 9.01). I'm basically doing everything I've been doing for years. The export seems to proceed as usual, doing individuals and families, etc. The length of time to complete seems about as usual; but the result is an empty file. I have also encountered another gedcom related problem. When I uploaded the last good gedcom to RootsWeb and later checked it, I found that some of the parent child links were broken. They seem fine in TMG, but don't existing on the RootsWeb version. I have never had such a problem before (over many years of uploading TMG gedcom exports). Could this be related to a failure of some kind in the actual TMG gedcom export? Have I hit some kind of size limit on gedcom files? Do I need to reinstall or something like that? By the way, my backups seem OK - at least the size (1,158,107 KB for the latest), though I haven't tried to restore one lately. I can forward the latest failed Gedcom if needed (or the last successful one if you have the email capacity or a Dropbox-type route). Greg
  21. I have an issue with incomplete uploading of GEDCOM tree information to the FTDNA site, but a little different from a couple of others previously posted. I'm trying to upload a paternal and maternal line, with simple birth, marriage and death information (date, place, with spouse). When I open the GEDCOM file on my computer after generation, but before uploading, everything seems to be there. However, when it opens on the FTDNA site, the tree has lost all information except for a DOB. That is, the people are all correct in the tree, but all place info, marriage dates, and death dates are missing. Others trees on the site have the types of info that I am missing, so it would not appear that FTDNA is prohibiting it. Does anyone have a thought about how to fix this? Is there more than one way to select tags during the export, for example? And, I assume (once I get this straightened out!) that an exported tag must include memos and/or notes added to the tag sentence structure? Thanks
  22. Because of the New Family Tree policies on sources this is a problem - and a feature request. Background: Many of us or looking for a place to save our research to in case none of our relatives want it. Our choices tend to be limited to Geni, Ancestry, and Family Tree. If we don't migrate - or have a migration plan written, our research is subject to the vagueries of a family member taking it over. Web sites we've built with our research will go away when the contract is up, causing the data to be lost. The only solutions are 1) to plan on a transfer to a repository and hope the heirs will do it 2) to have a family member who will take it over 3) to identify a repository and synchronise to it Because we don't like making other people pay someone else to see our hard-earned research, we've chosen the the LDS New Family Tree as our repository and would like to synchronize to it. However, New Family Tree requires sources and if no sources are attached to a person, that person is not considered to be a "good" record. When a GEDCOM from TMG is uploaded, the TMG sources are treated as notes rather than sources. When other major Genealogy programs use their "direct" link, sources remain attached. Basically, we'd love to stay with TMG as we like the program and know how to use it. But if there isn't plans to start doing what all the other major Genealogy programs are doing - synchronizing to The Family Tree - then rather than enter more data into a dead end program, we'll have to move to a program that is keeping up with the Jones'. So will TMG be looking to do this soon, or should we bail now? Thanks, Tony
  23. I have been unable to create backups or GEDCOMs. Get error massage: memo file *_l.FPT missing or invalid 2952 GO_EXH Anyone had the same problem? Anyone know a fix?
  24. I am trying to export a Gedcom file of approximately 12,000 individuals. Just before the process is to begin I get: "Invalid Path or Filename" "285 Exportgedcom" Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  25. Hi, Can anyone tell me how to create a Gedcom that contains only surnames, birth year, birth state, death year, death state? I have about 1000 people in my focus group that should be included in the Gedcom file. Thank you!